At the beginning of the new year, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Golden Dragon, Xiamen Golden Dragon International Trade Co., Ltd. (“Golden Dragon International Trade”) welcomes us The exit was a good start. On January 22, 2021, 530 vehicles were exported to Egypt, which kicked off the new overseas journey of King Long International Trade in 2021. Relying on King Long’s global channel network and customer resources, as well as the strong supply chain resources of the King Long Automobile Group to which it belongs, King Long International Trade will carry forward the past and create a new situation for export sales.

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Kinglong light passenger exported to Egypt is ready to go

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Vehicle loading

To make King Long bus products bigger and stronger

Xiamen is an important fulcrum city of the national “One Belt, One Road” maritime strategy. King Long, which was born in Xiamen, pioneered the overseas marketing of Chinese buses in 2000. After two decades of overseas market development, A comprehensive sales and service network has been established overseas. King Long buses are exported to more than 140 countries and regions, with a cumulative export volume exceeding 110,000, ranking first in the bus industry. The state has successively set up a pilot free trade zone in Xiamen and an innovation base for the BRICS New Industrial Revolution partnership. King Long made full use of geographical advantages and policy dividends to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, King Long International Trade.

“The newly established King Long International Trade business mainly focuses on three aspects. On the one hand, the overseas operation of King Long bus products is still the”main channel” of our business, and we will continue to expand and strengthen King Long bus products Continue to maintain the industry’s leading advantage. On the other hand, relying on King Long’s existing customer resources and network, and the ownership of Fuqi Group Companies and other brand companies in the machinery industry have in-depth cooperation to jointly promote other types of vehicles and engineering equipment to the world.” Jinlong International Trade General Manager Xie Weiguo said,”In addition, we will also build a new business format for cross-border e-commerce platforms to promote international trade. Digital transformation. At present, overseas epidemics continue to spread. Medical, epidemic prevention, and’home economy’ products are the outlets. In the long run, we will focus on the import and export trade of specialty products, and strive to promote domestic and international dual cycles, and build a new pattern for the company’s foreign trade development. p>

Stable the leading position of the Egyptian passenger car segment

The transformation of King Long’s overseas business model has received positive responses from many overseas partners. Egypt is one of King Long’s overseas core markets. The local distributor has been working with King Long for 11 years. The two parties have worked closely together. Through the”two-wheel” drive of the export of complete vehicles and the assembly of parts, the King Long light passenger has more than 38,000 vehicles in Egypt. the amount.

In 2020, due to the adverse effects of the epidemic, the two sides have overcome all difficulties and still achieved the export of 3,897 light buses to Egypt, stabilizing the leading position of the local bus segment. Thanks to the long-term and reliable partnership, after the establishment of King Long International Trade, the Egyptian dealers placed an order for 530 vehicles immediately. In addition to 330 King Long light buses, there are also 200 products owned by Fuqi Group. The smooth voyage of this batch of vehicles has also become the first milestone event for Jinlong International Trade’s mass shipment.

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2020 is an extraordinary year. Faced with the unprecedented impact of the epidemic and the complex international situation, King Long has set sail against the wind and forged ahead, accumulating Delivered 8,555 passenger cars to 63 overseas countries and regions, and the export volume continued to rank first in the passenger car industry.

In 2021, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will continue to spread globally, the international environment will still be complicated, and the prospects for the recovery of the world economy are uncertain. In the face of such an unfavorable situation, Golden Dragon International Trade took the lead in the crisis, opened a new game in the changing situation, and vigorously expanded the breadth and depth of overseas business, demonstrating its confidence and determination to firmly push overseas marketing in depth. Based on the accumulation of Jinlong’s 20 years of overseas market experience, Jinlong International Trade will continue to consolidate brand power and product strength, build a high-quality product and service import and export platform, and make new contributions to China’s economic development.