Tojo Hideki has been sentenced to death, but his son's products are selling in China

Tojo Hideki was a representative figure of Japanese militarism, and was Hitler Mussolini was one of the three fascist leaders. He was born in December 1884. His father Tojo was the first chief graduate of the Japanese Army University. Tojo was involved in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894.

Tojo Hideki was influenced by his father. He has long been eager to be a soldier and loyal to the emperor. Tojo Hideki has cultivated his son’s Bushido spirit. He also specially invited people. Teach his son to learn”Sword Sword Dance”. In 1915, the 31-year-old Tojo Hideki graduated from the Japanese Army University. After graduation, Tojo Hideki went to the Japanese Embassy in Germany as an attaché.

After the September 18th Incident of 1931, Tojo Hideki arrived in Northeast China and participated in the war of aggression against China. After the Lugou Bridge Incident in 1937, Tojo Hideki in Henan, China Zhang Bei established the Mixed Brigade Command. The following year, Japanese army general Sugiyama Moto, who advocated the end of the Chinese incident in three months, stepped down.

Then, Tojo Hideyoshi made a fussing speech, announcing that he would fight against China and the Soviet Union at the same time, and preparing to go to war with Britain, the United States, and France. There was a lot of noise in Japan. And because Tojo Hideki is keen on war and has no humanity, he is called”General Razor” in the Kanto Army. Later, Tojo Hideki lost in the Battle of Normankan and suffered heavy losses. Tojo Hideki lost all his face.

In 1940, Japan launched a”south advance”, damaging the interests of Britain and the United States in Southeast Asia. The United States began to put pressure on Japan. Japan is a country that depends on imports. Many advanced weapons are also purchased in the United States. It is too easy for the United States to contain Japan, and Japan’s war situation in China is gradually losing, and it is unwilling to conflict with the United States, so Japan has negotiated with the United States.

However, Hideki Tojo always advocated war. The Japanese side at the negotiating table required both the United States to recognize the”Manchuria State” and the United States to agree with Japan to obtain resources from Southeast Asia. The results are conceivable, but Japan does not convergence. The following year Tojo Hideki issued”Fighting Training” as a land official, inciting the people of Japan.

After the establishment of the Tojo Cabinet on November 18 of the same year, Tojo Hideki also held several positions, such as the land phase, the internal phase, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The military needs were equal, and later became the Prime Minister of Japan. However, Japan has steadily retreated in the war. Tojo Hideki has been accused by many Japanese military and civilians and has lost the emperor’s trust.

On July 22, 1944, Hideki Tojo announced his resignation as Prime Minister.

After the unconditional surrender of Japan in August 1945, the war madman Tojo Hideki was listed as the number one Japanese war criminal by the United States, Britain, and other countries. Suicide, but attempted suicide, was rescued. The Christian Science Monitor in the United States commented on the matter”only the last shame of a guy who has lost his credit and was abandoned.”

At the Far East International Military Court from 1946 to 1948, Tojo Hideki accounted for 54 of all 55 crimes and was sentenced to death. On December 23, 1948, Hideki Tojo was hanged.

Although Tojo Hideki has already laid down the law, his son’s products are selling well in China, and we still use them today.

Tojo Hideki’s second son is called Tojo Hideo, and Tojo Hideo gave up his army and became an engineer under the persuasion of his father. This is quite unexpected. Tojo Hideki He once encouraged Chinese people to participate in the war of aggression in the country. He did not expect that he would not allow his son to join the army.

Tojo Teruyoshi joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries after graduating from Tokyo Imperial University, and later he was promoted step by step. His highest positions were vice president of Mitsubishi Group and general manager of Mitsubishi Motors. Manager, and every year on December 23, Tojo Terujo pays a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.