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Jiang Jingguo and Li Denghui

1984 In the election of the leader of the Taiwan region in 2016, Jiang Jingguo chose Lee Tenghui instead of Lin Yanggang as his deputy. This decision had a profound impact on the subsequent development of Taiwan. Back then, every political position in Lin Yanggang was ahead of Lee Teng-hui. Why did Chiang Ching-kuo”take Li from the forest”?

The Hoover Archives of Stanford University released Chiang Ching-kuo’s diary in February 2020. Taiwanese media person Huang Qinglong first borrowed it. In July, the book”Jiang Ching-kuo’s Diary Revealed” was published. The decision-making process of”taking Lee”:

Regarding Jiang Jingguo’s employment methods, there have been many studies and discussions in the market, and one of the most controversial issues is:Why did Chiang Ching-kuo choose Lee Teng-hui instead of Lin Yanggang as his deputy?

After all, Lin Yanggang was the hottest Taiwanese political elite at the time, and every important position was ahead of Lee Teng-hui, including the mayor of Taipei and the chairman of Taiwan Province. They were all”Lin and Li pick up.” Therefore, in the political arena, there is a saying of”looking forward and sighing”. However, in 1984, Chiang Ching-kuo nominated the then chairman of Taiwan Province Lee Teng-hui as his deputy, instead of Lin Yanggang, who was the”Minister of the Interior” at the time. The political pursuits of the two changed.

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Lin Yanggang is so happy, can’t grasp the critical moment?

Why did Chiang Ching-kuo take Li from the forest? Regarding this question, the former”Executive President” Li Huan said before his death that Jiang Ching-kuo did not choose Linyang Port because of four main factors.

First, during the chairmanship of Linyanggang Province, the director-general of the Farmland Water Conservancy Association was changed from official to democratically elected. This affects the key positions of the grassroots peasants and is not restricted by the Taiwan authorities. Chiang Ching-kuo expressed his disapproval .

Second, during the Lin Yanggang provincial chairmanship, Hsinchu City and Chiayi City were upgraded to”provincial cities” without sufficient communication, changing a lot of financial allocations and causing turmoil and discord in the officialdom. Asked to withdraw but was threatened with resignation, leaving Jiang with the impression that he was uncontrollable and lacking political skills and people.

Third, Lin Yanggang did not be cautious in his words and deeds during the”Minister of the Interior” and promised in front of the”legislators” to improve public order within 3 months and disappear behind bars. This became a famous social saying that the result was not reached. This caused damage to the prestige of the Taiwan authorities, and left Chiang with a judgment that this person was unstable in his work.

Fourth, Lin Yanggang was born in a family of Nantou, and his family members are huge and complicated. Lin Yanggang himself was elected as the governor of Nantou, and his brother Lin Yuanlang was elected as the governor of Nantou after him. If Lin Yanggang goes to the next level to become a deputy leader, and even has a chance to be promoted to the leader of Taiwan in the future, it is inevitable that the entire Lin family will ascend to heaven and form political privileges. This is a situation that Jiang Jingguo would not want to see.

Lee Teng-hui’s family is very simple. His only son, Li Xianwen, died of illness when Lee Teng-hui was the chairman of the province, and his only brother was already during the Second World War. Died in the Pacific battlefield.

After all, Li Huan has followed Jiang Jingguo for many years and understands Jiang’s likes and dislikes to people. But in fact, as early as 1978, Lin Yanggang had just assumed the chairmanship of Taiwan Province, Jiang Jingguo had reservations about Lin Yanggang’s evaluation. Jiang’s diary on June 27, 1978 recorded:”Lin Yanggang is a human, and you can gradually find that his good name is fickle. It must be guarded.”

Then on July 29 Jiang also noted:”Lin Yanggang was first appointed as the provincial chairman. From his words and deeds, we can see that this person is selling fame and rejoicing. Not only is it difficult to achieve a major event, it may cause harm, so pay close attention to it.” What caused Jiang Jingguo to leave Lin Yanggang with a bad impression of”selling his fame and rejoicing in his achievements” is not mentioned in the diary. However, in the era of martial law, the source of power was between the strong man’s thoughts. It is rumored that Lin Yanggang received high-level reception during his “visit to Japan” during the presidency of the province. Therefore, he was suspicion of being “span class=”entity”. -word” data-gid=”10491593″>Xu Xinliang even described it as”exposure to the emperor”. Although Argang won the media’s favor with his humor, he may have counterproductively violated the taboo of those in power.

On August 12th, Jiang Jingguo wrote in his diary:“Lin Yanggang has talents, but he lacks integrity in morality. I am afraid I can’t grasp it at a critical juncture. We should pay more attention to it. Appraisal.” So far, Jiang Jingguo can say that Lin Yanggang has been determined, and it is difficult for the political road to climb up.

On June 1, 1984, shortly after Lee Teng-hui was nominated as the deputy leader of the Taiwan region, Lin Yanggang was promoted from”Minister of the Interior” to”Vice President of the Executive Yuan.”

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The first direct election of Taiwan leaders in 1996, four candidates Lee Tenghui, Lin Yanggang, Chen Luan and Peng Mingmin (Left to right) Participate in the TV political presentation conference

Li Denghui was selected to succeed, The Kuomintang is torn apart

Lee Teng-hui’s career in politics began when he entered the cabinet in 1972 and served as a “political committee member”. Before that, he was only an agricultural expert who taught at National Taiwan University. . In 1970, when the East Asia Branch of the United Nations Development Administration invited him to Bangkok to give lectures on agricultural economic issues, the Taiwan authorities did not allow him to leave the country due to political”observation” reasons. The so-called”political” reason refers to Lee Teng-hui’s background as a member of the Communist Party.

In June 1968, Lee Teng-hui returned to Taiwan from studying abroad in Cornell. Before he went to work at the Agricultural Rehabilitation Association, it was because the reading club he participated in at university was related to the Communist Party and he had met overseas.””Taiwan independence” activists were interviewed by the Security Headquarters. The first interview lasted 17 hours, and it lasted another week before it ended.

Later, Lee Teng-hui was recommended by Shen Zonghan and Li Huan before entering politics as a”political committee member”. At the age of 49, he became the”youngest cabinet member” at that time. Looking through Jiang Jingguo’s diary (ended at the end of 1979), there are not many records about Lee Teng-hui, but compared to Jiang’s doubts and precautions about Lin Yanggang, he admires Lee Teng-hui more.

 From Lee Teng-hui’s “entry into the cabinet” in 1972 to 1979 when Lee Teng-hui was still the mayor of Taipei, Chiang Ching-kuo’s diary records related to Lee Teng-hui as follows:
On May 31, 1972, Jiang mentioned Lee Teng-hui’s name when he wrote down the list of the new"cabinet" in his diary. On June 2, he wrote:"The meeting with the new"Administrative Councillor" was very speculative and an excellent one. Scientific talent."
Diary of April 9, 1978:"It is difficult for the'Executive Yuan' to make a final decision on personnel matters. The preliminary plan is to make Yun Jin as the'Executive Yuan', Jizheng as the'Minister of Economy', and Deng Hui as the provincial chairman."
Diary of March 13, 1979:"Ask Mayor Li of Taipei City to inquire about the municipal administration and give several instructions. Mayor Li has a passion for work and a new scientific concept, a talent that can be cultivated."

Li Denghui and Chiang Ching-kuo were both ideal Communist Party members in their youth. They were both familiar with socialist theory books and experienced the organizational life of the Communist Party with similar backgrounds. Li's academic qualifications are high, and he is strong and cautious. Jiang Jingguo's appreciation and favor has won him, so he put Li by his side and taught him in many ways.

Li Denghui compared himself as if he graduated from the"six-year Chiang Ching-kuo School". He learned a lot about politics from Jiang and felt Jiang Jingguo's greatness many times.

Lee Teng-hui regarded himself as a student of Chiang Ching-kuo. After Chiang Ching-kuo’s death in January 1988, Lee Teng-hui succeeded as leader of the Taiwan region and chairman of the Kuomintang for 12 years. Many people think that Jiang Jingguo has misunderstood the person.

Jiang Jingguo evaluated Lee Teng-hui as"a talent that can be cultivated." As a result, Lee Teng-hui broke the Kuomintang apart, leaving only a sigh of relief; he praised Lee Teng-hui for being"rich in national consciousness," and Lee Teng-hui’s power was stable Later,"Taiwanization" was promoted (that is,"Taiwan independence"-editor's note), and its influence continues to this day.

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