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Li Bai a photo of his couple and their children

The 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China p>

On December 30, 1948, as usual, Li Bai, an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party, sent a secret telegram to the Party Central Committee from his home in Shanghai in the early hours of the morning. On this day, in Xibaipo, the operator Su Caiqing, who was responsible for receiving Li Bai’s telegram, felt the difference in this telegram.

Su Caiqing:But we usually have to type end after sending the telegram, and I should return OK. But this time, after he sent the end (end), he sent me three V’s Morse code. What does this code symbol of three Vs mean? It was a warning signal we agreed in advance, and he just told me that he had encountered a very dangerous situation.

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Li Bai (May 7, 1910-May 7, 1949)

From 1937, Li Bai was sent to Shanghai by the organization to be responsible for the party’s underground organization and party The Central Secret Radio Liaison Work. Carrying out this work in Shanghai under the rule of the Kuomintang is like fighting in a tiger’s den in Longtan. Before this operation, Li Bai had already foreseen the danger, but because the content of the telegram was urgent, he chose to take the risk. After racing against time to send out this telegram communicating with the Party Central Committee, Li Bai was arrested by KMT secret agents. What you are hearing now is the true reproduction of the historical scenes of the time in the movie”The Electric Wave That Never Gone”.

The movie”The Wave That Never Dies”:

He Lanfen:There is a problem.

Li Xia:Continue to post.

He Lanfen:Let me post it.

Li Xia:No, I will post. Lan Fen, you take Xiao Ming away first, and we will see you at the Bund Park at six tomorrow morning.

He Lanfen:I can’t go.

Li Xia:This is an order.

In the movie, the scene where the male protagonist swallows the telegram at the last minute has become an eternal memory of the hero in the hearts of generations.

The movie”The Electric Wave That Never Dies”:

Li Xia:Comrades, goodbye, I miss you.

In the four months after his arrest, Li Bai was subjected to cruel torture to extract a confession, but the enemy could not get any information from him. His wife Qiu Huiying took her 5-year-old son to visit in prison. Li Bai calmly said to his wife, “It’s almost dawn. By now, personal safety is not important anymore.” On the evening of May 7, 1949, the Kuomintang agents killed Li Bai and other 12 underground members of the CCP. Li Bai was only 39 years old when he died. On this day, only 20 days before the liberation of Shanghai.

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On April 22, 1949, Li Bai wrote the last letter from his family in prison

In 2010, I received the last telegram from Li Bai that year The telegraph operator Su Caiqing, came to the former residence of the martyr Li Bai in Shanghai and looked at the portrait of the martyr. She refused to leave for a long time. In October 2019, after 70 years, Su Caiqing sent back a clear telegram to the martyrs:”Senior Li Bai, the dawn you are looking forward to is here!” Listen to the audio”

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