The three e-commerce giants, Tmall, JD, and Pinduoduo, are the first choice platforms for entrepreneurs. Each has its own advantages. However, Tmall, as an old nature, has attracted much attention, but there are many businesses that enter Tmall every day. At the same time, there are many merchants who have been refused entry, and there are also many merchants who come to consult Maodianxia. So today, Maodianxia will talk about the details of the operation of Tmall.

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To put it in layman’s terms, Tmall’s entry means”Qianjun”Wan horses crossing the single-plank bridge”, the successful”sweat-blooded BMW”, the unsuccessful is the”second-class horse”, Maodianxia has been in e-commerce business for several years, and is familiar with the operating rules and entry rules of major e-commerce Yes, and there is also a complete set of solutions for the entry of major platforms. Over the years, tens of thousands of merchants have been helped. Many merchants will seek help from the cat shop man in the process of seeking transformation, racing against their peers.

Tmall’s entry into Tmall is not as simple as preparing materials, or after being rejected for various reasons, enhancing the brand’s influence. Some of the details are Businesses often ignore it, and it is these that cause businesses to be pulled into the”failure” manual by the reviewer halfway through. Come and follow the cat shop man to see what those preparations are worth knowing:

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Enterprise qualifications and operating standards do not meet the requirements of the Tmall platform

If the most basic information is not prepared, not only will the category of the applied goods be restricted, but the registration of the registered company will also be checked Capital, legal representative of the company and operating status, etc. The second is that the settled company should not have any major negative information records, illegal operations, etc. The last is the same product, different category, different store, Tmall investment requirements are different, some require exclusive authorization, some require ordinary authorization, some require quality inspection reports, some require 3C certification, etc., and Details such as business scope and relevant dates can determine the success of entering Tmall.

Abnormal situation

Tmall Mall will have its own big data investigation system, which will review and investigate the merchants applying for entry. If the account number, company qualification or If there is a problem with the IP address, the application for admission will not be passed.

Problems with products

1. Product reputation:Tmall Mall is taking the high-end quality route, so the products sold have reputation problems, such as a large number of complaints. It is easy to fail the audit.

2. Product innovation:Tmall welcomes brands with innovative products to settle in, so the brand has many patented products, or always innovative products, it will be easier to pass Tmall’s admission audit. This item can also be highlighted in the Tmall’s PPT operation plan.

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In short, Tmall’s entry is also about”people and location” Yes, for example, if you settle in during the Tmall investment promotion period, then your occupancy pass rate will definitely increase by about 30%compared to other time periods. Therefore, a good time to settle in and grasp the investment dynamics is a good advantage for businesses Conditions, small partners who have problems or questions about Tmall’s entry can leave a message, and the cat shop will know everything and help the merchants settle the problem.