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September 14, Henan Business Daily reporter from the provincial government news It was learned at the press conference that the 4th Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference will be held in Zhengzhou on September 22-24.

As ​​the leading goose of cross-border e-commerce, what is the development of Zhengzhou Airport District in the”Silk Road E-commerce”?

getUrls?link=20d743d95b2fcf2cfd11e855b64bb4d9 - Zhengzhou Airport Zone has achieved cross-border e-commerce trade with 226 countries and regions

At the press conference According to Yang Yinghui, deputy director of the Commerce and Logistics Development Bureau of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Silk Road e-commerce has become a new platform for in-depth promotion of the”Belt and Road” international economic and trade cooperation. Since 2016, China has signed e-commerce cooperation memorandums with 22 countries and established bilateral e-commerce cooperation mechanisms, with partners spread across five continents, and”Silk Road E-commerce” has become a new channel and bright spot for economic and trade cooperation.

As ​​a high ground for Henan’s opening to the outside world, the Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone adheres to the “hub + openness” approach and follows the “four-way coordination” deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. Guided by the”Aerial Silk Road”, we will coordinate the advancement of the onshore, online, and maritime Silk Road construction, and the”four-way coordination” will form an innovative and concentrated development trend. In the first half of this year, the cargo and mail throughput of Zhengzhou Airport was 255,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 21.5%, of which international cargo and mail throughput increased by 40%year-on-year. These two domestic data growth rates ranked first in the country;”Cainiao” cross-border e-commerce China-Europe Express Train runs four times a week, completing 165 container shipments in the first half of the year; the “1+1+7” port system is constantly improving , Has formed the most complete port system in inland areas. In addition, the electronic port integrates a full trade model, with 500 customs clearance per second, and the scale of cross-border e-commerce business continues to expand. As of the end of August, the Zhengzhou Airport Experimental Zone had achieved a total of 83,673,700 cross-border e-commerce retail imports and exports this year, with a value of 6.525 billion yuan, an increase of 139.16%and 89.77%year-on-year, respectively, and achieved cross-border e-commerce trade with 226 countries and regions. .

“In order to fully display the results of the cooperation of’Silk Road E-commerce’, and to face the new trends and challenges of global future trade development, we will discuss the new cooperation of’Silk Road E-commerce’ In the direction, this “Silk Road E-commerce” International Cooperation Summit Forum has the theme of “welcome big changes and open new cooperation”.” Yang Yinghui said, concentrating the wisdom, experience and strength of governments, industries, enterprises, and experts to build for all walks of life A platform to exchange experience, strengthen cooperation, and build consensus, promote the recovery of the cross-border e-commerce industry in the context of the epidemic, look forward to the development prospects of”Silk Road e-commerce”, play a constructive role in the resumption of prosperity of”Belt and Road” economic and trade cooperation, and jointly promote the”Silk Road” Road e-commerce” prospered. (Chief editor, Huaijuan, editor Wu Bing, Xiong Ziwen)