The video comes from the documentary”Fragrant Grass Recalling the Heroic Spirit of Yang Jingyu”

In November 1931, there was already a piece of ice and snow on the northeast land, the wind was like a knife, and there were few pedestrians on the road. The strong and tall figure hurried to the Manchuria Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. He is Yang Jingyu who has just been rescued from prison by the Communist Party of China. Earlier, he was arrested and imprisoned on suspicion of the Communist Party case. At this time, he was rescued from prison, and the Northeast had fallen, and the Japanese puppets were in power.

In 1931, after the September 18th Incident, hundreds of thousands of Northeast Army retreated without a fight. The commander of the Japanese Kwantung Army, with a strength of less than 20,000, drove straight in and occupied most of Northeast China in just over four months. However, in the Northeast, there are still brave heroes who led the Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces. Among them, among the leaders Known as”South Yang and North Zhao”, Nan Yang refers to Yang Jingyu.

Yang Jingyu, formerly known as Ma Shangde, was born in February 1905 into a farmer’s family in Lijiawan Village, Queshan County, Henan Province. At that time, China was precarious and the people lived in hardship. In this small village, Yang Jingyu went to work like other rural children to subsidize the family. Fortunately, he has a mother who understands righteousness. When Yang Jingyu was a child, Zhang Jun, a little literate mother, often told him stories of ancient heroes and knights. Among them, the story of Yue Fei made Yang Jingyu the most heartbroken. Yue Fei’s lofty ambition to serve the country with loyalty and heroic anti-gold deeds made him ponder for a long time. His mother also saves money for his schooling. He was admitted to the Kaifeng Industrial School in Henan Province. Yang Jingyu and his companions often visited a Song Dynasty platform in the backyard of the school. According to legend, this was Yue Fei’s fight against Jinwu. In the place where soldiers sent generals, Yang Jingyu stood on the stage of generals, often discussing heroic deeds with his classmates, and his belief in making contributions to the country and the people took root in his heart. The temper of life made this simple boy set his ambition to do something for the country.

Joint the anti-Japanese team to shake the Northeast Japanese puppet army

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In 1927, Yang Jingyu joined the Communist Party of China. After the Japanese occupation of the Northeast, in order to resist Japanese imperialist aggression, various forces in the Northeast land organized anti-Japanese armed forces, including local mountain forest teams, bandit armed forces, and the remnants of Zhang Xueliang’s Northeastern Army.

Among them, the people live in hardship because of being exploited by local warlords and Japanese invaders. Some poor farmers had to rise up and gather in Xiaoshan Forest, known as”mountain forest team.” After Yang Jingyu came to the northeast, he learned about these situations. According to the instructions of the Manchuria Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, he actively united the mountain forest team and other civilian anti-Japanese local armed forces in the anti-Japanese anti-Japanese activities in order to form a stronger anti-Japanese force.

In order to unite more mountain forest teams to fight against Japan, Yang Jingyu often entered and exited the mountain forest teams. However, at that time, the mountain forest teams fought individually and were not united. They did not understand the Communist Party’s propositions for resisting Japan and saving the country. Because of misunderstanding, Yang Jingyu was beaten and tied up from time to time, but he was not afraid of danger and was positive and optimistic. Once, he patted a soldier on the shoulder and said:”Can you be unhappy to see that all the people in the mountains regard Japanese devils as enemies? Boy, this is the ideological basis and hope for the united anti-Japanese war! Stopping a small club, what’s the point!” Yang Jingyu always took the opportunity to unite with the mountain forest team to fight against Japan.

In the mountain forest team in the northeast, Mao Zuobin is a person. He leads a sentinel and often fights against the Japanese, but because he doesn’t understand the Communist Party’s team, he once also fought with the Nanman guerrilla under the leadership of the Communist Party. The team played against each other.

In June 1933, Mao Zuobin’s”Mao Tuan” was surrounded by Nanman guerrillas. The guerrillas could arrest them all and surrender their guns, but Yang Jingyu believed that the”Mao Tuan” had resisted Japan anyway. They should no longer be enemies. Yang Jingyu asked the guerrillas not to shoot at the”Mao Tuan”. He also preached to the”Mao Tuan” officers and soldiers:”The South Manchu guerrillas fight against Japan and save the country. They don’t miss the old evil and are willing to unite against Japan.” etc.”Mao Tuan” officers and soldiers were deeply moved.

Yang Jingyu established a deep friendship with some leaders of the Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army and the Mountain Forest Team in uniting and uniting the Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army and the Mountain Forest Team to fight the enemy together and expanding the guerrilla area struggle. In the work of the united front, if you are not afraid of tiredness and hardship, you can resolve contradictions and solve problems by doing things.

According to historical records, the leader of a mountain forest team was called Zhu Haile. He was originally a poor peasant. He was forced by his life to pull up a”knob” composed of 150 people, looting and killing Rich and poor. This mountain forest team had fought several battles with the Japanese puppet army, but lost all due to the situation. Zhu Haile learned that the First Division of the Anti-Union League often won battles and admired Yang Jingyu in his heart. In order to unite more volunteers and mountain forest teams in the resistance against Japan, Yang Jingyu took the initiative to meet with Zhu Haile and promoted to him the truth of”Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the country” and”Unite as one against the enemy.”

He once said:”The Northeast is occupied by Japan, we have to get up to save the country. Regardless of the fact that our current team is small, it will gradually expand. Although the matches are small, they cannot be put out after a fire is lit. The anti-Japanese team also grew from small to large. We are the Red Army and the people’s army. We have iron discipline. We are not allowed to beat or scold the people, and we are not allowed to move the people one by one. Even if the people give us stewed pork, we cannot eat. Ours The purpose is to fight against Japan, and all the people in Northeast China should rise up to fight against Japan and fight the Japanese invaders out of China.”

getUrls?link=8aa55cc70b5e24c10f87e593e3ce6720 - Yang Jingyu, a hero of the Northeast Anti-Union League, died heroically at the age of 35, and the brutal Japanese army held a"consolation sacrifice"

Yang Jingyu has flexible tactics and appropriate command, and has won many battles. According to the records of”Benxi Manchu Autonomous County”, in 1936, Yang Jingyu led the First Anti-Union Army and other troops from Liuhe and Tonghua to the Benxi area. At this time, the Japanese traitor Shao Benyi led a heavy army to chase after him. Shao Benliang was originally a leader of the Hu bandit. He was the commander of the Northeast Army. After the September 18th Incident, he surrendered to Japan and became the commander of the Japanese Puppet Army. The people of Benxi hated him.

In late April, Yang Jingyu led the Army Headquarters of the First Anti-Union Army and the main force of the First Division to rendezvous at Siping Street in Kuandian County, and then marched along the border of Huanren and Kuandian and the border of Benxi and Fengcheng respectively. On April 30th, they came to the horse racing set in the eastern part of Benxi County, and set up an ambush in Dadonggou, Lishudianzi, in conjunction with the local armed forces and the”mountain forest team” of the First Division.

At ten o’clock in the morning, three enemy planes flew over Dadonggou for reconnaissance, and flew away without any abnormalities. About half an hour later, Shao Benliang led all the troops, a headquarters, a reinforced battalion, and an artillery squadron, with a total of more than 800 people, and entered Dadonggou in Lishudianzi from the watershed. At that time, Yang Jingyu was at a high place and saw the enemy entering the Anti-Union Ambush Circle. He gave an order and an army commander and fighter violently opened fire on the enemy.

Dadonggou is a dangerous mountain, easy to defend and difficult to attack. Although the enemy has a small artillery, it cannot be used. The captain of the artillery squadron, the Japanese Kikui Sosa, was shot dead on the spot, and the Japanese instructor Yingshio Osa hid in the pile of dead bodies, smeared with blood and escaped by pretending to be dead. Shao Benliang was injured in his foot and took more than 20 people to escape. The campaign shook the northeast and made the Japanese and puppet authorities panic.

Generals died in battle

In November 1932, the Manchurian Provincial Committee of the CCP sent Yang Jingyu to Panshi County, Jilin Province to find the Panshi guerrillas led by the CCP underground organization. When Yang Jingyu came to Panshi as a special commissioner of the Manchuria Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Panshi guerrillas had just suffered a serious injury. In order to regain the confidence of the guerrillas, they needed to fight a good battle. Therefore, Yang Jingyu targeted the landlord armed forces of Guojiadian who first attacked the Panshi guerrillas.

But for the Japanese and puppet authorities, Yang Jingyu became their confidant. They successively launched large-scale encirclement and suppression. Yang Jingyu led the Nanman guerrillas with mobile and flexible tactics. They led a 1,000-man troop to fought for 2,000 li in four months. They fought more than 60 times with the Japanese and puppet forces, and repeatedly caused more fights in the enemy’s empty rear. Less situation. During the battle, the Japanese lieutenant’s garrison captain was shot dead, the armored train was destroyed, and all four Japanese and puppet attacks were defeated.

In order to completely wipe out the Northeast Anti-Resistance League, the Japanese Kwantung Army formulated a three-year security plan for the puppet”Manchukuo”. The force in the Northeast reached 700,000, in an attempt to bring Yang Jingyu and the entire Northeast Anti-Resistance League Trapped to death between the white mountains and black water in the northeast. In order to change the situation of the Northeast Anti-Union Army fighting alone, in June and November 1936, Yang Jingyu led the Anti-Union Army twice to hold a Western Expedition, trying to get through with the Eastern Expedition Red Army.

The Western Expeditionary Force once advanced to the front lines of Shenyang and Fushun, and annihilated the Japanese army in Motianling on July 15 and seized weapons. This is the”Motianling Great Victory”. To celebrate the victory of this battle, Yang Jingyu composed the”Song of Victory of the West Expedition” to praise:”A great battle in the skyscrapers smashed the enemy’s guts, armor and bullets were successfully captured, and the singing of triumphs…” However, Liaohe still Without freezing, a large number of Japanese and puppet troops swarmed, Yang Jingyu had to take his team into the deep mountains and old forests.

Among the more than 900 troops used in the two western expeditions, about two-thirds were sacrificed, injured, captured, and missing from the Northeast Anti-Japanese Army. But for the national anti-Japanese struggle, the Western Expedition”is the first trial of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces to respond to the anti-Japanese Red Army moving from northern Shaanxi to the Great Wall,” and played an important strategic role in coordination. For the Northeast region, the advance of the Western Expedition forces restrained the actions of the Japanese and puppet forces, and to a certain extent eased the pressure on the old guerrilla area, so that the main forces of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces in the North Manchuria area were preserved.

Seeing the several large-scale crusades launched, they failed to eliminate Yang Jingyu and the Northeast Anti-Resistance Alliance. The Japanese and puppet authorities, who became angry and furious, implemented a more vicious plan. In the winter of 1938, the Japanese and puppet authorities gathered the people scattered in the countryside to live in Datun District. Strictly control the daily production and life of the people, strictly check the entry and exit, and strictly implement the Baojia continuous seat system. In addition, in order to prevent the common people from sending food to the Anti-Union troops, they are not allowed to bring food when they go out. This will completely cut off the connection between the Northeast Anti-United Nations and the common people. Since then, the struggle of the Anti-Union League has entered an extremely difficult stage.

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More than 1,400 people in the First Army led by Yang Jingyu entered the dense forest of Changbai Mountain to establish a secret camp Secret camps are generally built in a semi-underground, similar to a cellar, covered with tree bark on the top, which is very concealed. Yang Jingyu led the troops to establish more than 70 secret camps in the dense forest. In addition to camping for the troops, they also stored food, cloth, firearms, medicine and other materials.

In the summer of 1939, after the arrival of the commander-in-chief of the Japanese Kwantung Army, Umezu Mijiro, he listed Yang Jingyu as the top confidant of the Puppet Manchukuo and offered a reward of 20,000 yuan to buy his head. At that time, the Japanese and puppet troops deployed more than 25,000 troops in the Mengjiang River and its borders, and Yang Jingyu’s total strength in the Mengjiang River was less than 1,000. Due to the disparity in military strength and insufficient supplies, this time, the Anti-Union forces led by Yang Jingyu were fighting the enemy in the Mengjiang County Suffering heavy losses, the team was reduced to more than 400 people.

At the critical moment when Yang Jingyu and the Anti-Union League are at stake, I followed Yang Jingyu’s first division commander for many years.Cheng Bin Betray the revolution. Cheng Bin’s outstanding military exploits were Yang Jingyu’s right-hand man. Under the intimidation and lure of the Kwantung Army, he turned to the enemy. Cheng Bin’s rebellion made the Anti-Union First Route Army almost no secrets in front of the enemy. The battalion was captured by the Japanese Kwantung Army, and all supplies were wiped out. Yang Jingyu and his troops were in a situation where they were exhausted.

Due to the strict sealing of the Japanese invaders, Yang Jingyu and the soldiers have been out of food for many days. Ice, snow, bark and cotton wool have become food. He persisted in a tenacious struggle with the enemy with unimaginable perseverance.

On February 18th, Yang Jingyu, who had broken up with the army, asked two guards to go down the mountain to find something to eat. After going down the mountain, two guards encountered the”special search team” of the Japanese and puppet troops and died heroically in the battle. The”special search team” found Yang Jingyu’s seal from the guards and determined that Yang Jingyu was nearby, so it mobilized heavy troops to blockade all traffic arteries in Mengjiang County.

At this time, Yang Jingyu was left alone, dealing with the enemy in the snowy forest. On February 23, 1940, Yang Jingyu had not eaten for six days at this time. He faintly heard the voices of several villagers in Dachai on the mountain. Yang Jingyu stopped them, took out some money, and asked them to help buy some food. And cotton shoes. Unexpectedly, one of the villagers would persuade Yang Jingyu to surrender. Unexpectedly, the villagers collecting firewood encountered Japanese spies on the way back to the village and told them about the situation they encountered Yang Jingyu. After receiving the report, the Japanese and puppet army’s crusade headquarters determined that this person was Yang Jingyu. They immediately sent people in five batches to rush towards Yang Jingyu’s hiding place to search and outflank.

With an order, all of the light and heavy weapons shot at Yang Jingyu’s invisibility. Yang Jingyu’s two pistols kept firing at the enemy group. In the end, the ammunition was exhausted. The tall, burly body fell on the icy land of the Mengjiang River, only 35 years old.

getUrls?link=c0911ce8dd4582767c68361833a3321c - Yang Jingyu, a hero of the Northeast Anti-Union League, died heroically at the age of 35, and the brutal Japanese army held a"consolation sacrifice"

Image of Yang Jingyu’s Relics

The Japanese army dissected Yang Jingyu’s body. They were surprised to find that Yang Jingyu did not have a grain of food in his stomach, only the grass roots that had not yet been digested. , Bark and cotton wool. The strong men bloodied and moved the world, and the brutal invaders were also impressed. Kishiya Ryuichiro held a”consolation sacrifice” for Yang Jingyu. After Yang Jingyu’s sacrifice, to commemorate the brave commander-in-chief of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces, Mengjiang County was officially renamed Jingyu County on February 14, 1946.

General Yang Jingyu was an excellent military commander and a hero of the Anti-Japanese War. He had the ambition to serve the country at a young age, and he persisted in his beliefs. He shed his last drop of blood for the happiness of the people and the health of the country. The first group of Japanese military members enshrined in the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan, the so-called”ten warriors of meat bombs”, were eliminated by Yang Jingyu.

getUrls?link=70de32174acd13ca8c43d5fbbfe5344f - Yang Jingyu, a hero of the Northeast Anti-Union League, died heroically at the age of 35, and the brutal Japanese army held a"consolation sacrifice"

A report in the”Asahi Shimbun””Manchurian Edition””Blood-stained Snowfield, Containment Notes on the Remains of the Ten Bomb Warriors”

Yang Jingyu interprets the heroic indomitable spirit with his life He has laws in governing the army, strict military discipline, and insists on putting the interests of the masses first. He has won the trust and support of the people with practical actions. The heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs are precious spiritual wealth and inspire the spirit of the Chinese people. The heroic spirit will endure in the world, and our generation should be committed to moving forward. (Wang Dan)


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