International online news:On September 10, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce officially released the”2020 China Top 500 Private Enterprises” list. According to the list, the Yili group’s ranking has risen 11 places compared to last year, and it has been ranked first in the food industry. It is the only company in the list to be ranked in the top 100. Strong food manufacturing company.

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Representatives of private enterprises such as Yili participated in the award ceremony of”Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2020″

It is reported that the list is based on the investigation of private enterprises and according to operating income Produced in descending order. Yili has been on the list for many consecutive years and ranked first in the industry.

The dual drive of quality innovation builds a leading position in the industry

Under the corporate creed of “Yili is quality”, Yili’s All terminals have built a whole-process management system, created three lines of quality standards, covering more than 80 inspection units and more than 1,200 inspection items. Yili has continuously improved its quality control level through three layers of checks, focusing on the world’s best quality. Not only that, Yili further strengthens its innovative development strategy and is committed to providing consumers with higher quality and richer types of health products.

With its unremitting persistence in quality and the persistent pursuit of innovation, Yili has continued to consolidate its industry advantages. In the first half of 2020, its total operating income reached 47.528 billion; in the “2020 Global Dairy Industry Twenty In the”strong” list, Yili ranks among the top five. This is the first time that a Chinese dairy company has entered the top five in the global dairy industry. It is the highest ranking of the Asian dairy industry on the list so far.

Deepen industrial chain collaboration and promote the positive development of the dairy industry

As a leading dairy company, Yili not only continues to consolidate its own strength, but also through industrial cooperation, innovation and collaboration, etc. Way to lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. In the practice of implementing the”Dairy Industry Revitalization” strategy, Yili has steadily built a whole-industry chain dairy industry cluster in Hebei and other regions, injecting new momentum into the revitalization of the dairy industry.

In the face of the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Yili has adopted measures such as”helping upstream, stabilizing the middle reaches, and connecting downstream” to comprehensively ensure the stability of the industrial chain and raise anti-epidemic materials to assist upstream ranches and dairy farmers. Yili has opened green financing channels to fully support the ranch to tide over the difficulties. As of August, Yili has provided nearly 4 billion yuan in financing for upstream ranches and dairy farmers.

This time Yili continues to rank first in the food industry of the top 500 private companies, demonstrating Yili’s continuous development in leading the industry. In the future, Yili will continue to play its leading role in the industry, continue to consolidate quality innovation capabilities, deepen the win-win industry chain, inject new vitality into the high-quality development of China’s dairy industry, and accelerate the development of the private economy. (Picture/Text Si Yi)