“Investment and construction upsurge with large-scale project construction.” January 21, 2021, the Chinese Communist Party The Twelfth Plenary Session of the Twelfth Session of the Foshan Committee pointed out that it is necessary to give play to the key role of investment in optimizing the supply structure, and accelerate the deployment of a number of multiplier A major project has been launched to provide strong support for the construction of a new development pattern.

In order to ensure a good start, continuous and sustainable investment throughout the year, Foshan Arrange for 110 billion yuan of investment in key provincial and municipal projects in 2021, actively seek policy support such as special bonds of local governments, and focus on weak areas such as infrastructure, municipal engineering, ecological and environmental protection, and people’s livelihood security.

It is foreseeable that on the land of Foshan, a large number of major projects will set off a new one The upsurge of courageous development.

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A rendering of a high-end intelligent equipment industrial park project in Foshan. In 2020, 483 major projects in Foshan will be put into production. (Source:Foshan Daily)

Go all out Grasp the construction of major projects

In 2020, Plainvim International Modern 483 major projects such as the Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base and the New Park of the Second People’s Hospital of Foshan have started and put into production. Foshan has already exceeded its annual target for investment in key provincial and municipal projects.

The major project is the”ballast stone” for economic development. The Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Foshan Development and Reform Bureau, Kong Haiwen, stated that the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau will, in accordance with the deployment of the plenary meeting, go all out to grasp the construction of major projects, further optimize the investment structure, promote effective investment, and contribute to Foshan’s new advantages in high-quality development. In 2021, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau will focus on accelerating the construction of key provincial and municipal projects with an investment of 110 billion yuan, including provincial projects with an investment of nearly 60 billion yuan. At the same time, give full play to the coordination and coordination role of major engineering project construction headquarters, establish a joint responsibility system, and ensure that investment and project construction achieve results.

2021 is the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan”. .”Regional competition is getting fiercer. Where is Foshan’s next trillion yuan?” Song Shulong, member of the Foshan Development and Reform Bureau and director of the Municipal Key Projects Bureau, said in a group discussion that the GDP of Foshan is inseparable from breaking the trillion mark. Launch major projects to promote, and the next trillion will still be driven by leading major projects.

Song Shulong said that in 2021, the municipal government’s “No. 1 Document” will focus on major investment projects The introduction of investment sends an important signal that in 2021 and even for a period of time in the future, the construction of major projects will be an important starting point for Foshan’s economic development, and we must do our best to do it well.

Build a new model to strengthen investment promotion

Where do these leading major projects come from? The plenary session proposed that, aiming at the general trend of industrial change, Foshan should plan to build a number of modern infrastructures such as transportation and water conservancy with high standards, actively carry out new urban infrastructure construction pilots, and accelerate new types of infrastructure such as 5G networks, industrial Internet, big data centers, and charging piles. The construction of facilities, increase the strength of shortcomings in the fields of public health, elderly care, emergency storage, garbage and sewage treatment, and form a good situation in which traditional projects have strong momentum and new projects go hand in hand.

The settlement of major projects is inseparable from powerful and effective investment attraction. The plenary session proposed to establish a”city-level overall planning, district as the main body, urban area linkage, and departmental coordination” investment promotion work mechanism, build a new investment promotion model, and focus on introducing a number of major industrial projects with good growth potential and strong driving force to enhance industrial competitiveness.

Kong Haiwen revealed that the Foshan Development and Reform Bureau is actively planning to issue related work plans. Continuously strengthen the overall planning of investment in major projects.”In the past, the district was the main way to find projects, and the districts competed for preferential conditions to compete for projects. This is actually a kind of internal friction.” He said that after the introduction of the new plan, the city-level overall planning will be strengthened, and the district will be highlighted. As the main body, build a smoother investment promotion mechanism through active interaction between the top and bottom.

“I don’t wait for investment promotion,” said Wan Zhikang, vice chairman of the Foshan CPPCC Now it is a good time for Foshan to focus on investment promotion. He analyzed that my country is accelerating the construction of a new development pattern with domestic and international double cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles. Social factors will return to core industries such as mid-to-high-end manufacturing. Foshan should make full use of the major opportunities driven by the”dual zones” and the linkage of the”dual cities”, plan projects ahead, give full play to its advantages to strengthen investment promotion, and work hard to extend, supplement, and strengthen the chain to inject new momentum for transformation and development.

High-tech projects must”get the land and start construction”

The introduction and implementation of the project is inseparable from high-quality Business environment. The plenary meeting clearly stated that we should go all out to grasp the progress, promote the rapid completion of projects under construction, the early start of new projects, and the early storage of reserved projects to accelerate the formation of a snowball effect. Focusing on projects, we will conscientiously do a good job in planning, reserve and application of special bond projects by local governments, break down the “medium obstructions” of projects in terms of approval, land use, and financing, and promote faster implementation of projects.

In the group discussion,”getting the land and starting work” became the attention of the participants People believe that it is necessary to promote the reform of the examination and approval of engineering construction projects, realize the”starting on land” of major industrial and high-tech projects, and strive to cover small industrial projects.

Sanshui District Committee Secretary Hu Xuejun said that the next Sanshui District should focus on attracting large investment and large investment, highlighting the orientation of element resources following the project, especially to promote the implementation of the approval of the construction of the project.”.

Foshan Disabled Persons’ Federation Party Group Secretary and Chairman Huang Qifeng said that we must continue to optimize the camp Business environment, around the implementation of major projects, government departments must sincerely provide services. Not only the city and district leaders should pay attention to it, but also the main leaders of the town and street should follow up the whole process, achieve”one thing, one change”, and strive to increase the project implementation rate.

The plenary session proposed that Foshan strives to become a national pilot city for business environment innovation. We will continue to deepen the reform of”delegating management and service”, adhere to the principle of”responsible for everything, without interruption”, and strive to create a first-class business environment where we can do everything at any time without interruption. At the same time, it is mentioned that the implementation of the positive and negative list of political-business interactions will make the new type of political-business relations that are”pro-” and”clear” and”clear” and more promising.

Mei Heqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Director of the Municipal Supervision Commission believes that Putting the four sentences of”pro” and”degree”,”clear” and promising, responsive to requests, and nothing disturbed together, is an innovation of Foshan in creating a business environment, creating good development for major projects to attract investment and achieve results. condition.

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