5GInnovative applications promote the establishment of a new development pattern

Integration Service capabilities must keep up with the pace of development

Information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the current 5G development in China has entered integration innovation At the critical stage of span>, the coordinated promotion of multi-agents such as basic telecommunications, equipment manufacturing, and vertical industries is accelerating. In the new year, with the continuous heating up of new infrastructure, the rapid growth of Industrial Internet and the continuous implementation of related policies, my country’s 5G network construction and application will Orderly progress, inject new momentum into the development of the digital economy, and promote the construction of a new pattern of high-quality development.

5G development has entered a key stage of integration and innovation

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a national 5G service work video conference to summarize the recent 5G service work and arrange deployment Work in the next phase.”Accelerating the high-quality development of 5G is a strategic requirement for the information and communication industry to base itself on a new development stage, implement new development concepts, and build a new development pattern.” said Liu Liehong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Liu Liehong said, 5G commercial For 18 months, basic telecommunications companies have insisted on The development model of”promoting construction”, speeding up the construction of 5G networks, improving the industrial ecology, and promoting innovative applications have achieved remarkable results.

The latest data shows that my country has built the world’s largest 5G network, with a total of 718,000 5G base stations. A total of 330,000 5G base stations have been built and shared, and continuous coverage of key areas has been achieved. At present, all prefecture-level cities and some key counties across the country have achieved 5G network coverage, and the three major telecom operators have also launched 5G fast services.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Hequan recently stated that 5G applications will make great progress in 2020, and the new infrastructure strategy will accelerate 5G construction Intensified, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has heated up the demand for 5G. The commercial use of 5G shows a new golden period of Internet development.

Orderly promote the construction and application of 5G networks

At the end of 2020, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xiao Yaqing said that in 2021, the construction and application of 5G networks will be promoted in an orderly manner, and the main Urban 5G coverage, promote joint construction and sharing, and build more than 600,000 5G base stations. It is necessary to take the 5G construction as the traction to coordinate the deployment of data centers and computing power facilities. At the same time, focus on 10 key industries, form 20 typical industrial application scenarios, carry out industrial 5G private network pilots, and release 5G millimeter wave frequency plans for some frequency bands in due course.

The”Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan (2021-2023)” recently issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that the period from 2021 to 2023 is the period of rapid growth of my country’s industrial Internet. In the next three years, the new infrastructure will be further improved; the industrial Internet network infrastructure covering all regions and industries will be initially completed, and 30 5G fully connected factories will be built in 10 key industries; industrial enterprises will be supported to build 5G fully connected factories and promote 5G applications Penetrate from peripheral auxiliary links to core production links, accelerate the promotion of typical scenarios; explore 5G private network construction and operation models, plan 5G industrial Internet dedicated frequencies, and carry out industrial 5G private network pilots; build public service platforms and provide 5G network transformation and applications Incubation, testing and verification services.

According to the”5G Application Innovation and Development White Paper (2020)” jointly issued by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, my country’s 5G application path is gradually clear and will be commercialized in three batches.

The first batch is applications such as live broadcast and monitoring, and intelligent identification. For example, 5G high-definition video surveillance, VR live broadcast, 5G remote real-time consultation in the medical field, etc., will become mature and rapid replication in the next 1-2 years Promoted applications.

The second batch is immersive experience based on cloud-side collaboration and other applications. With the gradual maturity of the 5G SA network, the collaborative capabilities of the cloud pipe side end will be further enhanced. 5G applications such as AR assisted assembly, VR simulation driving, ultra-high-definition/VR cloud game rendering based on side-cloud collaboration will usher in a new round of development.

The third batch is remote control applications. 5G application features based on low latency and high reliability will play a greater role in the future. For example, unmanned application scenarios such as 5G-V2X-based unmanned logistics transportation and all-road automatic driving are expected to land in the next 3 to 5 years.

Multiple measures will continue to improve the level of 5G services

Liu Liehong said that there are still some shortcomings in the current 5G service work, and there is still a certain level of comprehensive service levels and user expectations. gap. These problems reflect that some companies are not paying enough attention to user perception while pursuing economic benefits, there are weak links in the management mechanism of grassroots enterprises, and the comprehensive service capabilities are still unable to keep up with the pace of development.

For the next stage of work, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology put forward five requirements:

First, improve political positions. It is necessary to fully understand the importance of 5G service work, deepen the establishment of a service management system with horizontal linkage and vertical penetration within the enterprise, focus on solving hot and difficult issues related to the interests of the people, and continue to improve the quality of 5G services.

The second is to improve service capabilities. It is necessary to promote the construction of 5G networks in an orderly manner, strengthen 5G network coverage, and enhance network supply capabilities; actively take measures to facilitate user replacement of terminals; optimize and improve 5G tariff packages based on user needs, set reasonable online contract periods, and terminate contracts Compensation standards, etc.

The third is to solve hot issues. It is necessary to strictly implement relevant requirements, further strengthen the division of tasks and target decomposition, improve the reminder mechanism, and reasonably guide users’ expectations; strictly abide by the marketing red line, and effectively protect users’ rights and interests; establish a monitoring system to accurately grasp the service situation.

Fourth is to strengthen supervision and inspection. It is necessary to strengthen the internal self-examination and self-correction of enterprises, improve the handling mechanism of service violations, and be held accountable for 5G service violations notified by relevant competent authorities.

Fifth, strengthen publicity and guidance. It is necessary to make full use of various new media methods and various new technologies to promote 5G services and services, rationally guide user expectations, and enhance user awareness. It is necessary to formulate targeted propaganda copy, give clear and accurate explanations in time for key issues that users care about but have doubts, and eliminate user misunderstandings. (Reporter Zhang Hanqing)