Maybe some people think of investing in real estate. In fact, in recent years, the country’s crackdown on real estate speculation has become more and more severe, not to mention that housing prices are gradually falling, so they want to keep the currency from depreciating through investment in real estate. It seems unrealistic. I want to buy a fund, but the losses are more serious. If you consider the existence of bank interest, it seems that it is too low to offset the impact of inflation. Therefore, it seems that there are no proper investment methods that can compete with inflation.

But in fact, for the majority of Chinese people, everyone’s thinking and concepts are relatively conservative and they still like to deposit money in the bank. According to the central bank’s data, the total amount of RMB deposits in China as of the end of March 2021 is 2,01 In fact, these data are enough to confirm the people’s trust in the banks. When people’s money flows into the banks, it will naturally make the banking industry develop rapidly. However, in addition to the large commercial banks, the current domestic The number of such banks is increasing, reaching more than 4,000.

Previously, some people might be curious about the bank to help the people for free storage and safekeeping funds, and Interest paid to depositors, isn’t it that the bank is losing money to do business? In fact, as a commercial organization, a bank is different from a charitable organization. What he does is entirely because it is profitable. As for the bank’s way of making money, it is actually very simple and simple. In other words, it is the interest difference. After the depositor deposits the money in the bank, the bank can use the money to lend to enterprises or individuals, and then collect interest. In this way, these interest differentials are the source of money for the bank.

Generally speaking, the current bank fixed deposit interest rate generally does not exceed 3%, span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”5783203″ qid=”6527567456695751940″>The interest rate for large-value certificates of deposit may be higher, which can exceed 4%, of course, and we buy a house loan However, the interest rate is generally above 5%, and the corporate loan interest rate is even higher. In fact, the money in the middle, the bank’s income, is still very generous.

However, As everyone knows, when any enterprise develops to a certain stage, it will inevitably enter During the fierce competition in the Red Sea, companies that are smaller and less powerful may be eliminated. In fact, although banks are regarded as a”one-size-fits-all” business, the development of banks is also polarized.

For example, according to statistics, in 2020, the 6 major state-owned banks of the Workers’ and Peasants China Jiaotong Post will build The net profit is 1.14 trillion, which is equivalent to 3.118 billion yuan per day, and all employees have achieved positive growth, but this is only the income of those large state-owned banks.

Like other small and medium-sized banks in China, their lives are not as easy as this. In 2020, the net profit of city commercial banks is 214.563 billion yuan, a decrease of 14.48%over the same period. The rural commercial bank’s net profit for the year was 195.276 billion yuan, a 14.61%decrease over the same period. When profits continue to decline, the pressure on these small and medium-sized banks to survive is increasing, such as the chairman of Foshan Rural Commercial Bank. It was once said that for them, being able to live now is the most important thing.

It is precisely because of this that those small and medium-sized banks seeking to survive have begun to gather together to keep warm. Some time ago, Shanxi Bank was approved to open. In fact, this Shanxi Bank is managed by Jincheng Bank, Jinzhong Bank, Yangquan City Commercial Bank, Changzhi Bank, and Datong Bank merged together.

Generally speaking, those large commercial banks have abundant funds, a wide coverage of outlets, and a huge user base, so there is no need to worry about food and drink. And those small and medium-sized banks have to work harder if they want to gain a foothold in this vast banking industry. Generally speaking, the rise of small and medium-sized banks is mostly based on”high interest rates”.

Before this, various banks launched different kinds of innovative products, such as relying on files Interest calculations, structured deposits, Internet deposits, etc., in fact, these deposits can gain a reputation entirely thanks to the efforts of small and medium-sized banks. It is also due to the emergence of these high-interest products. Take it out of the large state-owned banks and deposit in these small and medium-sized banks with higher interest rates.

In fact, for our depositors, those deposit products with high interest rates are naturally more beneficial to them. Previously, because the annualized rate of some products could exceed 5%, they successfully attracted a large number of depositors, especially Those who have a relatively large amount of principal can earn a considerable amount of income every year on interest.

However, the banking environment has changed drastically in the past two years, which has also caused the living space of small and medium-sized banks to be greatly compressed. This makes it difficult for depositors to choose deposit products, so how can they save money in the bank to get higher interest? The bank employee revealed:If you can save money like this, you will get an extra”salary“.

As we all know, demand deposits have the lowest agricultural interest rate of bank deposit products, generally only 0.35%. Deposits hardly dominate.

If you choose a fixed deposit, the interest rates for one, two, three, and five years are different. If you look at the highest average annualized interest rate of 3.538%, you can get 3538 yuan by depositing 100,000 yuan for a year.