getUrls?link=353604bb7d50d7f91cab1f136fcfc690 - A 22-year-old girl lost contact after taking a ride online in the early morning! Didi responds

The 22-year-old girl lost contact after taking a online car-hailing in the early morning! Didi responded on the 22nd in Changsha, Hunan. A message from Ms. Zhou’s circle of friends was spread on the local WeChat group, saying that her 22-year-old sister lost contact after taking an online taxi at 2 o’clock in the morning that day. As of noon on the 23rd, the local police said they had received an alarm and related work was underway.

The Didi Company responded via the official Weibo:Passengers called through Didi at 1:51 am on January 22, starting at the east gate of a park on Fulingchong Road, and passengers boarded at 2 am By car, the driver started the journey and arrived at a certain bus stop on the Houushi Bridge at 2:19 in the morning. It was verified by recording and video recording in the car that no abnormalities occurred during the journey of the passengers, and they got off the car normally after reaching the destination. After the passengers got off the bus, the driver drove away, did not stop at the destination, and received the next order at 2:30, the next trip started at 2:35, and the order ended at 2:56. There was no abnormality in the order.

Source:Chang Anjian, Central Political and Legal Committee