The”6·18″ e-commerce promotion period is not only a peak time for online shopping consumption, but also a period of high incidence of online consumption disputes. In order to guide consumers to consume rationally, the Wuhan Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points:

Pay attention to the choice of e-commerce

When shopping online, try to choose a large and mature online shopping platform. And sellers with high credibility, pay more attention to the merchant’s credibility level and transaction evaluation before shopping. Some criminals set up fake websites to infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Consumers should also carefully check whether the merchant’s website is an official website before shopping to avoid falling into a consumption trap.

Pay attention to the choice of goods

Online shopping products should be shopped, learn more about the comprehensive information of the merchant’s reputation, product description, product evaluation, etc., and don’t be confused by low prices and blindly place orders. Pay attention to the official information about e-commerce product quality monitoring reports, and avoid buying substandard products. Carefully identify the authenticity of discounts such as spikes, fire sales, and clearances, and avoid being deceived by false discounts. deception.

Pay attention to the method of payment

After choosing your favorite product, you should use Third-party payment platform pay according to the procedure, do not agree with the seller privately other transaction method , Faced with merchants’ direct payment to bank cards and WeChat red envelopes, they must decisively refuse. Don’t trust the merchant’s cash on delivery promotion, it is best to call to see if you can”check the goods before you pay”.

Pay attention to the retention of evidence

Pay attention to the collection and storage of product specifications, models, functions and other information pages during the transaction, and focus on saving price discounts and free gifts. Advertising information. In the event of disputes and damages to legitimate rights and interests, you can take the initiative to appeal to the platform, and request customer service to intervene. If the platform cannot solve the problem, it should actively complain to the market supervision department or the consumer association.

Text:Du Fei

Coordination:Changjiang Daily Brand Quality Communication Center

Source:Changjiang Daily