36Kr was informed that”LongBridge” officially announced today that the company has completed a pre-A round of financing totaling US$50 million earlier. This round of financing was led by Yuanjing Capital, Singapore Phillip Capital and the old shareholders of the team, and led the investment from institutions such as investors Follow up.

Following last year’s tens of millions of Pre-A+ rounds of financing, Changqiao continued to obtain several rounds of financing again in small steps, and has officially completed the overall Pre-A round of financing. This round of financing will be used for technology research and development investment and international market expansion.

In the past two years, the boom in the stock market and the home economy have also put the development of Internet brokerage on the fast lane. , And the loose monetary policy also allows many people to get involved in the stock market.

LongBridge was established in March 2019. The core members of the founding team came from Alibaba Group, covering Taobao, Alimama, Alibaba Cloud and other businesses.

In terms of qualifications, Changqiao’s Hong Kong (central code:BPX066) ) In 2020, it has obtained Type 1, 4, and 9 licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission, and has the ability to provide securities transactionsclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="13179983" qid="6595601450011727108"> span>, provide advice on securities, provide asset management qualifications. Currently, Long Bridge has covered the United States, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Singapore, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia A total of eight major financial markets, providing more than 32,000 tradable financial assets in five categories including securities and ETFs .

Currently, Changqiao has three business lines:securities, wealth and content communities.

Zhu Liangliang, CEO and co-founder of LongBridge LongBridge, told 36Kr that before this, LongBridge had not launched a large-scale customer acquisition, but took the route of”strong products + strong R&D”. Up to now, Changqiao has completed nearly a hundred iterations of versions, involving thousands of function points.

Zhu Liangliang said that in the past two years, the biggest progress of Changqiao lies in its ability to help users build investment paths more clearly, with the help of”market discovery” and”Individual stocks cognition” and”social circle” attributes are advanced, which can greatly reduce the threshold of value recognition of securities products.

For example, after a user enters the Changqiao Securities App, Changqiao will use natural language processing, machine learning and other algorithm models to accurately extract and classify information topics, stock matching and similarity processing, event aggregation, and more Good targeted distribution of individual stocks and content. In addition, Changqiao will also use machine learning algorithms to translate information, announcements, live performance subtitles and other content in different languages, and optimize the content layout.

In the process from the user’s discovery of the stock to the final transaction, Changqiao has also optimized multiple links in the middle.

In terms of specific product functions, Changqiao has established a personalized target fundamentals And information modules, and launched special functions such as”individual stock supply chain” and”industry map”. The”network-wide information search engine architecture” can provide users with sufficient and timely space for value investment and trend judgment.

Zhu Liangliang said to 36 krypton that in the past, most of the profiles of Internet brokerage products were usually based on traditional collaborative recommendations, such as in Tesla individual stocks page will prompt the user”Other stocks that investors who are concerned about this stock are still paying attention to”. Longqiao’s approach is to build an industry knowledge map to create users who, for example, follow Tesla’s individual stocks, while also seeing related products of Tesla’s competitors, customers, and suppliers. Currently, Longqiao’s individual stock supply chain function has covered more than hundreds of star companies.

In order to further help users discover the value of securities, Changqiao has also built a data system. In the personalized fundamentals and information modules, users can see indicators ranging from basic indicators to more advanced operations and financial analysis, such as the ranking of a certain indicator of the company in the industry, so as to gain a deeper understanding of The operation and financial situation of a listed company. In addition, Changqiao will also perform visual data stratification to gather the company’s financial report data, the opinions of the organization and the community in the App, and provide users with investment references.

The social sector is the more prominent difference in Changqiao. Zhu Liangliang said that Changqiao pays more attention to the identification and distribution of high-quality content, and uses technical means to grade content, combining user interests, holdings, and focus directions to make more accurate recommendations. This also makes the average content quality and participation of Changqiao higher.

This year, the community section of Changqiao has also launched a number of programs to continuously promote users, including incentive programs for content producers, circles, etc. Taking circles as an example, content producers or traffic operators in the community can quickly establish their own private domain communities, conduct course operations, hold offline activities, etc., and can carry out content payment services to realize traffic monetization .

In the first quarter of 2021, the effective release of Longbridge investment information has reached 500,000. Zhu Liangliang revealed that the user scale of Changqiao has grown rapidly over the past period of time. Currently, Changqiao’s community users participate in interactions accounting for 11%, and the per capita investment information daily consumption exceeds 17 times.

After this round of financing, Changqiao will also open an international layout. Changqiao has started to expand the Hong Kong market since the beginning of this year, and plans to launch a one-month Hong Kong opening welcome offer soon. During the event, Longbridge will provide new users in Hong Kong with permanent free commissions for Hong Kong stocks transactions, premium discounts on Hong Kong and US stocks, and many other benefits.

For the future development plan, Zhu Liangliang stated that Changqiao has basically completed the self-research work of the securities middle and back office and content community. This year, it will use Hong Kong as a new starting point to accelerate the development of a comprehensive international layout. Expand the market size. In addition, the company will continue with the mission of becoming a leader in financial technology innovation, and will continue to deepen The cooperation of field partners promotes the advent of more distinctive data products and services, and brings newer and better financial technology services to users and business partners.

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