Abandoned vigilance against market uncertainty

The market is a book that can never be read; trading is a long marathon of a lifetime. We can never beat the market, and we can never fully interpret the market. The success of a transaction does not mean anything. We have no reason to be self-righteous and arrogant; on the contrary, the failure of a transaction really cannot crush us. We do not need to be arrogant. However, in order to live in the market for a long time and go longer, we need to be on guard for our own demons all the time. Only in this way, we may hope to squeeze ourselves into the ranks of real winners.

I would rather trust the main force and refuse to believe in myself

Due to a long period of failure, I have no confidence in myself. I want to ask every day who thinks I’m sitting in the bank. Yes, buy some news for nothing. In fact, it’s a bit too much to say nothing. Retail investors can be said to be the group that cares most about national affairs in China. Look at this and that every day, the stock commentary sees midnight from the morning. I always want to hear some words from others that can open the lock in my heart. In fact, I have been successful in this way. But why can’t we get something? In other words, there is too much time to read stock reviews and less time to calm down and study.

To establish a stable and flexible investment style.

For medium and long-term investment, stock selection often focuses on high-quality blue chip stocks or stocks with good performance. When faced with changes in stock prices, it is often not easy to fear. And those investors who are committed to short-term speculation for investors tend to fluctuate with price fluctuations, especially when heavy positions and short-term operations, they obtain profits very quickly, but they also cause huge losses when they make mistakes. Therefore, investors should properly control the ratio of investment to speculation and maintain a stable and flexible investment style, which will greatly help overcome fears

Investors can best avoid risks and ensure your profit You can enter the Chinese stock market

to do something in order to do something. More actions do not necessarily mean good results. Sometimes doing nothing is the best choice. Don’t worry about missing opportunities, good hunters must wait well. When there is no big chance, be quiet like a stone. The way of trading is to wait patiently for opportunities, patiently wait for the most favorable risk/reward ratio, and patiently grasp opportunities. In a bear market, there are always some institutions that take other people’s money, even if we only have a few percent of hope, we are desperately looking for opportunities to struggle in order to achieve a breakthrough and relief.

The current transaction must be successful:

When traders determine a certain transaction, they often spend a lot of work in advance, technical and basic There is no shortage of information. This can easily lead to a psychological bias that should not be wrong and cannot be easily admitted. In fact, trading is a probabilistic psychological game, and trading security issues should be dealt with in a probabilistic perspective instead of focusing on a specific right or wrong. Every time an order is placed, the assumption is wrong, the loss is normal, and the profit is a pleasant surprise. This is the correct mental state. Only in this way can we effectively avoid the tragedy of not admitting one’s mistakes and making small mistakes.

Find the main method

First, the price trend is not normal

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Actually, for an old stockist who has gone through the stock market without an array of candlesticks, it is easy to recognize the abnormal candlesticks, such as:continuous long shadow candles, most of which are self-help by the main force, which is significantly lower The K-line driving high is also the main suspicious industry. The most obvious abnormal trend is the K line where the price does not fall when the market falls. A typical violation of market laws. There are two ways to make money in such stocks:

1. The price fell below the main guard price.

2. Intervene when the market goes well and wait for it to rise.

Two. Abnormal trading volume

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The first article of basic knowledge of securities is that trading volume is the life of price, and the price cannot go far without the support of trading volume. However, some stocks do not believe in evil, not only the price shrinks and increases, but also continues to shrink and increase. Such cases were everywhere in the Zhuanggu era in 2000. According to current people’s summary, this is a typical performance of high-control stocks. For such stocks, as long as the trading volume does not increase abnormally in the later stage, the main force will not be able to run out and basically become a silly banker. There are two points to pay attention to when making money in these stocks. The first is that the price should not exceed 50%from the high-volume area. Just follow the trend, set a 20 antenna and play with it.

3. Public but slightly lagging data

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Now the quarterly report data has announced the number of shareholders, fund holdings, these are naked main force, retail data. So if you see the regular decrease in the number of retail investors and the increase in fund holdings, you have already discovered the main force.

Next, you only need to understand the trend of the market and follow the trend of individual stocks. Of course, everyone’s first reaction was that the main position building has been lagging after the data was released. First, according to the requirements, the current quarterly report and the third quarterly report generally lag by at most one month, and there are really few stocks that are shipped in one month.

If there are, look at the trading volume again. First, you make money just by thinking about the main force opening positions. In fact, many stocks are trapped when the main positions are being opened. We call them the injured main force. The main force also cannot carry the market. So the important thing is whether you have learned to find different types of workhorses and find the corresponding money-making model. For example, there are two modes of this kind of main force data:

1. The main force data of the first and third quarters. If the main force cannot escape, we will follow the trend.

2. When the market is falling, the main force is quilted. Don’t be superstitious that the main force will get rid of the set. Maybe he has no money, especially the stocks that the fund increases. At this time, you must know how to intervene when the market stabilizes. It is preferable to dare to advance the daily limit in a hurry.

The three major technical patterns commonly used by market makers:

1. Swallowing line:It’s the long-term high-volume and long-opening line, which is The swallowing formed by the full coverage of the Yangxian or the medium and small Yinxian is called the final devouring line. Xiaoyin formed a pregnancy line and fell.

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2. Pregnancy line:also called pregnant line, mother-child line , Because the latter K-line is completely contained within the previous long K-line, just like a pregnant woman, so it is called pregnancy line. The front is big and the back is small, just like mother and child, also called mother-child line. It is the opposite of the embrace line pattern. The high-level pregnancy line is one of the characteristic combinations of the price peaking or about to peak. The stronger the comparison between before and after, the stronger the meaning of price reversal. The ectopic pregnancy doji is basically characterized by the peaking of the price band.

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3. Covering line:refers to the price after a continuous wave Rising for many days, the last day was opened with the middle big Yangxian and opened higher the next day. I didn’t want to chase after the trend and turned the upward trend into Downtrend, the closing price fell to within the Yang line of the previous day, there is a tendency to be covered, so it is called the covered line. The coverage line and the dark cloud cover are one of the characteristic K-lines of the combination of the price band peaking or about to peak.

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In actual operation, there are mainly two types of limit-down shipments Circumstances.

1. Suddenly significant bad news

In theory, dealers belong to a strong group in the stock market, whether it is the timeliness of obtaining news or the Compared with retail investors, the analysis occupies a great advantage, but there will be some unexpected situations in actual operation that can only limit down the shipment.

For example

On February 26, 2018, the China Aluminum Corporation

was suspended for more than half a year. span> finally resumed trading, but because the stock issue price involved in the issue of shares to purchase assets was much lower than the current price, it meant that the company was issued at a discount, and major asset restructuring matters were much lower than market expectations, which led to the direct opening on the 26th The lower limit, whether it is a retail investor or a bookmaker, is covered. At this time, the bookmaker can only choose to passively lower the limit for shipment, and there is no other way.

There are also the same situation.

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2, the banker’s inducing behavior


This situation generally occurs when the price is relatively low, or more accurately, when it is relatively cheap. The time-sharing chart often shows the trend of closing the limit and then opening after the limit is opened.

Take the same stock as an example.

After trading resumed on the 26th, the price fell directly to 5.9 yuan after 3 consecutive down limit. As we all know, the stock is a large domestic aluminum manufacturer, and its capacity advantage cannot be underestimated.

At the same time, the supply-side reforms in 2017 once again drove the trend of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, and the performance of related companies has also seen substantial growth. That is to say, whether it is fundamental or technical, China Aluminum is a single stock that can be lightly held.

In this case, the dealer used the method of lowering the limit and then opening a large number of shipments on March 1. The trading volume of the day was significantly enlarged and the dealer succeeded in fleeing. After that, the price of the stock continued to fall sharply.

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