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Disclaimer:This article is called Daquan, but it is definitely not complete. If you have any omissions, please point out and I will add it, thank you. In addition, the surrounding areas of Xi’an are all covered, including Xianyang and Xixian New District. We are looking for fun places, no matter where it belongs Laugh and cry.

Free park:

01, Evergrande Cultural Tourism City Children’s Paradise-Beijiao

This place ranks first because it has 4 free children’s play areas, 2 Large aluminum slides (but one is often closed for unknown reasons), and one of them needs 1.2 meters or more to play. In terms of area and type, it must be ranked first. And parking is free.

The following pictures show this paradise that requires a height of 1.2 meters to play. The last time I went there was during the winter vacation. To play here, you need to go to the sales department to get the ticket, and then the time is limited for half an hour. We didn’t go directly. There were too many people.

The slide here is super exciting

The kids came here to have a lot of fun

The protective gear is provided by him

The second paradise is Evergrande The most fun, there is no restriction on height, but often not open (I didn’t open it after a few times, I didn’t understand this, I hope Evergrande can open this place often)

This is undoubtedly the most fun, the slide Almost weightless, like flying

The third playground is in front of the sales department. This playground is suitable for small children. There is a wide iron slide and small hills. There are swings, rotations, and boat slides.

The fourth paradise, in On the side of the wedding manor, there is a small wide-body slide and a giraffe slide. There are not many things to play and it is also suitable for small children.

02, Shizi Park Children’s Recreation Area-Southern Suburb

The second place here is because there are quite a few types of play here. There is only one slide in many places. In addition to the slide, there are small extensions, wall climbing, spring swing, swing, 2 revolving chairs, (see me for details) Video), in short, the kids are super happy to come here.



Look at the location of the children’s area. The west gate or the southeast gate is relatively close. You can park at the west gate.

Nearest bus station:

03, Urban Health Park (Western Suburb )

This place has reached Fengxi, which is far away, but it is properly ranked third because of the There are many kinds of things, and the children are very happy, but they are not very big.

Address:Xi’an CityXixian New District Wenjiao 6th Road.

Navigation search:Xi’an City Health Park

Parking:You can park on the side of the road, but netizens say they may post.



Metro:Exit A of Wenjiaoyuan Metro Station on Line 5. Walk 640 meters, not far away.

Look at the route map after getting off the subway and walking past:

04, Chang’an Central Park-Children’s Area-Southern SuburbsChang’an District

This place is also very good, the ranking can actually be very high, so don’t mind the ranking.

There are sand pools, slides (super fast), crawling and other facilities. Children will use the ground as a slide, so they need more pants to laugh and cry

Address:Northwest of the intersection of Dushi Street and West Avenue, Chang’an District, Xi’an (Liancheng)

Navigation search:Oak Bay Kindergarten

Parking:Children’s area There is a ground parking lot here, but it’s not big.

What else to play around:Chang’an Park and Fanchuan Park are also nearby. See the location in the picture below. You can visit together

05, Fanchuan Park-Children’s Area-Beach Area

Fanchuan Park Children’s Area:

Fanchuan Park Beach Area:

Address:South Chang’an Street, Chang’an District, Xi’an (about 50 meters north of Liuqing Square)

Navigation:Fanchuan Park

Parking:There is a small road in the north of Fanchuan Park. You can drive as long as you can. Drive in and stop at the end. There is a children’s area and a beach area across the bridge. Look at the parking location in the picture below. After parking the bridge, you will see the children’s area and the beach.

06 , Hedi Road, Xi’an Lake Slide Beach-Xi’an Lake Southwest Gate

I recommend this place because of the vast land and abundant resources, and it’s fun to play. You can fly kites, play beach football, run, and there are not too many children, but parking on the embankment road on weekends is a big problem, and it is a little difficult to stop.

The quality of sand here is average. The lowest ranking.

Address:Hedi Road, Beijiao, Xi’an, opposite to Ziwei Lake

Navigation:Baidu The map is like a fool, I can’t find Xi’an Lake, and there is no such a large lake on the map. Xi’an Lake is several times larger than Ziwei Lake. The Ziwei Lake is painted but there is no Xi’an Lake. Actually, it’s in Ziwei Lake. Opposite the lake, but this beach is on the westernmost side of Xi’an Lake. Don’t enter from the main entrance of Xi’an Lake (Sculpture Plaza). You must drive west to the next small gate. Go in and turn left and you will reach the beach. Look at the picture below, the picture is from Tencent map (Tencent please pay me advertising fee wit). Baidu map does not have this lake.

07 , Beijiao City Sports Park-Free Children’s Zone

There are 2 combined slides and 2 sand pools, as well as electric amusement facilities (the lowest price in the city) 15 yuan per item, and 50 yuan per pass for 5 items ( An average of 10 yuan per item, conscience), challenged, playing children’s electric amusement equipment, is there any lower price than here?


08, Huancheng Park, Huancheng Xiyuan Children’s Park-not yet open

If it is opened here and it is free, this must be ranked first, there is no dispute!

This half is full of swings

I hope it will open soon.

Address:Huancheng Xiyuan between Yuxiangmen and Ximen (opposite the alley of Xi’an No. 1 Middle School)

Bus:Get off at Xi’an No. 1 Middle School stop,

Look at the location, it’s not open, don’t go.

09 ,Space City Zhonghu Park-Southern Suburb

There are bunkers and some amusement facilities here. It’s quite small. If you go In the southern suburbs, you can take a look by the way, there is no need to go there specifically


Look at the location. It’s closer to the north gate. We entered from the west gate. It took a long way to get there.

10 , Galaxy Sports Park-Southern Suburb

There are two slides and a sand pool here, suitable for younger children, relatively small, there is no need to go there.

Look at the location of the children’s area:we came from the east gate, not far away.

Address:Intersection of East Chang’an Street and Yanta South Road, Xi’an Southwest

Navigation search:Galaxy Sports Park

Parking:Not very convenient. There is no large parking lot, which is convenient for people around.

What else is there:There are basketball courts and football fields for sports.

Paid park

01, Xi’an Super Legg Parent-Child Paradise-Xijiao

Address:Daqin Hot Spring

Navigation can directly search for the name

Parking:The parking lot in Daqin Hot Spring is very large, 100%can stop, and you can drive directly to it Find a place to stop at the entrance of the park.


Cost:There are two prices, one is to play and expand the cost is relatively low, the other is to add CS (very small venue) and inflatable slide, draw a kite, grinding soy milk, this is another price. The specific price depends on the retail price, and there will be promotions in March.

Participate in Teacher Zeng’s activity:The activity price is only 15 yuan. You can play other items except the following (expansion, slides are available)

Excluding:CS (the venue is too small and boring), grinding soy milk (consuming time and effort), planting trees (the Arbor Day has passed, and children Basically adults are digging if you can’t dig)

Regardless of whether this place is participating in Teacher Zeng’s activities, just shout:I was recommended by Teacher Zeng, and there will be certain discounts or gifts.

02,Mammoth Parent-Child Garden-Southern Suburbs

The Mammoth Parent-Child Park is quite far away, and it is already considered a Zhouzhi boundary in the southern suburbs. Zhouzhi County Qujiang Agricultural Expo In the west area of ​​the park

There is a rainbow slide here


There is a zipline

You can feed small animals

In fact, there is also CS, but it was not opened when I went there that day. In this kind of place, CS is contracted out, not a boss.

Ticket price:see the ticket price at the time, we went There was a promotion at the time, so it was still cheap. I can’t remember how much money I’m laughing and crying.

Up to this point, I can’t help being surprised. Who am I missing? Welcome to leave a message to add. Writing code words is not easy, please like it, please like it, follow it, and collect it

Teacher Zeng’s parent-child trips, take the children out, we are serious!