In other words, since yesterday, what new business is Ali going to launch? This is simply enough to satisfy the appetite of the entire Internet circle. Some friends said, well, you can start a bet.

Eight sister also received Ali’s invitation letter, which looks like this, with only one sentence,”9.16, Alibaba Zoo, there are new animals appearing”.

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Well, there are few words, and things are usually quite big. Anyone who knows a little about Ali knows that the business of being a member of Ali Zoo is basically quite heavy, such as Big Brother Taobao, Tmall, Ant, etc.

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Also, Ali also has his own tradition of secretly engaging in big projects. At the beginning of 2003, Alibaba, which was founded less than 4 years ago, decided to launch a secret project. Some programmers were dragged into a small black room to sign a bunch of unintelligible English agreements and were required to keep them strictly confidential. In May of the same year, SARS was raging. At that time, Ali, which had less than 800 employees, most of whom were working at home, launched Taobao, a secret project affecting China’s e-commerce. So is the level of confidentiality high this time? Is this business also important?

Ba Jie contacted Ali’s internal P11-level executives. Of course, they played Tai Chi for a long time. They still didn’t say anything positive about the”new animals”, but they also revealed the new business. , Is one of the early layouts of Ma Yun, Xiaoyaozi pays attention to the whole process, the highest internal level, top secret level, except for related staff, senior management Limited to M5 and above.

Good cut, this seems to be very important internally. Moreover, according to a small partner who understands public relations marketing in the Internet circle, Internet companies have a tradition of making suspense posters, from Apple to major domestic companies. Mobile phone manufacturers, but most of the so-called suspense posters have basic directions. The wave of media invitations like Ali, which is little known to the outside world, is somewhat abnormal, because Ali has never sent similar invitations to the media. At the same time, in the face of media inquiries, Ali’s public relations only said,”This new business is absolutely heavy.” Well, if something goes wrong, there must be a demon, so what is Ali going to do this time?

So, just because the level of confidentiality is too high and Ali is a bit abnormal, starting yesterday, the children’s shoes around the Eight Sisters, the friends in the Internet circle, and the enthusiastic netizens of various friends and merchants have all started their efforts. Kind of guessing. These guesses are roughly divided into three categories.

One kind thinks, huh, why did your Ali’s release time collide with Apple? Say, is this related to making mobile phones?

After all, September 16th is a coincidence. Wednesday is not the most commonly chosen time for the press conference, but on the 16th, on the other side of the ocean, Apple will hold a new product launch conference, which will inevitably be a big show for the people.

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Before getUrls?link=0dc117d0865102cfeae1a351f5161bc5 - What exactly is Ali's new business? I secretly asked a P11 executive, there was a dual dilemma between Huawei and SMIC. In 916, whether it was announcing a mobile phone or developing a mobile phone system, Ali was quite expected.

There is still a wave of people who feel that China is short of lithography machines, so they wishfully speculated that Ali might enter the lithography machine this time. Some people think that Ali’s sword refers to the lithography machine, and the idea of ​​solving the problem from the root is interesting. During the epidemic, Wuling, which called”whatever the people need, we will produce what” became a model in a special period. Looking around the country, companies that are qualified, capable, competent, and likely to enter the lithography machine, except Ali, may be difficult. Found the second one.

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Another type of pot friend guessed that Ali always likes to buy, buy, buy, maybe which business will be acquired this time.

For example, some people guessed that the stock price of the Tuniu, which was on the verge of delisting, was to reinforce the moat of the flying pig. But Bajie feels that the credibility is not high, not to mention that due to the epidemic, the travel business has shrunk significantly. From the perspective of suspense creation, if the imprint on the invitation letter is Tuniu’s hoof print, then there is no need to spend this thought. , It is unnecessary.

There are also speculations that it is the acquisition of BMW Brilliance, which is heavily indebted. Ali is using this to build a new car force. Eight sisters also feel that it is not reliable. Brilliance’s decline is irreversible. The acquisition of 100 billion in debt is a bit of news from the outside world. It’s not unreasonable. Even if Jack Ma said before, if you start a business again, you will definitely choose Industrial, but it will definitely not be Brilliance’s move.

Speaking of acquisitions, there are three points of higher credibility. One is the acquisition of Shentong or which express company. After increasing its holdings in YTO last month, Cainiao’s layout in the logistics industry has become more and more obvious. It is an indisputable fact that Tongyida is closely affiliated with Ali, so it is not surprising which one will acquire.

Next is the acquisition involving sports. As the only permanent partner of Alibaba, Cai Chongxin is keen on sports. Everyone knows that after the acquisition of the Nets, there will be another Buck. may.

But the thing that impresses Bajie most is the acquisition of NetEase Cloud Music. From the perspective of Bajie personally and the industry, the acquisition of NetEase Cloud is the biggest blow to TME. Although with Xiami, the copyrights of the two companies may be less than half of Tencent’s, but they can’t stand it.

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Furthermore, the sale of NetEase Cloud has long become a”menstrual post” in the industry. It was also searched last month. After all, the news industry has never been groundless. Those who did not comment eventually became Really slap your face, plus Alibaba’s $700 million blessing of Netease Cloud Music last year. Isn’t it a good idea to add some money this year? Netease Cloud Music employees come to Ali and continue to be colleagues with Koala. Isn’t it fragrant? Therefore, it seems that NetEase Cloud Music is likely to be acquired.

There is also a type of friends who know Ali well, huh, maybe, it’s”new wine in old bottles”. The business that is already being done internally, this time it has matured and we need to focus on it. An animal’s brand image, let it join the zoo.

Of course, this kind of conjecture is the most boring, but it may be closer to the truth.

For example, some friends think that Ali has officially announced the opening of a real estate company this time. Eight sisters are not surprised. Some people guess that Ali is going to provide travel services this time, or that Aliyun will enter the network disk storage benchmarking Baidu network disk, and the flow of Kuaishou Douyin will also enter the short video track, unwilling to become an island. If this is the case, Bajie thinks that this may be Ali’s least creative track business, none of them.

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There is also a guess that Ali is entering agriculture this time, huh, should he also learn from Ding Lei to raise pigs? After all, the imprint on the invitation letter looks a bit like the subject. This is also in line with Jack Ma’s”chivalrous” spirit. After all, Ali developed the virgin land of digital agriculture in the early years and launched technical cooperation with multiple departments. Last year, he and Academician Yuan Longping created the”Yuan Meng Project” on the saline-alkali land in Inner Mongolia. Plant rice to increase grain income. So Ali wants to do something in the agricultural field with confidence.

Some friends have found out that Ali has recently applied for trademarks such as Liexiaoli, Koala Broadcasting, and Xixi.

Some netizens even studied the footprints of animals in depth and came to the following conclusions. Okay, I’m really a capital suit.

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Of course, everyone has talked so much, and I feel that they are actually quite reasonable. Netizens are all P11 and P12 talents. I have to say that Ali is really a big factory that attracts people’s attention. Any action is enough to make people in the circle guess for a long time. As for whether everyone is right or not, Ali’s new business is worth a lot of pounds. We will wait for the official announcement tomorrow.

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