Due to the US government’s previous sanctions on the Chinese company Huawei, Huawei has to face such a problem. This is that before finding new suppliers, Huawei must face many companies’ Samsung, SK, and LG, the three major Korean parts manufacturers that have cooperated with Huawei on mobile phone chips and mobile phone parts, had to stop supplying Huawei.

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9 Starting on 15th, the world will cut off the supply to Huawei?

Let’s first sort out the many sanctions imposed by the United States on China’s Huawei. First, at the very beginning, U.S. President Trump stated that it would prohibit the import of related products containing 25%of American technology to Huawei. After that, Trump further reduced the proportion of technology contained to 10%, which made TSMC, which had been cooperating with Huawei for some years, had to announce that it would cut off the supply to China after the deadline.

And this has also had a chain reaction. This is that many suppliers with Huawei have to face the double test of losing orders and being sanctioned by the United States. These suppliers can only get between Huawei and the United States. First, in the following days, the United States adjusted the ultimatum of the ban to September 15, which means that after September 15, many Huawei suppliers will no longer be able to provide Huawei with American technology. The product.

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three Large Korean companies announced that they would stop providing chips to Huawei

According to Korean media reports, due to the US ban, Samsung, SK and LG Company will stop supplying chips and related mobile phone parts to China after September 15. As a supplier of memory chips and mobile phone screens, Samsung’s statement on this is very easy-going. From Samsung’s perspective, Huawei is just one of Samsung’s many customers. Samsung will not lose much due to this incident. Under the influence of the US ban, SK Hynix’s product sales will be greatly affected.

LG also said before that due to the limited number of panels provided to Huawei, the current supply cut will have a certain impact on its sales, but overall, the impact will not be very significant. serious. Although according to Korean media reports, it seems that the cut-off of Huawei’s supply will not affect the number of these Korean companies, but considering the actual situation, the real impact behind this is actually only self-knowledge.

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United States Strangling Huawei

From the current situation, the US sanctions against Huawei seem to be strangling Huawei’s vitality. From 5G to chips, the Americans seem to be surprised to find that the Chinese are Using the American way to earn Americans and the world’s money is somewhat unacceptable to the capital predators behind the United States. Therefore, the game between the”siegers” and”the city defenders” lies in the US government and Huawei The companies have started to expand. As for the final result, just wait and see the changes.