The Beijing News Express, according to the WeChat official account of”China Xiong’an Official Website”, June 15th, BaiyangdianBaiyangdianThe announcement of the trial operation of the scenic spot was released. The following is the full text:

The Baiyangdian Scenic Area has been upgraded and now has the conditions for opening, and it will start trial operation on June 15. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Affected by seasonal factors, the Baiyangdian Scenic Area is open from April 15th to October 15th every year, and the daily opening time is 7:00-16:30 (at the same time) Please pay attention to the operating hours of the shuttle boats at each terminal).

2. To visit the Baiyangdian Scenic Area, you must first make an appointment, buy a ticket, and then visit. You can search for the”One Ticket Pass Travel” mini program online through WeChat to make reservations and ticket purchases.”One-ticket tour” fee includes water bus transportation between the pier and each scenic spot and admission tickets to each scenic spot (not including meals, accommodation, Shopping and optional entertainment, etc.).

3. In case of extreme weather such as torrential rain or strong wind, the scenic area will activate an emergency plan and temporarily close it. For details, please call the scenic area for consultation.

Four. Tourists are invited to travel in a civilized and healthy manner, abide by public order, cherish public facilities, and care for the natural ecology of Baiyangdian waters. Actively implement the”CD Action” to eliminate food waste.

V. If tourists have any questions, they can consult the staff of the visitor center. The telephone number (Anxin Baiyangdian Pier:0312-5320666, 0312-5356112, Xiongxian Hot Spring City Pier:0312-6155696, Xiongxian Dakouzi Wharf:0317-2850775).

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