The annual”618″ e-commerce mid-year promotional event was launched, and various online shopping platforms launched a variety of promotional measures. The major e-commerce companies have resorted to”every effort” to stimulate more consumer motivation. Correspondingly, many businesses”fish in troubled waters” and deceive consumers with various deceptive methods. For example, price concessions are one of the important factors to stimulate consumption, and various home appliance vendors have played promotional cards, such as spikes, discounts, red envelopes, coupons, and direct reductions in prepaid deposits. However, some commodities have been secretly exchanged for their”values,” and merchants still play the”rising first and then falling” routine. Some merchants use the promotion surface to make profits to clear their inventory, and even sell products of poor quality. Many”thunders” were placed on consumers and many pits were dug, just waiting for consumers to step on and jump.

In the past few years, the crazy price-cutting promotions of”618″,”Double 11″ and”Double 12″ have stimulated consumers’ desire to buy. Consumers are also enjoying themselves. But at the end of the carnival, the total It is”a mess”, problems such as false promotions, non-refundable deposits, delays in shipments, inducing transactions, and big data cracking down one after another. Every year,”6&183;18″,”Double 11″ and”Double 12″ are peak periods for consumer rights protection. Consumption chaos during the promotion period not only reflects the many consumer rights protection issues that exist in the platform economy, but also presents the current uneven e-commerce ecology. In this regard, relevant departments should further strengthen the supervision of online shopping, promotion and other new consumption formats and models, and at the same time should also implement normalized supervision of e-commerce platforms and employees; e-commerce platforms should further strengthen their own operation management and standardize business activities. Make every effort to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.”618″ should be less”routine” and”calculation”, and more”sincerity” and”beneficial”.

The Supreme Court clearly stipulated that”the online sale of goods has price fraud, which induces Consumers have the right to request the seller to”refund one compensation and three compensations” and guarantee the minimum compensation even if the quality of the goods is qualified if the consumer buys the goods.” But under normal circumstances, although consumers have discovered various frauds in online stores afterwards, due to the difficulty of obtaining evidence and not having too much energy to fight a lawsuit, most of them choose to be able to bear it. Regarding fraud and other acts of”618″ merchants, the Consumer Council cannot let consumers find out and go to court on their own. Instead, they must take the initiative to investigate and deal with them seriously. The Consumer Council intervened in advance to punish businesses that were found to have problems before the”618″ period, and ordered them to be removed from the shelves during the”618″ period, which would serve as a deterrent to those unruly businesses and would not dare to do it anymore. To deceive consumers.

Although online commodity transactions are different from direct transactions in shopping malls, like other commodities, such commodities must be genuine at a fair price, and the quality must be qualified, and they must not infringe on the interests of consumers. During each major promotional event, fake online products frequently appeared, and the complaint rate remained high. The most fundamental thing was the lack of strict supervision by the relevant departments. Relevant departments often require online platforms to check the qualifications of e-commerce companies, but this cannot fundamentally solve the problem. To ensure the quality of online shopping products, the key lies in the strict supervision of the production and sales of products by the market supervision department and the Consumer Council. They must take the initiative and strictly control the quality, and never let the public stare at themselves and screen on the website. , And can’t wait for consumers to find out the problem before investigating it.

The Consumer Council should not only conduct random inspections and random inspections of online products, but also impose heavy penalties on products that are found to be problematic, expose them through the media, etc., and record the bad records of e-commerce Integrity system. Only by”demining” and”clearing mines” every day can producers dare not produce fake and shoddy goods and sellers dare not sell fake and shoddy goods. So as to maintain the normal order of online shopping and give consumers a rest assured consumption space. (Hu Jianbing)