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One by one, the capital of medical equipment will carry half of China’s medical equipment


The 130 billion goal of the hometown of equipment

On September 9, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province issued the”Letter on Soliciting Opinions” (hereinafter referred to as” Draft for Comment”).

getUrls?link=f92f8e7cb7f9fa0072cb32292e4ca65b - These 3 counties hold up half the sky for Chinese medical equipment

The”Draft for Comments” shows that in 2020, the city’s medical consumables and sanitary materials industry chain’s main business income will exceed 60 billion yuan (including trade), and the manufacturing industry will exceed 20 billion yuan. There are 3 leading companies with business income exceeding 1 billion yuan, and 10 companies with main business income exceeding 100 million yuan.

By 2025, we will strive for the city’s medical consumables and sanitary materials industry chain’s main business income to exceed 130 billion yuan (including trade), and the manufacturing industry to exceed 45 billion yuan.

And formed 2 leading enterprises with annual main business income exceeding 5 billion yuan, 3-4 enterprises with main business income between 2 and 3 billion yuan, and main business income in 10- There are 5-6 companies with a value of between 2 billion yuan and 10-15 companies with a main business income of between 500 million and 1 billion yuan, making it a leading domestic medical device production base.

The”Draft for Comments” requires that the shortcomings of the medical prevention and control assets industry be supplemented, and the new crown virus detection reagents, medical protective masks, medical goggles, medical isolation masks and infrared thermometers are required to develop new crown epidemic prevention and control medical Production of consumables and sanitary materials.

Consolidate the industry advantages of infusion equipment, sanitary materials, analyzers and in vitro diagnostic reagents, and adopt advanced and applicable technologies to transform traditional medical consumables such as disposable syringes and infusion sets.

At the same time, we will also increase efforts to attract big players, aiming at various top 500 companies, industry leaders and invisible champion companies, carry out point-to-point precision investment, and continue to strengthen project attraction.


For every three infusion needles, one comes from Jinxian County

China’s medical equipment Xian County is very famous.

Jinxian County’s medical device industry started in the early 1980s and started in the 1990s. By June 2014, the Jinxian medical device industry cluster was recognized as the first batch of 20 provincial-level industries in Jiangxi Province One of the demonstration industrial clusters.

In 2017, Jinxian County realized a main business income of 12.979 billion yuan, and its products cover more than 100 categories and more than 3000 varieties of Class I, II, and III medical devices. Infusion devices account for 30%of the national market, and the output value accounts for 70%of the medical device industry in Jiangxi Province. According to the industry, one of every three infusion sets in China comes from Jinxian County.

In 2018, the output value of the medical device industry in Jinxian County exceeded 15 billion yuan.

From January to October 2019, Jinxian County’s medical device industry achieved operating income of 15.9 billion yuan, an increase of 11.9%, and its output value accounted for about 50%of the province.

According to statistics from the Zhongcheng Medical Device Big Data Platform, as of June 30, 2020, there were 22,000 medical device manufacturers nationwide, an increase of 24.6%from the end of 2019. In terms of the distribution of the number of medical device manufacturers in the major counties of the country, Jinxian County of Jiangxi ranks first in the country with 147 manufacturers, ahead of Zhangjiagang City (107) and Changyuan County (91).

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Picture source:Zhongcheng Medical Devices Big Data Platform

As of 2018, among the production enterprises in Jinxian County, there are 36 manufacturers above designated size and 5 of them are among the domestic medical devices Top 100. It owns Jiangxi Hongda Group, Yikang Group, Lule Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Jinsheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Beiji Medical Plastic Industry (Nanchang) Co., Ltd. and other key enterprises.

At the same time, Jinxian County’s equipment industry has also received strong local support. In April 2019, the People’s Government of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province issued the”Notice on Several Measures to Support the Development of the Medical Device Industry in Jinxian County, Nanchang City”, indicating that a 10 billion yuan medical device industry fund and 50 million yuan will be established in Jinxian County Special funds to support the 100 billion medical device industry, encourage bigger and stronger enterprises, and purchase domestic and foreign medical device companies.


The three strongest medical equipment counties in China

Jinxian County, Jiangxi, Tonglu, Zhejiang, Changyuan, Henan, were merged Known as the three strongest counties of medical equipment in China, each of the three counties has its own characteristics. Jinxian County is famous for disposable infusion sets, Zhejiang Tonglu is famous for endoscopes, and Henan Changyuan is famous for sanitary materials.

Tonglu, Zhejiang, Endoscopy Town

The medical device industry in Tonglu County has a history of nearly 30 years. The main product is medical hard tube endoscopes The endoscopic surgical instruments were once awarded the title of”China Medical Endoscopy Industry Base” by the China Medical Device Industry Association.

In 2017, the total output value of the medical device industry in Tonglu County reached 1.37 billion yuan, and the tax revenue was 122 million yuan, an increase of 28%year-on-year.

According to Flint Creations statistics, as of 2019, Tonglu has There are more than 1,000 medical device companies, of which there are more than 100 manufacturers, and the domestic market share of supporting surgical devices has reached more than 30%. The more well-known mechanical companies include Youshi, Tiansong (formerly cutting-edge), Kangji, etc.

Changyuan, Henan, China’s consumables capital

Changyuan County, Henan Province is one of the country’s largest production bases for medical devices and sanitary materials. In a word:Changyuan sneezes, the national consumables market has a cold.

In February 2019, Changyuan County was awarded the title of”China Medical Consumables Capital” by China Medical Equipment Association.

It is understood that Changyuan County is one of the main distribution centers for medical products such as non-fat gauze, absorbent cotton, disposable non-woven fabrics, biological materials, medical polymer materials, and latex products in China. The product coverage of the sanitary materials industry accounts for about 80%of the national market, and the product market share reaches about 60%.

According to data from the Central Broadcasting Network, as of 2019, Changyuan County has more than 1,500 medical device production and operation enterprises, and 2124 medical device product registration certificates, involving 20 major types of medical device products such as injection puncture devices. Among them, dressing products account for more than 70%of the national market share and are exported to more than 70 countries and regions. In 2018, the total output of the medical device industry exceeded 10 billion yuan.

In addition to the above three places, Touqiao Town in Yangzhou, Xiaogan in Hubei, Xuzhou and Changzhou in Jiangsu are also well-known in the industry. Together with the three strongest counties, they almost constitute the Chinese medical equipment field. Most of the country.

Touqiao Town, Yangzhou:Gathers 70%of the medical device industry in Yangzhou City. There are currently more than 100 medical device manufacturers operating companies and production companies, and the number of marketing personnel More than 5,000 people.

Xiaogan, Hubei:It is a nationally concentrated production and manufacturing center of pathology equipment. Hundreds of companies represented by Xiaogan Yaguang occupy a large share of the domestic market and mainly adopt large package managers. System development market.

Xuzhou, Jiangsu:Medical device companies mainly focus on conventional and low-end medical devices, such as microwave treatment equipment, anorectal treatment equipment, prostate treatment equipment, dermatology, colposcopy, For products such as B-ultrasound and electric knife, the market scale of the enterprise is relatively small, and there are more than 500 medical equipment distribution companies.

Changzhou, Jiangsu:It has formed the largest orthopedic production base in the country. At present, it has gathered many multinational machinery companies such as Medtronic and Stryker. It also involves in vitro diagnostic reagents, surgical tools, and hygiene. Featured sub-industry groups represented by materials and rehabilitation equipment.

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