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Gree Electric (000651.SZ), whose stock price has fallen for 10 consecutive weeks, seems to be turning from a white horse to a”hot potato.”

On June 11, Gree Electric’s closing price was 54.62 yuan per share, a decrease of 0.71%. This was the 11th trading day in which Gree’s share price fell continuously. From the weekly perspective, Gree Electric has fallen for 10 consecutive weeks.

Times Finance found that since June, institutions have repeatedly sold Gree Electric Appliances through large transactions, with a total transaction amount of 42.03 100 million yuan.

Among them, the largest”receiver” seat is in the business department of Beijing Financial Street of Beijing Gaohua Securities. In Gree Electric’s 14 large transactions this month, 12 of the buyers were Beijing Gaohua Securities’ Beijing Financial Street Business Department, with a transaction value of 4.156 billion yuan.

In addition to frequent sell-offs and weak stock prices, many Gree Air Conditioning distributors Said to Times Finance that the sales of air conditioners are sluggish this year, and the peak season is not prosperous.

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The biggest”receiver”

There are netizens It is suspected that Gree Electric is not”waited” by the secondary market.

Wind data shows that on June 10 alone, institutions sold a total of 51.242 million shares of Gree Electric, with a total turnover of 2.819 billion yuan, accounting for 78.18%of the total turnover on that day. In addition, the transaction amount on June 8th is also quite large, Institution-specific seats sold 21,435,200 shares, totaling 1.184 billion yuan.

Times Finance has discovered that in this wave of selling, Beijing Gaohua Securities’ Beijing Financial Street Business Department has become a dazzling”protagonist.”

As of June 10, 12 of Gree Electric’s 14 major transactions were buyers of Beijing Gaohua Securities’ Beijing Financial Street Business Department, and purchased 75,410,600 shares, with a transaction amount of 4.156 billion yuan. , Accounting for up to 98.9%.

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Although Gree Electric is a big white horse, its stock price has fallen for 10 consecutive weeks. Is it a good time to take over?

Calculated according to the latest closing price, this time through Beijing Gaohua Securities Beijing Finance The market value of Gree Electric Appliances held by the major exchange conducted by the main street business department is 4.119 billion yuan, which is the cost price of the Compared with 4.156 billion yuan, this wave of operating losses has reached 37 million yuan.

On June 11, JJ Capital Chairman, Chief Investment Officer Long In an interview with Times Finance and Economics, Fang said that block transactions are different from ordinary matching bidding transactions,”generally come It is said that in the call auction stage, the buyer and the seller will conduct the transaction at a certain negotiated price, and the bulk transaction is generally It is for transaction volume relatively large transactions”.

Long Fang explained that block trades are traded at a certain discount price. If the discount is large, it will lead to The stock price has fallen; if the discount is small, or even no discount, this is a good phenomenon for the stock price. Due to the low discount rate, Longfang believes that from the perspective of transaction price, this wave of block trades has a strong impact on Gree The share price of electrical appliances has little effect.

It is worth noting that this year, Beijing Capital has increased its holdings of 79,546,100 shares of Gree Electric Appliances, but in the past month it has been in Reduce the holding of Gree Electric. Statistics show that in the past month, Beijing Capital has reduced its holdings of 14.9842 million shares of Gree Electric, with a market value of 821 million yuan.

Stock price Yin decline, air conditioner is unsalable h5>

Indeed, the stock price trend of Gree Electric this year is not”exciting”.

Wind data shows that since reaching a record high of 69.79 yuan on December 2 last year, Gree’s share price has started a shock-declining mode, and it once fell to a low of 54.35 yuan on June 11. From the historical high to the present in only half a year, Gree Electric’s share price has fallen by 18.72%, and the total market value has evaporated by 89.695 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that this is the 11th day of Gree Electric’s consecutive decline and the 10th week of its decline, and investors also ridiculed it as”Gelv Electric.”

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“I feel so kind, Gree has already reduced my original dividend.”Guangzhou white-collar Chen Jing (pseudonym) expressed helplessly in an interview with Times Finance.

At the end of April this year, Chen Jing bought it at a price about 60 yuan per share. I bought 500 shares of Gree Electric Appliances and originally expected to receive a dividend of 1,500 yuan.”I bought Gree because it paid a lot of dividends. Unexpectedly, it kept falling. I had already lost 2,591 yuan.”

The announcement shows that Gree Electric’s dividend per share (before tax) is 3 yuan , And Midea Group (000333.SZ), a leader in the home appliance industry, has a dividend of only 1.60 yuan per share .

During the downturn in the stock price, Gree Electric also tried to boost the stock price, but it was of little effect.

On the evening of May 26, Gree Electric announced that it intends to buy back Shares, the price of repurchasing shares shall not exceed RMB 70 per share. After the announcement of the repurchase, Gree Electric rose 3.29%on May 27. But since May 28th, Gree Electric’s stock price has been falling.

Although she has not obtained the expected income, Chen Jing has not sold what he has Stocks,”Gree has always insisted on independent research and development of core technologies and has a sense of mission in China’s manufacturing industry. I am more optimistic about it.”

Times Finance noticed that on June 7, Gree Electric’s investment in investors The reply stated that the company’s research in the semiconductor field has made significant progress, and self-developed chips and devices have been verified for mass production.

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However, in the home appliance market, as Gree’s trump card, air-conditioning sales also seem to have failed during this year’s peak season.

Times Finance has learned from many Gree dealers in Hunan that this year is 618 Gree Electric Appliances also hold discount activities offline, which are uniformly arranged by Gree Company. Changsha A distributor told Times Finance and Economics,”The discount is not too big. Compared with the off-season, the peak season The air conditioner itself will be a bit more expensive.”

The above-mentioned distributors told Times Finance and Economics that compared with last year, the price of Gree air conditioners has generally risen this year. Although it has reached the peak season for air-conditioning sales, the above-mentioned distributors all stated that offline sales of air-conditioners this year are sluggish and”the peak season is not busy.”

Online, Times Finance noticed that this year Dong Mingzhu has expanded nationwide The live tour has been held in Wuhan and Shaoguan, with total orders of 1.14 billion yuan and 351 million yuan, respectively , A total of 1.491 billion yuan.

According to Times Finance and Economics statistics, last year’s 618 Dong Mingzhu’s live broadcast of goods set a record of 10.27 billion yuan in sales. 8 national tour live broadcasts plus previous reports in Jingdong, Douyin, Kuaishou and other platforms live broadcast, in 2020 Dong Mingzhu 13 live broadcasts set a total of 47.62 billion yuanSales, with an average of 3.663 billion yuan in goods per session.

As for the question of whether Dong Mingzhu will bring goods for Gree live broadcast in 618 this year, on June 11, Times Finance called Gree Electric, but no reply was received as of press time. But judging from this year’s live broadcast record, the effect of Dong Mingzhu’s goods on Gree’s sales has yet to be verified.