“”Flashing Moment” theme essay Phase II

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getUrls?link=6dabbd97bfe2a889b32c228b4cb6944e - What Zhang Lumei wants to say about poor traveler Li Yingwen (CIMC)

Pretend to be crazy and sell stupid? In real life, you might think that this person has something wrong, is it abnormal brains, but in the age of self-media, this is a major characteristic of people, make good use of this point and carry forward, it can make money, we all There is sympathy, especially for the elderly fans. They were born when they were hungry and cold, so they can pity the situation of the big coffee. As everyone knows, all these are pretends by the big coffee to attract fans.

By the way, even Zhang Lumei herself did not expect that the big coffee is such a dedicated actor. We may all innocently think that the big coffee has worked so hard and should pay more attention to him. Click the click rate to make his life better.

Why does a person travel poorly in China without revealing their income? Because you can’t think of it, the sympathy and fan base of many elderly fans have already made big coffees, and it’s not a normal post. He doesn’t reveal that he has his own choice and we have no right to interfere, but whether you should give away your money. People, such as Aihua to change their homes, because you don’t need this little money at all, and how the big coffee do it, I have After donating it, are you careful about borrowing flowers to offer Buddha?

Let’s talk about extravagance and waste. We won’t discuss countless things like changing mobile phones and computers. After all, diehard fans will say that they are all for work and they will use these in work. Small drinks, don’t like meat, miss a meal, and don’t care if you have a big meal with your girlfriend. Is this what a poor tourist should do?

High-speed trains, airplanes, what are you comfortable and expensive? What we need is not your process-oriented expression. In our age, people are impetuous. What we need more is in-depth analysis and a taste of one. The cultural connotation of the city, instead of eating meat, plaques, reading menus.