China-Singapore Jingwei Client, January 25th, on the first trading day of this week (25th), A shares will be opened again in the afternoon After that, the growth rate fell slightly. The GEM index rose and fell for three consecutive days, and once rose 2%during the session. The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan.

getUrls?link=24f5de5c9291d35abe641e87bea597a9 - A shares rose and fell:the Shanghai stock index closed up 0.48%, and liquor stocks took the C position again


  As of the close, the Shanghai Index reported 3,624.24 points, an increase of 0.48%, and the turnover was 527.257 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 15710.19 points, an increase of 0.52.%, the turnover was 681.145 billion yuan; the GEM index reported 3355.24 points, a decrease of 0.09%

On the disk, liquor stocks led the gains, with an increase of 2.91%. In addition, the power sector and household appliances rose slightly by 0.11%; Telecommunications operations, culture, education and leisure, communications equipment, the Internet, and petroleum were among the top decliners.

   liquor stocks once again became the best performers in the two cities on the 25th. Among them, Gujing Gongjiu and Yanghe Shares and other daily limit, Jinshiyuan, Jiuguijiu rose more than 8%. Kweichow Moutai rose sharply and hit a record high, closing up 4.57%, with a total market value of 2.73 trillion yuan.

   In this regard, Minsheng Securities analyzed that the continued high performance of Moutai’s approval price has a very important positive significance for Moutai stock price and the investment sentiment of the entire liquor sector. It is to maintain the overall liquor sector in the Bull market is the core basic condition. From this perspective, as long as the Maotai price bull market cycle continues, the liquor bull market pattern remains.

In terms of the concept sector, the seed industry, ecological agriculture, tobacco concept, fluorine concept, and supercapacitors topped the rise; RCS concept, Baidu concept, intelligent transportation, intellectual property, and C2M concept topped the decline.

   On the 25th, seed stocks bucked the trend in late trading. Quanyin Hi-Tech, Shennong Technology’s daily limit, Le Seed, Nongfa Seed, Shennong Technology, Denghai Seed and many other stocks have strengthened.

   Overall, a total of 978 stocks in the two cities rose, among which Yili, Yingjia Gongjiu, China Tungsten High-tech and other stocks rose by more than 5%. 3,106 individual stocks fell, among them, Blue Flame Holdings, Yuxin Technology, Hisense Home Appliances and other stocks fell more than 5%.

  In terms of turnover rate, a total of 42 stocks have a turnover rate of over 20%, among which China Ceramics Electronics has changed hands The highest rate is 71.24%.

   Looking at the market outlook, the CITIC Securities Research Report believes that under the influence of the scattered epidemic, the market will experience a downward revision of fundamental expectations and an upward revision of liquidity expectations, and the overall slow-moving pattern will remain. The entry of incremental funds in the future is still expected, and the replacement of old and new funds will temporarily strengthen the original market structure in the disclosure window of the annual report. However, in February, it is expected that the market will enter an equilibrium state after the capital rotation of the sector, and the rotation will gradually shift from profit-driven to capital-driven in the second half.

   Soochow Securities said that under the current environment of accelerated economic recovery and relatively loose liquidity, the market as a whole has no systemic risks. In addition, the current stock index still maintains a strong upward pattern, and the hot market continues to be dominated by sector rotation. However, the varieties of the two cities still differ greatly, and it is not easy for investors to operate. There is a certain high-low switch between the hot topics of the disk and the high-position stocks still have structural adjustment risks. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

  (The views in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.)