Everyone is no stranger to social security. Now almost everyone has social security, but many people don’t know that social security can also take a loan. Of course, certain conditions must be met. So, how about social security loans? Let’s take a look.

Now that many loan apps appear on the Internet, most people apply for all kinds of small loans online. I want to tell you that if there is no special reason, it is best not to apply for small loans. Although convenient, it is easy to ruin our credit report. If you really need money in a hurry, you can also apply for loans from the bank for practical social insurance.

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Social security loans are credit-type personal loan products issued by banks to borrowers who meet the requirements for social security deposits for their personal consumption. Not only the process is simple, but the loan is also fast. The borrower does not need to provide collateral and other guarantees to obtain a certain line of credit.

Conditions for handling social security loans:

1. Age:a natural person over 25 years old with full civil capacity.

2. Credit:Have a good credit record, and there is no overdue record on the personal credit report.

3. Work:The borrower must have a stable job, a fixed source of income, and the ability to repay the loan.

4. Social security:it meets the relevant requirements of the lending institution for social security payment, generally the requirements of the payment base and payment time.

5. Other requirements:meet other conditions required by the lending institution. How much can a social security loan be loaned?

Generally speaking, the maximum credit line is 500,000 yuan.

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Social security loan application process:

1. Select the loan bank

2. Prepare the social security loan application according to the bank’s requirements The materials are usually identity certificate, residence certificate, work certificate, income certificate and social security certificate.

3. Fill out the loan application form, submit the application materials, and submit a written application for social security loans.

4. The bank conducts review and approval in accordance with relevant regulations.

5. The bank signs a loan contract with the borrower.

6. Banks issue loans.

Okay, the above is the relevant knowledge about how to borrow from social security, I hope it can help everyone. If you have any doubts, please comment below~