In the current domestic automotive market, cross-border car manufacturing is nothing new. Wei Lai, Roewe, Xiaopeng, etc., as we are all familiar with, are cross-border products of Internet industry leaders. In fact, Not only the Internet industry, but also the traditional manufacturing industry ca n’t help but share a lot. For example, Dong Mingzhu ’s Zhuhai Yinlong and Xu Jiayin ’s Guoneng New Energy are both members of the “trend” of cross-border automobile manufacturing. There is also Wuliangye to be said today.

Wuliangye successfully built 2.4 billion cars, sold 58,900 units. At a glance at the logo, netizens laughed:it will save effort

Wuliangye is a well-known domestic wine company Compared with the Internet industry and the traditional manufacturing industry, cross-border automobile manufacturing in the beverage industry will undoubtedly have greater difficulties. Therefore, if Wuliangye wants to quickly get on track and get the affirmation of consumers, it must choose a powerful The car brand came as a partner, so Wuliangye chose Chery Automobile and invested 2.494 billion to become Chery ’s Kay Wing Automobile. The largest shareholder.

Kaiyi ’s positioning is mainly aimed at the domestic low-end car market. For example, the Kay X3, the starting price of 58,900 can be said to be within the consumption range of our people, and it is still It is built on the same platform as Tiggo 3, and the basic configuration is much higher than Tiggo 3. The performance in all aspects is very good, the cost performance is very high, coupled with the reputation of”Wuliangye”, it should deserve a good response. But when they saw the car logo, netizens laughed and said that Wuliangye would really save trouble. Why do you say that?

Wuliangye successfully built 2.4 billion cars, sold 58,900 units. At the sight of the car logo, netizens laughed:it will save effort

Let ’s take a look at the appearance first, whether it is the detail processing of the front face or the outline modeling of the side, The Kay Wing X3 shows a certain design aesthetic and looks very delicate. However, after seeing the car logo, netizens couldn’t help but want to spit it out, because it is too much like Wuliangye’s wine label, it is just inverted, and then canceled some line structure and changed it to a half-fold shape. I will think of Wuliangye. Maybe this is why Wuliangye chose Kaiyi because it is so superb that it can be used after being used, and it is extremely consistent with the brand of Wuliangye, but it does not seem to meet the standards in terms of aesthetics and sense of grade. .

Wuliangye successfully built 2.4 billion cars, sold 58,900 units. At a glance at the logo, netizens laughed:it will save effort

Of course, let ’s leave the issue of car bidding, The Kaywing X3’s performance in interior decoration, configuration, space and power is commendable. In particular, the interior uses a design language similar to the Mercedes-Benz family. Three circular air-conditioning outlets are located in the center of the center console. A 10.1-inch display is inlaid at the same time, and a series of metal buttons are also discharged at the bottom. See It looks good. In addition, the configuration is also very rich, such as reversing image, front and rear radar, electric sunroof, one-button activation, intelligent voice and other functions are equipped, very intimate and convenient.

Kay-Kai X3

 Wuliangye successfully built 2.4 billion cars, selling 58,900 units. At first glance, the netizens laughed:it ’s really easy to save things

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In terms of size, it has a length, width, and height of 4335X1796X1665mm and a wheelbase of 2530mm. It is a standard small SUV size. The three adults sitting were not crowded. In terms of power, the old models provide 1.5L and 1.6L engine options, but the new models only provide 1.5L engines and meet the national six emission standards. The maximum power is 85kw, the maximum horsepower is 116 horsepower, and the peak torque is 143 cows. Meters, the comprehensive fuel consumption is about 7 liters. In general, the Kay X3 is completely sufficient for home use, and the price is very suitable, but the car logo is difficult to accept, after all, this shape is a bit out of modern aesthetics.