Beijing Commercial Daily News (Reporter Zhao Shu commented Zhai Fengrui) On January 21, a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily learned from the market that the price of a batch of Feitian Moutai has risen to 3,100 yuan per bottle, which is the first time that the price of Feitian Moutai has been increased. Break through the 3000 yuan/bottle mark. It is worth noting that the FCL price of Feitian Moutai was basically stable at 2,900 yuan per bottle. Behind the price increase is Kweichow Moutai’s release of new channel regulations. It is understood that Kweichow Moutai introduced new regulations earlier this month, requiring that 80%of Moutai dealers’ liquor be sold out of the box and the boxes be recycled. On January 12, the 80%box opening rate was upgraded to 100%. In response, the reporter sent the interview outline to the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Kweichow Moutai. As of this writing, the company has not responded.

Moutai dealers told the Beijing Business Daily reporter that for 100%unpacking, Moutai will conduct random checks on dealers from time to time and will recycle the boxes to prevent violations of regulations and disciplines by specialty stores.

In fact, the new policy of 100%out-of-box sales announced this time is not the first time that Kweichow Moutai has introduced a new policy to stabilize the terminal market price. Prior to this, Kweichow Moutai also stabilized the terminal market price of Feitian Moutai by increasing direct sales channels, penalizing illegal dealers, and expanding production capacity.

Cai Xuefei, a liquor marketing expert, said that Kweichow Moutai will increase the proportion of direct sales channels. First, it can strengthen the management and control of the flow of goods, thereby improving logistics efficiency and strengthening channel control; secondly, it is possible to use different price systems through direct sales channels , Enhance corporate profits; finally, strengthen price control through the feature of fewer levels of direct sales channels.

It is worth noting that after Kweichow Moutai’s 100%unpacking sale, the price of bulk Feitian Moutai has also successfully dropped to 2500 yuan per bottle. From the perspective of price stabilization, it is indeed effective. However, as the Spring Festival approaches and consumer demand increases, whether the price can continue to be stabilized remains to be tested by the market. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned that Kweichow Moutai has increased its volume before, which has stabilized the price of bulk Feitian Moutai at around 2,450 yuan per bottle, but the effect of price stabilization is short-term performance. In the long run, the effect is not ideal. The market price of Feitian Moutai terminal once exceeded 3,000 yuan per bottle before the National Day holiday, and has since fallen, but it has basically remained at 2,700 yuan per bottle.

Cai Xuefei said that the fundamental reason for the high price of Feitian Moutai is the imbalance between supply and demand. The price of Feitian Moutai depends on the market demand for Moutai. The long-term scarcity of Kweichow Moutai is the imbalance between its limited production capacity and China’s strong demand for high-end liquor.

100%out-of-box sales means that consumers will no longer be able to buy FCL Feitian Moutai in the future. This also makes the price of FCL Feitian Moutai break through 3000 yuan per bottle for the first time, setting a record high. And this approach has also caused heated discussions among consumers. For some consumers, the investment value of the FCL Feitian Moutai is much higher than that of bulk, but due to unpacking sales, they can no longer buy the FCL Feitian Moutai. At the same time, this practice also affects consumers who need to give gifts during the Spring Festival but do not drink themselves. Some consumers told a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that their families would collectively move out every year to buy a box of Feitian Moutai as an investment. The investment value of the box is higher than a single bottle. But after 100%out of the box sales, the FCL Feitian Moutai can no longer be bought.

Chinese consumer goods marketing expert Xiao Zhuqing believes that unpacking sales is mainly to combat scalpers, and FCL Moutai is good for collection And hype. While unboxing sales hit the scalpers, it also hit innocent consumers, especially gift consumers and collectors and investment consumers.

Cai Xuefei further stated that 100%out-of-the-box sales are the last resort of Kweichow Moutai. As the Spring Festival approaches, the market demand for Moutai is also increasing. Kweichow Moutai can only stimulate channel shipments and strengthen supply by opening the box, while strengthening channel inventory management. Under the risk of high prices, the interests of consumers may not be the first consideration for Kweichow Moutai.