According to the Tianyan Check APP, on January 19, SF Technology Co., Ltd. published a project called”A Violent Sorting The patent for”Identification Method, Device, Equipment and Storage Medium”, the publication number is CN112241665A, and the application date is July 2019.

The patent abstract shows that this application discloses a method, device, equipment and storage medium for violent sorting and identification. The method includes:extracting two adjacent frames of images with a set time interval from the collected video to be recognized, and extracting an optical flow diagram from the two frames of images; combining the feature data of the optical flow diagram with the feature of the previous frame image Data is fused; based on the fused feature data, violent sorting personnel are identified. According to the technical solution provided by the embodiments of the present application, the method can improve the accuracy of the violence sorting recognition.

getUrls?link=519083fb09788d5f1ae306650f15bff9 - Affiliated company of SF Express publishes patents related to"violent sorting identification method"