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With the rise of the Internet in China, various e-commerce platforms have sprung up, online shopping has begun to enter thousands of households, and the online shopping community has become more and more extensive, from young people who have just started to Now many seniors have also begun to learn online shopping, adapting to the convenient life experience of shopping online. Every time I go to pick up the express after online shopping, it feels like a natural flesh reunion that has been lost for many years, but after unpacking, I often find that the child looks like the next-door Pharaoh. It is not an ordinary upset. How about buying online?

What is better not to buy online?


Beauty is human nature. Whether it is male or female, the people who buy cosmetics are no longer limited to women. Although the sales of cosmetics and the people who buy them are very large, few people can tell whether they are genuine or not if they do not use the same cosmetics often. Different purchases in physical stores can distinguish between true and false, not to mention online purchases. At least physical stores will give a trial package to test the effect. Although there are many trial stores in the store that are different from the actual purchased products, but After all, it is a minority. What are most of the trials, the results will not be much different, so online cosmetics may be cheaper than in reality, but many people regret it.

What is better not to buy online?

Large furniture

There are two main disadvantages of buying large furniture online. The first is that when this large furniture express is sorting, It is difficult to handle lightly, so there will be a little bit of flaws after the purchase. The second is the trouble of returning goods, not that it can not be returned, but the shipping and handling are very troublesome. I bought a few beds on the Internet cheaply when I was renovating before, but I found that the color difference was serious after I arrived. The price of this bed is almost the same, and in the end, I can only choose to accept it silently. The bed may be the color difference that you do n’t like, and the comfort can be adjusted by purchasing a mattress, but the sofa is not the same. The comfort of the sofa is not experienced by yourself. There are not a few people who regret the purchase. The only benefit of buying furniture online It is much cheaper than a physical store.

What is best not to buy online?

Infant milk powder

In reality, you can always see that somewhere, because of the purchase of infant milk powder barrels, canned milk powder is used as brand milk powder Sales news, such unscrupulous businessmen are not without reality in reality. Of course, if you buy it at some official flagship stores of infant and toddler brands, this situation will not happen, but the online brand flagship stores sell different prices than offline physical stores. Previously, a local mother and baby Specialty stores have seen the same kind of infant milk powder sold for one to twenty yuan cheaper than the official flagship store, so if you buy infant milk powder or complementary food, it is best to buy it at the flagship store or offline physical stores.

Decoration products

There are many materials for decoration, we take ceramic tiles as an example. The biggest disadvantage of buying ceramic tiles from the Internet is that the actual product and the introduction on the Internet are very different. We should not only look at the color and texture of the tile, but also its touch, flatness, etc., and the tile is fragile. If there is a problem, it is very troublesome to return and exchange, and it will delay the construction period. These losses are very large.

To sum up, what you are most afraid of when buying something online is that the thing you buy is completely different from what you think. For example, you obviously bought the seeds of the rose flower, but you will find it when you grow up. , The store sent you the seeds of the peach tree, how to protect rights in this case. Although online shopping is becoming more and more convenient and cheaper than reality, not everything is suitable for online purchase. What do you think is not suitable for online purchase?