This is a traditional old question:a pit and a dog in front, did you hit the pit or the dog?

Are you hungry? First answer:hit the dog!

Meituan has studied for a long time before answering:”Bump!”

Everyone knows the correct answer:brakes!

September 8th, the article”Takeaway riders trapped in the system” caused widespread discussion. In the article, millions of riders were driven by the system algorithm to complete their orders. Who’s to blame for the high-risk takeaway rider? It has become a controversial topic. The controversy is the two-wave god operation of and Meituan, a food delivery e-commerce platform that has an affair with food delivery riders.

Are you hungry:Do you mind if you wait five minutes?

I’m hungry to deal with this crisis first. In the early morning of the next day, I’m hungry. After the update, when the takeout order is settled and the payment is settled, users will see a message”I’m willing to wait 5 minutes/10″Minute” button. If the user is not in a hurry, he can choose to tap to give the rider a little more time.

getUrls?link=84ec1778c589f9a211a0f6ce383742d9 - There is a pit in front of a dog, hit the pit or hit the dog? Are you hungry:hit the dog! Meituan:Hit the pit also said that it will give users some feedback, which may be a small red envelope or foodie beans, and will have good historical credit, The excellent blue knight with good service provides an incentive mechanism, even if individual orders are overtime, they do not have to take responsibility.

Hungry? Announcing the addition of a new function”Wait 5/10 minutes”, causing a greater crisis. The most important thing is that even if I choose to wait more, it will not change the time the courier guys use their lives to secure other orders.

getUrls?link=e2bb2ff3567a25b188ace09cb1dd8c81 - There is a pit in front of a dog, hit the pit or hit the dog? Are you hungry:hit the dog! Meituan:Hit the pit

This is the”dog hit theory”. After all, are dogs not humans? Our little courier ran into the dog and could still ensure delivery time.

Meituan:Hit the pit

After overturned, Meituan has spent enough time studying the countermeasures to make a perfect announcement in the evening:8 will be reserved for riders Flexible time in minutes.

getUrls?link=ac63d357770914cacc5c9681f20fa2f3 - There is a pit in front of a dog, hit the pit or hit the dog? Are you hungry:hit the dog! Meituan:Hit the pit

——The system will be better optimized. While providing users with on-time delivery services, the scheduling system will give riders 8 minutes of flexibility Time; At the same time, improve the rider reward model, so that riders can obtain more practical returns while ensuring safety.

——We have all received your attention, comments and suggestions from the sales brother and the platform system. Failure to do well is failure to do well. There is no excuse. The problems of the system will eventually need to be solved by the people behind the system. We are duty-bound.

Many practitioners in the field of public relations are sighed that Meituan’s announcement threw out of the street, and even began to worship and serve as a model essay.

Objectively speaking, Meituan’s response is due to sufficient preparation time and at the time when the public opinion risk has been partially released. It can indeed be seen as a masterpiece:it is simple and concise without nonsense, and it is very emotional. It is the rider who uses struggle to change his destiny and contribute value to society.

However, the problem is that the pit must also ensure the customer’s time and the first purpose is to fulfill the promise of fast. Aren’t you really a pit?

Retrograde Rider Express Market

A colleague who was riding an electric bicycle that day was suddenly injured by a retrograde takeaway rider. He was sent to the hospital to be diagnosed with a comminuted fracture of his left wrist. The operation must be performed immediately, and he was finally discharged from the hospital a few days ago. According to him, the operation fee alone has already spent more than 40,000. Because the traffic police believes that the traffic police is solely responsible for the rider of the other party’s retrograde, he cannot be reimbursed by medical insurance and commercial insurance. The courier company and the little brother who hit him paid for medical expenses, but the wrist is most likely to be disabled, and he cannot use his hands at present.

Coincidentally, in the past few days, a few other colleagues and I rode shared bicycles. We also encountered slight scratches from retrograde takeaway riders on the bicycle lanes in Beijing. Although they were not injured, they Also frightened.

This is the day when I was in shock. I almost bumped into my takeaway rider. Seeing that he didn’t even apologize, he hurriedly embarked on a retrograde road. It’s better than the last time I met the little brother of Meituan who directly scolded me for not paying attention to avoiding.

getUrls?link=311d6a7f0183422daf715ffe7cd0edf4 - There is a pit in front of a dog, hit the pit or hit the dog? Are you hungry:hit the dog! Meituan:Hit the pit

It can be said that at present, every single express in the capital market is an infinite transfer of personal or life safety by ordinary people riding bicycles. Only achieved, this kind of high-efficiency, quick and convenient, high-tech takeaway economy, which is artificially propped up by individual takeaway riders, is really going to continue like this?

It’s not just these rider takeaway brothers who are retrograde. The deep level is the retrograde of this business model to modern commercial civilization.

When it comes to rider takeaway, many people will say:After all, it has solved the employment of so many people. Why is one willing to fight and the other willing to suffer? Because these takeaway riders’ homes depend on them for their lives.

Well, logically, it can also cater to public sentiment. But, has the person who said this thought about it? The employment of these takeaway riders essentially makes at least as many service workers unemployed?

The birth of employment is a one-sided conclusion. It also depends on the quality of employment, whether it is an alternative employment opportunity or a growth opportunity. For example, letting restaurant waiters become unemployed and diverted to deliver food. This is not an increase in employment, but a decrease in the welfare of workers. For example, subway security inspections increase employment, but in reality, if these wages are used for labor skills training to invest in new industries, these security inspectors can get better job opportunities. If you want to talk about employment opportunities at the social level, you have to calculate the overall increase and the opportunity cost.

The reform of state-owned enterprises back then made a large number of people unemployed. Why is it still worth doing? Because of the release of economic vitality, more high-quality jobs will emerge in the next few years. To measure employment contribution by the number of hires alone is just public relations rhetoric.

So, when we are all caught in the issue of”Hit pit or dog” set by Meituan PR, we still have to think about it:brake!