Recently, Guangxi Power Grid’s first”dual loop + backbone distribution” grid structure of the distribution automation system was successfully put into operation in Nanning. After the project is completed and put into operation, the reliability of the power supply in this area is expected to reach 99.999%, reaching a world-class level. Kelin Electric provided an overall system solution for the project, and the products involved a damp and heat resistant environment type ring network cabinet and intelligent distributed power distribution automation terminal. This type of primary and secondary fusion equipment is completely self-developed, with advanced technology, flexible configuration, and reliable action.

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The grid structure of the integrated demonstration project of the intelligent distribution network It adopts the wiring method of”dual ring network + backbone configuration”, and is designed according to the three layers of backbone layer, secondary trunk layer and user layer.

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Intelligent distributed distribution automation terminal realizes equipment room based on GOOSE Information exchange and interlocking; primary and secondary fusion equipment can quickly isolate the backbone layer and secondary layer faults within 80 milliseconds without relying on the master station, and quickly isolate user layer faults within 60 milliseconds; the terminal independently identifies the line contact point and calculates each line in real time Transfer capability, independent decision-making transfer plan, does not rely on the master station to realize intelligent transfer; before the last failure recovery, the terminal can independently identify the line flow and grid topology changes, and then perform multiple fault isolation and multiple load transfers Supply; terminal adopts graphical topology configuration software to realize rapid construction and operation and maintenance; operation and maintenance tools can realize visual analysis of data messages of process-level communication network; ring network cabinet high-voltage live body sealed air box protection grade IP67, transmission mechanism sealed Protection grade IP65; voltage sensor and power supply PT are sealed in an IP54 box, which can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, salt spray, dust, etc. Reliable operation under long-term.

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This project is important for Guangxi Power Grid The development of smart power is of great significance. The leaders of Guangxi Power Grid and cadres at all levels have visited the site many times to learn more about the project progress, functional characteristics, etc., and fully affirm the advanced and intelligent nature of the project plan and equipment, and hope Able to fully promote the application.