Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, June 11th. On June 11th, Sino-Singapore Jingwei Research Institute and China International Electronic Commerce Center Research Institute jointly released the”618″ forward-looking observation report:high-quality supply The Five Trends of China (hereinafter referred to as the”Report”) analyzes the role of e-commerce platforms in the upgrading of Chinese national consumption and the high-quality supply of goods.

The”Report” shows that as one of the two largest promotional festivals in the e-commerce industry throughout the year, the”618″ shopping festival is boosting the market’s vitality, and major e-commerce platforms expand domestic demand and smooth circulation , The role of promoting the”dual upgrade” of industrial consumption continues to magnify, which promotes the high-quality supply of commodities.

Seize the minds of consumers and release consumption potential

In 2020, China is the only country in the world’s major economies that will achieve positive growth. China’s economic and social development is stable and far-reaching, and it plays an important role in promoting the recovery of the world economy.

With the effectiveness of the policy of expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption, consumer demand continues to be released, promoting an increasingly smooth economic supply and demand cycle. The”618″ shopping festival is also an important part of the supply and demand cycle. The”Report” cited data from the National Bureau of Statistics and the State Post Bureau as saying that in June 2019, online retail in the Chinese market >Amount Contribution rate is 9.0%, this data rose to 9.6%in June 2020. At the same time, the business volume of express service companies across the country has increased from 5.46 billion in June 2019 to 7.47 billion in June 2020.

Entering the first quarter of 2021, China’s economy continues to be full of vitality. Data show that in the first quarter, China’s GDP was 24,931 billion yuan, an actual increase of 18.3%.

The”Report” pointed out that this year’s”618″, as the most important promotional activity of the year, is of great significance for stimulating market vitality, accelerating market recovery, and stimulating economic growth; in addition, in our country supply-side structural reform, the acceleration of industrial upgrading and development will further promote the high-quality development of consumption.

For e-commerce platforms and merchants, the occasion of the big promotion is the most suitable for cultivating users’ consumption habits, in order to seek a higher average customer unit price, promote the continuous improvement of market vitality, and release emerging consumption potential.

In 2021, in addition to traditional players in the e-commerce field such as Tmall, content live streaming platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou will also participate in the”618″ promotion for the first time. The competition among the major platforms in the e-commerce track will be even greater. fierce. With the normalization of e-commerce marketing, it is common for businesses to operate multiple platforms at the same time. For merchants,”618″ is the most concentrated outbreak opportunity in the first half of the year. More important than selling goods is to attract new brands and increase awareness, so as to create space for sustainable operations in the future.

Data shows that a total of 250,000 brands participated in the Tmall”618″ shopping festival this year, 2.5 times that of last year, and a new record in the past. During the”618″ period, Tmall will have 13 million products on the shelves, of which 1.4 million are new products that are on the market for the first time. It is reported that Tmall has lowered the entry threshold for new merchants by implementing a trial operation period system. Thanks to this, 44,000 merchants were able to participate in Tmall’s “618” for the first time this time. From the consumer’s point of view, Tmall also simplified the pre-sale time and promotion gameplay, deeply improved the live marketing method, and added a”Tmall list” to provide shopping guidance.

Drive brand renewal and improve consumption quality

A glance at the supply of”618″ products on major platforms shows that major platforms have Each item and brand management have their own ingenuity to contribute to the grand event of quality consumption. The”Report” shows that Tmall continues to provide high-quality products in all categories, from apparel to medicine Healthy, there are flagship brands in all major product categories; JD digital 3C category has outstanding high-quality supply, There are many well-known mobile phone brands settled in.

From the perspective of”618″ Supply Panorama, the vitality of commodity supply is unlimited. According to the”Report” data, there are 39.152 million active products, 307,000 active brands, 459 time-honored brands and 108 emerging brands on the Tmall platform, all ranking first in the industry. has 147,000 active brands, 424 time-honored brands and 98 emerging brands.

Panorama of”618″ supply

Young consumers who love new consumer brands in health, culture, life and beauty are important participants in the”618″ shopping festival The new consumption habits of these consumer groups drive the continuous iteration of commodities. Under the insight of new consumption trends such as the national tide economy, pet economy, and beauty economy, the Tmall platform drives these potential Blue Ocean ‘s sub-categories are developing towards diversification, and the relevant consumer market continues to grow.

The”Report” shows that in terms of new health consumption, as the economy continues to grow, consumption upgrades, and aging trends emerge, The extension of the health industry is gradually expanded and refined, and the products continue to be enriched and iterated. Healthy consumption involves all aspects of nutrition, nourishment, fitness, beauty, etc. The supply is growing rapidly, and new brands of nutrient ingredients are emerging.

In terms of new cultural consumption, the unique cultural self-confidence of young consumers has driven the consumption frenzy of local brands. The manufacturing end and supply end are perfectly undertook to promote the national trend and local brands in various subdivisions. With a strong rise, domestic brands have ushered in new opportunities for rapid growth. Many major platforms have outstanding performance in related fields.

In terms of new life consumption, the most eye-catching is”lazy economy” At present, intelligence, refinement and convenience have become the main theme of young consumers’ shopping, and new demands stimulate new supplies. It is reported that the leading brands in the industry can be found on the Tmall platform in the three major categories of household appliances, pet supplies and convenience foods. The data shows that in these three categories, the number of brands on the Tmall platform and the number of brands year-on-year growth rate Both surpass Jingdong and Douyin, leading the industry.

New and cutting-edge brands must sprint, and the transformation and upgrading of time-honored brands will not lag behind. According to reports, Ministry of Commerce identified China time-honored enterprises have 1,128, of which more than 700 have settled inAli‘s retail platform, more than 400 Chinese time-honored brands have flagship stores on Tmall. In 2020, the time-honored brand in Tmall’s transaction volume exceeded 20 billion yuan, including nearly 60 brands The threshold of 100 million yuan has been passed. Relevant data shows that the number of people buying time-honored products on Tmall has reached 130 million. It is reported that this year Tmall will continue to rejuvenate time-honored brands, not only providing 5 exclusive services, but also launching the exclusive logo of Chinese time-honored brands in the product display section.

In addition, the”618″ Shopping Festival can also give full play to the resource advantages of characteristic agricultural products in each county to help rural areas The rapid rise of e-commerce.

The quality and upgrading of rural e-commerce has not only expanded the sales of agricultural products, but also activated rural consumption, boosted the development of county economy, promoted the standardization and branding of characteristic industries, and laid the foundation for rural revitalization to achieve a healthy economy. Continuous growth. At present, Tmall has 81,000 active rural shops, and the county coverage rate is 89.2%, which is at the forefront of the industry. Followed by Douyin and, the county coverage of rural e-commerce reached 81.9%and 76.5%respectively. From the perspective of Qiangxian’s online store coverage, Yiwu has the highest store coverage.

Industrial consumption is two-way driven to promote brand development

“The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China and Vision 2035 The Outline proposes that we must persist in deepening supply-side structural reforms, lead and create new demand with innovation-driven, high-quality supply, and improve the resilience of the supply system and its adaptability to domestic demand. It is necessary to establish an effective system for expanding domestic demand, accelerate the cultivation of a complete domestic demand system, strengthen demand-side management, and build a strongDomestic market.

The”Report” pointed out that in recent years, my country’s online economy has been booming, and new business formats and new models have emerged one after another, which has played an important role in promoting high-quality economic development and meeting the people’s growing needs for a better life. In order to facilitate the standardized and balanced development of the platform economy, consumers, channels and resources need to jointly drive the high-quality and high-increment development of businesses.

The iteration of major e-commerce platforms is also in progress. Take Tmall as an example, from the consumer side, through the Tmall list, live broadcast and other forms to increase the sales conversion rate of”618″, to meet the core needs of consumers; from the channel side, through healthy, diversified and sustainable The platform is built to provide merchants with a comprehensive and high-quality sales environment; from the resource side, through efficient supply chains such as Alibaba’s rhino factory, it provides merchants with growth support such as”on-demand production and fast delivery”. The three parties jointly drive to bring consumers a more convenient shopping experience, and also provide businesses with a sustainable and dynamic business platform to help brands achieve high-quality, high-increment development.

For consumers who want to”whole wool”, the upcoming”618″ shopping festival is the most important discount season in the first half of the year, and for major e-commerce platforms, it is a A tough battle to test brand power. As the proportion of online retail in the total retail sales of consumer goods continues to increase, it is necessary to accelerate supply-side innovation in order to meet consumers’ increasing demand for high-quality consumption. Nowadays, major e-commerce platforms are no longer limited to the traditional”selling” role, but instead empower merchants and brand owners through big data, guide them to optimize product development and supply, drive industrial upgrading, and use continuous innovation The high-quality products meet the consumer’s consumption upgrade needs.

This year is the year when social consumption rebounded after the COVID-19 pandemic. As one of the two biggest promotional festivals in the e-commerce industry throughout the year,”618″ has become an e-commerce platform that benefits consumers and provides high-quality products. Commodity supply is an important node to promote the upgrading of national consumption. According to the analysis of the”Report”, the major e-commerce platforms attracted more than 300,000 brands to participate in sales during the”618″ period, and the number of active products exceeded 100 million. It can be seen that platforms such as Tmall,, and Douyin are expanding domestic demand and smoothing. The role of recycling and promoting the”dual upgrade” of industrial consumption continues to magnify, and major e-commerce platforms are becoming an important source of high-quality commodity supply. (China-Singapore Jingwei APP)

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