On September 14, a digital blogger exposed the parameter information of a new mid-to-low-end 5G machine vivo.

According to the news, vivo’s new mid-to-low-end 5G machine is equipped with a 6.44-inch FHD+ Samsung OLED display, The refresh rate is 60Hz, it is equipped with a 2.0GHz octa-core 5G processor, a front 16 million pixel selfie lens, a rear 48 million + 8 million + 2 million pixel three cameras, a 4100mAh battery, and 18W fast charging.

getUrls?link=ff890768879f20d8aaabdbbde2d9e482 - Vivo exposes a new 5G phone weighing only 171.3g and 7.73mm thick

It is worth mentioning that the blogger stated that this The body weight of the new vivo phone is only 171.3g, and the thickness is only 7.73mm, which is very thin and thin, similar to the thickness and weight of vivo’s thinnest 5G mobile phone S7 to date.

getUrls?link=8e797b246b1d6aa6ff02b72f61fbde7c - Vivo exposes a new 5G phone weighing only 171.3g and 7.73mm thick

vivo S7

Currently, there is not much news about vivo’s recent There will be new phones released, but today (September 14), vivo official announced that it will hold a vivo Watch conference on September 22. Believe that this new machine should also be available soon. In addition, the blogger said that the”green factory new phone” with a thickness of only 7.85mm and a weight of only 165g should be the rumored OPPO Reno4 SE, which may be released at the end of this month.