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In the past few months, Alibaba occupied the headlines and popularity for a few days The search was not because of Ma Yun’s rhetoric or confusing remarks, but because Alibaba was fined 18.228 billion. In addition to this incident, Jack Ma was criticized for”996″ last year, and the listing of Ant Financial was unexpected, and Ma Yun was indeed a bit uncomfortable. . Suggest that he go to Hangzhou Lingyin Temple to worship.

However, let’s not talk about Jack Ma, who likes to brag and has stepped down as CEO of Alibaba. Let’s talk about Alibaba.


As far as we think and the fact is, most of Alibaba’s revenue comes from e-commerce. In e-commerce, Taobao and Tmall are the absolute big players. However, the steady progress of Jingdong and the success of Pinduoduo’s strategy of”encircling the cities from the countryside”, as well as the rise of live broadcast sales, from The challenges of Douyin and Kuaishou are becoming increasingly apparent.

Of course, I also saw a counterattack from Alibaba-launching Taobao special edition to benchmark Pinduoduo, and pay more attention to Taobao live broadcast construction. Of course, it also includes the”choose one of two” fines this time.

Moreover, because of the relationship between Alipay and Cainiao Logistics, Taobao still has a considerable The advantages.

But I think Alibaba has also realized its dependence on e-commerce is too strong.

Dingding h1>

A name you may not have used but you have definitely heard of it. Although it sounds like a dirty website, it is indeed a very serious online meeting app. Although Tencent has also strengthened Tencent Conference promotion (for example, you can often see in Tencent Video ads), Bytedance also launched the Feishu, but obviously did not shake the dominance of Dingding

In addition, that said because too many elementary and middle school students gave Dingding a star. The information that caused Ding Ding to be removed is obviously one of the unrememberable rumors in the Internet age. Because the low score will not lead to the removal, the report will only. Of course, I did not encourage everyone to report Dingding.

From Dingding, we may be able to see that Alibaba wants to make its products more diversified.

Alibaba Cloud

Everyone knows that Alibaba Cloud does big data and algorithms, the first two It was also very hot in the year, but it is clear that the last two years have been lacking in stamina. In the first quarter of 2021, Alibaba Cloud set a new low in revenue.

I personally think that Alibaba lacks more products, because Baidu, Tencent even has its own”cloud” in NetEase which has not been doing so well recently.

However, with the maturity of Alibaba Cloud and the expansion of applications in more fields such as smart cities, Alibaba Cloud should have more opportunities to show its talents.


In the Hurun Unicorn rankings in recent years, we can find that in terms of quantity, Tencent is stable Steadily occupy the first place, followed by professional Jingwei China and Sequoia Capital, followed by Alibaba.

And Alibaba’s investment is still too conservative. Therefore, the companies and products it invests in are facing considerable challenges. Are you hungry? Meituan has always been crushed by Meituan. UC browser is also browsed by mobile phones. And the QQ browser forced by Tencent, High German Map was also used Baidu map is pressed.

New machine:Damo Academy

Because of the Sino-US trade war, chip research and development will be a focus of China’s high-tech field in the future. The ones that are currently at the forefront are SMIC and Huawei’s Kylin, but Kylin is subject to many restrictions in the United States, and SMIC, which has good profits, seems to have no ambition to break through.

Written at the end

In any case, Alibaba will be a competitive giant in the next few decades. I hope it There can be more breakthroughs in the high-tech field.