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News from this newspaper (Reporter Ye Jing) On January 20, the three major operators announced their December 2020 operating data. The data shows that, except for China Unicom’s failure to disclose the number of 5G users, both China Telecom and China Mobile exceeded their quota in the 2019 annual performance report. The proposed net increase in the number of users target.

China Telecom 5G package users accumulate 86.5 million, exceeding China Telecom’s expected target in the 2019 performance report :In 2020, the number of mobile users will increase by 15 million, and the number of 5G package users will increase by 80 million.

China Mobile’s 5G package subscribers net increased by 17.621 million in the month, reaching a total of 1650.3 million, far exceeding its target of net addition of 70 million in the 2019 annual performance report.

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5G commercial, basic telecommunications companies have accelerated the construction of 5G networks, improved the industrial ecology, and promoted innovative applications. Obvious results have been achieved. Although 5G has made great achievements in 2020, it is still in the early stages of development in terms of network coverage, product system perfection and 5G application popularity. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently organized a national 5G service work video conference. Liu Liehong, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, requested that the construction of 5G networks should be promoted in an orderly manner, 5G network coverage should be strengthened, and network supply capabilities should be enhanced; measures should be taken to provide users with replacement terminals. Convenience; it is necessary to optimize and perfect 5G tariff packages based on user needs, and set reasonable on-line contract periods and termination compensation standards.

Industry insiders pointed out that in an environment where new users have reached the ceiling and stock operations have become a new focus of competition, how to develop new users and how to quickly convert existing users into new 5G users becomes what operators need to consider now problem. In the new year, while accelerating the construction of 5G networks, operators must start with product content, promotion, and service quality in terms of 5G products, formulate the best package plan to win users and accelerate the development of 5G users.

The package transitions from focusing on voice and traffic to focusing on rights and interests

Looking back on 2020, for operators, this year has been difficult but still According to the latest data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has built the world’s largest 5G network, and has built a cumulative 5G base stationclass="entity-word" data-gid="18791764"> Span> 718,000, and promote the construction and sharing of more than 330,000 5G base stations. The continuous deepening of 5G network coverage has also accelerated the domestic economic recovery.

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2021 is the second year of 5G commercial use. The development of 5G is still the primary task of operators, and operators will also focus more resources on the development of 5G services. For users, the most directly related to them is the 5G package.

At the end of the 4G era, users are no longer purely using voice or data. The introduction of unlimited packages and Internet cards makes users more interested in Targeted traffic and the demand for rights and interests products are increasing. Conventional packages cannot meet the new needs of users, and users are paying more and more attention to the rights and interests of packages. Take Tencent King Card, the first free-flow card in history that an operator cooperates with an Internet company. From the perspective of the original package content, not only the price is low, but also the activation privilege, first charge privilege, APP privilege and other”users””Equity” distinguishes Internet products from conventional products. It has Internet characteristics and is attractive to specific users. It directly hits the needs of users. In only half a year of release that year, the number of new users of this package reached 20 million.

In the 5G era, the three major operators pay more attention to”user rights” in package setting. From the current 5G packages promoted by the three major operators, in addition to regular traffic and voice, It also contains ecological rights, membership rights and other content, and the product content is richer. These 5G packages usually contain a certain amount of voice and traffic, and the content of the 4G later packages is not much different. The biggest difference is that operators want to emphasize more on the loading of rights to reflect the differentiation of 5G, in addition to the past entertainment In addition to life-related rights and interests, it also reflects network rights and interests with rate pricing. At the same time, it introduces a variety of 5G-featured application rights such as high-definition video, VR, and 5G games.

Operators accelerate the deployment of 5G C-end applications

In order to let users truly appreciate the rights and interests of 5G packages, operators are also striving to deploy 5G applications , And launched corresponding 5G applications around high-definition video, VR, 5G games/cloud games.

In terms of video business, operators have put forward the slogan of”5G+Ultra HD” and aggregated 4K HD video, VR content, live broadcast and other content, attracting many users. Take China Telecom as an example. As early as the beginning of 2019, China Telecom completed the CCTV Spring Festival Gala 5G+4K and 5G+VR ultra-high-definition live broadcast. Realize 4K UHD signal backhaul through 5G network. In the military parade on the 70th anniversary of the National Day, operators used equipment”5G backpacks” to realize 5G+ multi-view ultra-high-definition live broadcast, providing users with a more comprehensive viewing experience. In 2020, during the epidemic, China Telecom successively realized the live broadcast of the Vulcan Mountain and Leishen Mountain Hospitals. Subsequently, China Telecom’s Everest 5G”slow live broadcast” brought the majority of netizens to watch the 24-hour sunset of Mount Everest from the perspective of VR.

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When it comes to 5G C-end applications, VR applications are naturally inseparable. With the launch of 5G networks, 5G+VR has attracted more and more attention, and the three major operators have successively launched their VR layout and launched VR-related applications. It is understood that in terms of content layout, China Mobile Migu launched 5G+VR panoramic live broadcast, the content is mainly immersive VR travel and games, etc. In terms of sports events, China Telecom’s VR content mainly covers two types of film and television and games. Among them, film and television cooperates with South Korea’s LG U+ to exclusively introduce native high-quality content; while the entire Unicom is equipped with two devices based on whether the equipment is connected. There are two versions of applications. The non-device-connected version focuses on panoramic and entertainment video content. The device-connected version has in-depth cooperation with Huawei in head-mounted display products, focusing on VR games, 3D/panoramic live broadcasts and other content.

In addition, operators are also cultivating 5G games/cloud games. The three major operators have already deployed cloud gaming products as early as 2019. China Mobile launched”Migu Kuaiyou”, China Telecom launched”Tianyi Cloud Games”, and China Unicom launched”Xiaowo Changyou”, all of which are currently online , And has covered the mobile terminal/TV terminal, and has been particularly active in the competition in the cloud game industry. In terms of content, the three operators cooperate with head game manufacturers. The mainstream mobile games are basically online, covering console-based, casual, role-playing, fighting, shooting, etc., with more types.

In the new year, how should the 5G package be improved?

Network is the prerequisite for the operation of 5G applications. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, my country has built more than 700,000 5G base stations, network construction is accelerating, and operators are actively promoting”dual gigabit” or even”three gigabit”. A sufficiently powerful network will Will not become an obstacle to the development of 5G users. When the network is secured, content is the manifestation of differences, especially high-quality and exclusive content. Therefore, operators should base themselves on the current content layout, continue to cultivate high-quality and exclusive content, and strive to create rights content with”true” 5G characteristics.

First of all, product content should continue to diversify. The basic operation of superimposing equity products with regular packages will become a hot spot for product competition in the future. Nowadays, in addition to targeted traffic, operators’ Internet products generally also superimpose life benefits, such as video members and music members. Compared with regular packages, the optimized new packages are more distinctive and have more obvious competitive advantages. In order to develop new users, in the design of new 5G package content, in addition to referring to the content of the 4/5G regular package, operators will also consider more comprehensively and pay more attention to the richness of product content.

Secondly, the product system should be diversified. Although there are Internet-based products, some of the original package freedom will be retained in product design. This part of the product is designed for non-traffic users. The feature is that users can choose products for their own needs, such as the free choice launched before mobile. Package, users can choose a single voice package and a single data package according to their own consumption. In the new product system, there will be content such as life rights and 5G application products for users to choose according to their needs.

Finally, we must pay attention to the integration of home 5G products.

In the future, TV and smart home application products will become the standard configuration of broadband package content, and the development of high-quality users is inseparable from the superposition of these products.

In short, the competitiveness of future packages will mainly come from the rights and interests content. Whoever has the rights and interests content well done, rich and high-quality content, can meet the needs of users, who can win the favor of users.