I read articles about analyzing e-commerce. Sometimes I am puzzled.

Many people come up and say Taobao and shaking The sound is playing, or Kuaishou and station b are better, or the WeChat battle is Meituan.

The last bunch of data or PR drafts made it seem like Douyin Kuaishou e-commerce companies are chasing Taoist e-commerce companies.

The problem is, this is obviously not a kind of thing. It is difficult for me to see what this kind of article about Guan Gong warfare Qin Qiong said.

It’s not that Guan Gong can’t fight Qin Qiong, but at least there must be a big framework to find the comparability of different e-commerce companies, and then lower the conclusion.

They all sell things, we can’t be familiar with them, 10 small shopping malls in the community of 40,000 square meters, and the city flagship of 400,000 square meters, sales or passenger flow Can not be compared together. One is that the target group is different, and the other is that the game is completely in two directions.

Maybe it’s too easy to open apps on the Internet. Douyin said about being an e-commerce company, and everyone first thought of fighting against Taobao.

I don’t think I can explain why these two are clarifiedYesBefore the competition, the CP was forcibly engaged in commercial warfare , That is Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong.

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Even if you open an app on your phone, Before clicking on the icon, there is a high probability that the user’s psychology has a purpose and expectation:

  • If you want to buy something, click on Taobao and go shopping;


  • If you want to find someone to chat, open WeChat to find;
  • If you want to kill time, open Douyin Brush;
  • If you want to see hot spots, open Weibo to see topics ;

At least for the foreseeable future, most people turn on Douyin for content, not for shopping.

When opening Taobao, I always have a shopping idea.
Shopping requires rationality, and entertainment does not require rationality. This must be decided before opening the app.

When consumers are not ready for shopping, it is extremely difficult to use content or live broadcast to evoke their desire to consume.

Don’t talk about shopping anymore. Those up owners and KOLs who publish public relations and public relations videos are frightened and afraid of losing followers, and let them face the purchase. Fans are afraid that they will not be accepted for a while.

Most KOLs who want to transform are faced with this embarrassing situation. Fans come because they like content and suddenly start to bring goods. This psychological gap no matter how reasonable you are, the willingness of fans to pay is low.
Don’t mention impulse consumption. There is also an explainable rational part behind impulsive consumption. This is also the only category that I currently think is the intersection of Douyin and Tao.

I often watch Teacher Luo’s live broadcast on Douyin, and I will definitely support it when I encounter bargains.
Can I support a bottle of Coke for less than 1 yuan.

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One of Douyin’s methods to break the game is indeed to introduce some directly It is the host or UP host who comes to bring the goods.
“I’m here to sell goods, this is not a violation of peace.”

There are a lot of platforms, and the current construction of e-commerce can be done with money.

This may be the reason why many people think that Bytedance continues to”do what you do” and challenge Taobao.

This, you will encounter the problem I mentioned above-turning around in a brand with low customer unit prices and familiar brands.

  • The higher the customer unit price, the more rational consumers will have the upper hand. Coke can place orders directly, and laundry detergent can place orders directly. What about headphones? What about the cell phone?
  • The more unfamiliar the brand, the more rational for consumers. Uniqlo can place orders directly and Lays potato chips can place orders directly. What about Leibi Soda​?
  • “Take a look at Taobao and Jingdong”, you can’t just listen to the anchor, and see what others say”

    Big-brand, high-customer unit price products, there is no platform that can challenge the trust that Taoxi and Jingdong bring to consumers. To be honest, the professionalism of the anchor, the platform scoring and evaluation system, and the community governance​; say to the virtual ​:
    This is the platform brand effect accumulated over a long period of time. Pinduoduo knows best to build the trust of users of big-name high-customer unit price products Difficulty​.
    I think Douyin e-commerce and Pinduoduo are in a head-to-head confrontation at this stage, but for the media, this title is too boring.

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    E-commerce is an asset-heavy industry. Alibaba Pinduoduo Jingdong is not the case. It’s a big price.

    Douyin is not too far behind in the visible field:

  • Logistics can be smashed with money;
  • Supply chain can be smashed with the anchor;
    • Financial license, this is not also taken;

    However, there is still a gap-no one.

    People, goods, places, when you are shopping, other people are also part of your shopping experience.

    In traditional commerce, when you go shopping, you see all kinds of people who also contribute to the consumption experience. , If you see a long queue, you always have to check it out; in e-commerce, if there are more sales or comments, you will also go in and take a look.

    Taobaotian Mao and Jingdong, these assets are very heavy and time-consuming-user reviews, Q&A, posting, and scoring. So if you still don’t understand, a large proportion of Dianping’s assets are those who comment on the experience. No matter how extreme it is, you won’t use it if you don’t post a store review.

    Word of mouth will face the wall for three seconds.

    I don’t know if you look at it. I haven’t read the comment section of Douyin Store, which is basically not popular. This is very different from jumping to Taobao Jingdong, where you can browse the comment section.

    Follow the crowd, it is always important to make consumer decisions. Factors.

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    As a media, Douyin is interesting how to break the game.

    They are all short videos or live broadcasts, and the logic of Douyin and Kuaishou and Station B are different.

    Recommendation algorithm is the distribution of content, which is a complete upgrade of traditional editor recommendation and meet the needs of readers and viewers for personalized content. Media logic products do not require much interaction from readers, or the community does not put interaction (messages, bullet screens) at the top of the KPI.

    Interest-based”old iron” has more community logic, and strong connections between celebrities and fans.

    From my observation, the media attributes are too strong and almost unsuccessful. Unless it’s a very high-profile anchor, fans can unscrupulously ignore the reviews and directly pick up the high unit prices or unfamiliar products, otherwise most people are still willing to take a look at the scores or reviews.

    Taobao has stuck those heads, and Kuaishou has its own signature, so it is not easy to turn around.

    I tried it on Weibo and the portal, but they were all unsuccessful.

    In our field, there are similar successful cases called Boutique Shopping Guide. It is clear that it is to plant grass media​.
    So, do you think that in the Internet age, professional grass-growing small red books can also be played?

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    Vibrato To solve”making other users” part of e-commerce products, the possible way is estimated to be:

    1 When doing e-commerce, involve users in consumer interaction The increase in weight allows consumers to quickly make the comment area;

    2 Change the relationship between the host or KOL and the fans, strengthen the community attribute and manual intervention, Locally weaken the recommendation algorithm;

    Which is a challenge to algorithm upgrade.

    Finally, the”group-buying” model of live broadcast is only a supplement to the retail market sales form. Even live broadcast e-commerce At 1 trillion, it is only 3%of the e-commerce industry.

    Douyin, in fact, also includes Kuaishou, there is no need to do the next Taobao department, it is not a business format, and I want to do e-commerce​.

    Try to be a better version of yourself​.

    Don’t let those puzzling analyses, fooling you, believe it. ​