Qilu.com·Lightning News, September 11 The reporter learned from the Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce that in the first eight months of this year, the total value of Weihai’s foreign trade imports and exports was 96.08 billion yuan, an increase of 1.2%over the same period last year. The increase realized from negative to positive. Among them, in August, the total import and export value of Weihai reached 16.68 billion yuan, and both exports and imports achieved positive growth.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Weihai Customs Office in the Seaport, exports are the “locomotive” that drives Weihai’s foreign trade import and export from negative to positive. In the first 8 months, Weihai used general trade and processing trade. Exports were 66.63 billion yuan, an increase of 9%over the same period last year.”Xin Jin Qiao Ⅶ” and”Xin Zhongda Yongan” are two long-term fixed shipping container passenger and cargo liners between China and South Korea at Weihai Port. In recent months, the export cargo volume of the two liners has always maintained a high level. Almost every voyage export is fully loaded.

getUrls?link=834fd2d207ab6aec1e28c6a1454f080d - Weihai's foreign trade"transcripts" released in the first 8 months,"double positive" growth in imports and exports

In the first 8 months, the emerging trade formats of Weihai’s cross-border e-commerce have increased significantly. Weihai’s enterprises imported 1.54 billion yuan through the customs cross-border e-commerce management platform, an increase of 60.3%over the same period last year. Cross-border e-commerce has gradually become the”new engine” of Weihai’s foreign trade growth. A few days ago, Weihai Customs successfully launched the”Cross-border e-commerce 9710, 9810″ business. It only took 10 minutes for the first order of goods from declaration to customs clearance. Since then, Weihai’s cross-border e-commerce exports have”accelerated” and will encourage companies to develop cross-border e-commerce. Play an active role in the development of overseas e-commerce business, promoting the development of overseas warehouse models, and reducing logistics costs. In addition, in the first eight months, the import and export of private enterprises in Weihai increased by 8.4%year-on-year, accounting for 55.6%of the total foreign trade, and the import and export of private enterprises accounted for half of the country. With an import and export value of 27.68 billion yuan to South Korea, South Korea is still Weihai’s largest trading partner. In the first eight months, mechanical and electrical products were the main export commodities of Weihai, an increase of 2.1%year-on-year, accounting for 41.1%of the city’s total export value.

Lightning News reporter Sun Yaqian reports from Weihai