Financial Times News Refute the rumors! ICBC claimed that “only two cents left after depositing 722 yuan for 12 years” is false information.

Recently, a report that “only 2 cents left in 12 years after depositing 722 yuan in the bank” attracted the attention of netizens.

According to the report, Ms. Li from Anyang in Henan stated that she had deposited more than 700 yuan in ICBC 12 years ago , And later forgot the passbook and never took it. Until this year when I remembered to take it, I found that there was only 2 cents left in the account. In response, the bank staff told Ms. Li that it had deducted various management expenses.

In this regard, the ICBC Anyang branch said after verification that the above is false information.

ICBC stated that the customer’s deposits fund expenditures were all withholding pension insurance premiums in batches, and ICBC did not deduct any fees.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

getUrls?link=4f51f51da088437084f33dc142d4f1cc - According to the Internet,"the bank deposits 722 yuan, only two cents are left after 12 years"? The money was deducted? The bank involved responded...