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Everyone has their own knowledge and understanding of history, and they have put together one kind of imagination in countless materials and information passed down through the generations.

But it is this kind of”history”, sometimes it is overturned by scientific rigorous archaeological discoveries.

For example, in the limited literature, Liu He, the deposed emperor and short-lived prince, is a”dissolute and deceived, lost emperor’s courtesy, chaotic system”. An image with a negative color.

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Haihunhou Tomb excavation site (source network)

but archaeological excavation In addition to some dazzling and beautiful jade, the”Haihunhou Tomb” that was released also includes 5,200 bamboo slips, including classics such as”The Analects”,”Book of Changes”, and”Book of Rites”. The content is extensive and beyond ordinary expectations. It has also witnessed his legendary life and the ups and downs to some extent, not all of them are the”tyranny images” portrayed in history books.

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Cultural relics unearthed from the tomb of Haihunhou

Another example, according to the records of”Shiji”,”the first emperor first ascended the throne and passed through Lishan”, It means that Qin Shihuang was 13 when he became King of Qin and began to build the tomb; the construction of the tomb did not end until two years after his death, so Qin Shihuang The length of repairing the mausoleum seemed to last for nearly 40 years.

However, through archaeological excavations and research, compared with key information such as the native place of the Xiuling people, it is found that the construction of the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang may be a short-term act.

The importance of understanding history is self-evident. History books and documents are also the main source of information. However, even if they are authoritative as historical materials, they cannot escape this drawback:

History books often Written by the winner, it is difficult to avoid the writer’s personal prejudice.

And archaeology”digging three feet” can bring us a more objective and less intrusive history.

In recent years,”archaeology” has attracted more and more attention from the public:

Many of the”national treasures” in museums that have swept the Internet are from archaeology.

Archaeological sites such as Sanxingdui, Dunhuang, and Pyramids have been listed on the recommended list of well-known tourist destinations at home and abroad;

The Tomb of Cao Cao, Emperor Suiyang, Hai A series of stunning archaeological discoveries such as the tomb of the Houhou turned out one after another, which captured the curiosity of the world.

History, because of archaeology, puts you at your fingertips.

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The popular audio class”The Great Civilization Site” for middle school reading. Once the course was launched, it has won unanimous praise from users and the industry:

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After 3 years of polishing, todayThe book of the same name”A Great Civilization Scene” finally meets everyone!

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Top ten most representative archaeological civilization sites in China

In this book, five thousand years of Chinese culture are contained Inside, the ten most representative archeological civilization sites are from Lop Nur and Dunhuang in the west, the ancient ship”Hainan No. 1″ that has sunk for nearly a thousand years in the south, and the”Liangzhu Civilization” in Zhejiang Province in the east…..getUrls?link=dbd61d5476b3dad4ea25389b31d7509a - Which archaeological discoveries overturned people’s historical cognition?

The face of gods and animals in Liangzhu, the Great Ding of Si Muwu in Yin Ruins, the bronze mask of Sanxingdui, the screen of Confucius in the tomb of Haihunhou, The mummy princess at Xiaohe Cemetery

The historical evolution and integration have become vivid and thrilling at these archaeological sites.

I will give you a list of several archeological discoveries in the book:

1 Liangzhu Site

Living about five thousand years ago The people of Liangzhu (present-day Hangzhou, Zhejiang) not only wore jade ornaments, but also used high-quality lacquerware. The cups were also painted with red lacquer or carved with patterns. The degree of exquisiteness is staggering, and it is not backward and primitive that modern people imagine.

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Chang’an City

The prestigious international university The city”Chang’an City” covers an area of ​​84 square kilometers. The imperial city and palace city plus Waiguo City are 1.4 times the size of Beijing City in the Qing Dynasty. According to physical evidence obtained from archaeology, its night market is prosperous. It also reflects the integration of Chinese and Western civilizations.

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3″South China Sea One

The ancient shipwreck”Nanhai No. 1″ in the Southern Song Dynasty with a history of more than 800 years is like a time capsule. The remains of cultural relics obtained from archaeology all tell the secrets of sea trade and the crew’s food, shelter, and transportation in that era.

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The scenes that archaeology helped us intercept, in the vast history of history, indeed bring us”unexpected” surprises and anecdotes from time to time.

The first-line archaeological team leader tells about the excavation site

Of course, apart from the splendor of civilization itself, The Great Civilization Site The birth was also based on the exploration and hard work of a group of outstanding archaeologists.

Led by Li Ling, a well-known scholar with both knowledge and ideas in China, he has worked hard for 40 years,”all to study China”, and he will use his life’s knowledge to lead Let’s interpret the word”civilization” together and open up China’s civilization map.

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Ten front-line archaeological team leaders lifted the veil of archaeology for us, explored ten civilization sites, and broke the code of civilization.

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Their meals, style, and dew are extremely harder than ordinary people, but they have made an indelible contribution to”the dug up of Chinese history.”

Fan Jinshi, an archaeologist who has guarded Dunhuang for half a century, once said:”When I first arrived in Dunhuang, I felt very lonely outside of work. In the dead of night, Wan Lai was silent and only heard the iron horse jingle on the nine-story building. Even the sound of sewing needles falling underground can be heard so real. At this time, I often miss home and children very much.”

Idilis, who is doing research at the Xiaohe Cemetery, is even more frank and hard. The preciousness of water:”Basically, after work, at most put a basin of water for public use. It is very luxurious for everyone to wash their faces. Generally, a bucket of wet paper is issued regularly and wiped every day. Later, because of the wind and sand. Big, I can only brush my teeth with a jar of water every day, and more water should be used to ensure food.”

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During the production of this book, the speaker was the”span class” of Qin Empire. =”entity-word” data-gid=”14610446″>Teacher Duan Qingbo, has been receiving treatment; received an offline lecture invitation, but he was weak but also glad to go. He did not wait for this book to come out in 2019. Passed away in Xi’an in October of 2010.

Teacher Duan Qingbo once said this before his death:”Archaeology is the light in my life“, and now we hope that The Great Civilization Site can Bring this light into the hearts of more people and become a light in our lives.

After three years, the middle school × Sanlian bookstore team meticulously polished

A new perspective on the history of archaeology, the dedication of scholars and scientific rigor, not yetAll of”A Great Civilization Scene”.

The book editor of Sanlian Bookstore strives for perfection on the basis of the class of the same name:

It lasted three years, spent a lot of time, consulted a large number of archaeological reports and the latest research, and added a lot Information on historical documents, noun explanations, etc.

This kind of professionalism has become more solid and precious in the new media era of”send first, then check” and gobble up dates.

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When the innovative features of new media are combined with the depth of traditional media, what is presented to everyone is such a”mid-level reading” between popular and professional literature, full of interest and rigor. profession.

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In addition, the layout of “A Great Civilization Site” is beautiful and professional, and many archaeological sites have discovered beautiful The image of cultural relics is worth collecting.

In the”cover page” of each lecture, a representative archaeological site page is selected as a special page, which allows everyone to intuitively feel the charm of archaeology and civilization at a macro level.

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In the intellectual part of the text content, physical pictures are perfectly combined with archaeological location maps and explanatory knowledge maps. There is no shortage of exquisite cultural relic displays and shocking historical fragments.

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On the microscopic level, only by using a”microscope” to observe the bright moments of Chinese civilization, and freeze every time we stop, can our experience of history become richer.

Special benefits for Sanlian fans

Finally, “Amazing Civilization Site” will also give you heavy benefits:now The purchase of the book will be accompanied by an audio lesson of the same name worth 99 yuan. You can listen to it while reading to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.

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Open”Amazing Civilization Site” and have a real”travel” with the archaeological team leaders.

What is the difference between documented Chinese history and”dug out” Chinese history? What other amazing discoveries at the excavation site?

Let us follow the first line of archaeologists through the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, and they will give you the truest answer.

Book catalog

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