The new crown epidemic in 2020 has reshuffled the global market. The offline economy continues to transform online, and the live broadcast e-commerce has risen unprecedentedly. Globally, the situation is turbulent, and cross-border e-commerce opportunities and challenges coexist.

In today’s unpredictable e-commerce situation, e-commerce talents are particularly precious. In order to discover more high-quality e-commerce fishermen, The Shopee platform and the German First Alliance launched the”Ride the Wind and the Waves, the Future Is Expected · The Third German First E-commerce Lecturer Competition in the Post-epidemic Era”. The contest invited many industries The elite exchanges and exchanges aim to provide lecturers with a broader display platform, and also hope to continuously convey e-commerce talents to the industry.

1. Basic information of the competition

Contest time:August 29-30, 2020

Venue:Tencent Creative Space, Building A3, No.151, Zhongke Qingdao R&D City, Guangbo Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao

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Second, star tutor

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3. Entry criteria

1. Excellent merchants on the Shopee platform and other new e-commerce platforms

Shopee track players & excellent merchants on domestic and foreign e-commerce and live short video platforms can participate

2. Stores operated by participating lecturers

annual sales are more than 5 million; the total number of fans from the media, celebrities, and anchors is more than 300,000.

3. Good at store multi-dimensional marketing gameplay and content fan operation

For business realization, team organization Construction, Internet celebrity economy, business gameplay, and unique insights in the field of expertise.

4. Have the willingness and energy to invest in training

clear logical thinking and good training experience , Those who can independently develop and explain courses are preferred.

5. Identifies the cultural values ​​of the German-One Alliance

willing to share, good at communication, honest and open, willing Jointly build an excellent talent training system.

4. Registration process

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5. Entry process

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Special instructions for participation:

After successful registration, please record a copy according to your e-commerce topic before August 14, 2020 Give us about 20 minutes of online teaching video,

Your video will be reviewed by the viewers of the e-commerce organizations of the German-One Alliance.

The result will be notified to you by email on August 20, 2020, review Passed lecturers need to participate in the offline lecture semi-finals on August 29th,

Shopee official second graders will also participate in the lecturer evaluation as a judge. (The specific entry address will be notified by email)

Six. Lecturer benefits

1. Welfare for finalists

All instructors who pass the preliminary rounds and enter the offline finals will be eligible for pre-match TTT instructor training worth 100,000 yuan,

and Have the opportunity to have zero-distance on-site communication with big coffee mentors and platform parties during the competition.

2. The benefits of certified lecturers

1) The cross-border Shopee track directly obtains the official certified lecturer priority pass card or the institution certification priority pass card

2) The German First Alliance’s offline tour of public welfare classroom teaching qualifications will help lecturers to increase their visibility in the industry

3) The live short video track will directly receive the upcoming Tencent social media Business anchor certified official cooperative lecturer qualification;

obtained the priority of official cooperation with Tencent ecosystem

4) A 1V1 interview with a mentor guest who most wants to talk to is arranged by the German First Alliance

5) Get the qualification to participate in the alliance’s offline exchange meeting, and talk to star lecturers and institutions On-site communication with the founder of the service provider

7. Review of previous competitions

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8. Introduction to the joint sponsors

Shopee:Southeast Asia’s leading cross-border e-commerce platform

Shopee is a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, covering the seven major markets of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. At the same time, it has established cross-border business offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong, China.

Shopee has maintained rapid growth since its inception. The parent company, Sea, is a Singaporean Internet giant with strong strength. It has been working in Southeast Asia for more than 10 years. The total number of orders for the whole year of 2019 reached 1.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 100.5%, which strongly proves Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platform status. For cross-border merchants, the Shopee cross-border team has created a one-stop cross-border seller solution to help sellers easily reach the Southeast Asian and Taiwan markets.

Shopee Sailing Project:Cultivating Officially Certified Training Institutions

Shopee unites industry high-quality training institutions and elite lecturers to launch the e-commerce training organization certification program”Sailing Plan” for sellers”; Through a variety of innovative models, to create an official Shopee training ecosystem covering basic operations, advanced courses and personalized practical courses. Shopee awarded a license to officially certified high-quality training institutions to jointly promote the development of the cross-border e-commerce training industry and help sellers at all stages to grow rapidly.

Shopee has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of seller incubation training services in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

For details of the sailing plan, please click on the following content to understand separately


Introduction to the Yangfan Program

List of accredited organizations for the Yangfan Program

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De-One Union :E-commerce Ecological Alliance

Deyi Alliance is a Tencent classroom An e-commerce ecological alliance jointly initiated by six leading educational institutions. Positioning the e-commerce education alliance in the early stage, and positioning the e-commerce ecological alliance in the later stage, jointly initiated by Tencent Classroom in cooperation with Qilun Education, Watermelon Business School, Huoyanshe, Uti Education, Niuqi Academy, and Action Education. It was officially unveiled on June 5, 2018, and officially changed its name to the German-One E-commerce Alliance after adjusting its development direction in 2019.

Deyi Alliance is committed to discovering and cultivating outstanding lecturers in the e-commerce industry, improving the overall level of national e-commerce training, and creating an influential e-commerce training service system , Make the e-commerce industry more and more standardized, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the e-commerce industry.