China’s e-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years. It is no doubt that it is the best in the world. We can receive express delivery in three days and two days, and we can buy discounted goods without going out, or we can enjoy the world at home. Branded products, online shopping allows us to enjoy the dividends of the rapid development of the times! We eat the snacks we have at hand and wait for the next batch of express snacks to arrive. We play with our mobile phones and wait for new technology products to arrive home. With a low salary, we can also enjoy products at much lower prices than physical stores. Isn’t it cool? Of course, while we are enjoying the convenient life that technology brings us, some developing problems are also revealed and waiting to be resolved. Some e-commerce practices really make people…! For example, we often encounter situations. Scenario 1:An e-commerce platform shows that we copy the link and send it to the circle of friends or the group will give a 50%discount. After we copy the product and connect to the group, some friends and relatives will directly say please don’t send it like this Linked, as shown in the picture

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Since the whole audience has 0 yuan and sent over to do something, did your clerk move to your own home soon? ! Also used the whole site to promote from 0 yuan! Children will not be fooled by you! Play with our feelings! Scenario 2:Someone has forgotten to register on a website, the first step of the business operation shows this way:send it to the group, you can enjoy a 30%discount! The long-awaited 30%discount did not come. After posting to the group, the merchant reminded you to enjoy the 30%discount after posting to the four groups! After that, I didn’t order it. Are you sending four groups of moths? The result is to delete the app directly, not accepting your routine! Because I was worried that I would disturb the relatives and friends in the group after sending the four groups, and I didn’t know what other things happened, I didn’t enjoy the discount! ! ! In short, you can have marketing tools, but you can’t fool the people’s feelings! Don’t let the common people feel like being routine, please! Your fast-paced life needs work routines for the common people, and the common people also have to live! Have you ever encountered this kind of similar problems in your life? Tell me about some weird examples you have encountered!