Why did I buy iPhone 11 in 2021! And did not buy a 5G iPhone 12?

Let’s talk about my views and opinions below.

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①5G not reached

In China, although 5G is in full swing, communication companies are also promoting 5G network upgrades all the time. But the problem is that 5G networks are not available everywhere. Perhaps only a few areas of a large city in a province have 5G signals, and it is still poor, with the network speed as slow as 2G.

②Backup, transition

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5G is fully popularized and stable and available, and immediately replace it with a 5G iPhone; but based on the current situation, it is impossible to say two years later. Therefore, in its current state, the iPhone 11 is highly optional, whether it is the main force or the backup transition.

③Sufficient hardware

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Although the performance of A13 is not as strong as that of A14, the excess performance is not a concern. 64GB of memory is too small, so I choose 128GB, take photos for storage and software use, and it takes 2 years. Although there is no 90Hz screen high brush, but the smooth smoothness of iOS can make it negligible.

④Getting started with iPhone

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Now buying iPhone XR, the hardware and experience are too outdated; compared to the iPhone 12 of the same level, except that it does not support 5G, everything is not bad, such as 3110mAh battery, price and performance , Taking pictures.

iPhone 11 is a very good and conscientious iPhone, iOS entry machine.