In modern times, it is difficult for China to have a certain civilian technology to surpass the United States, and drones are undoubtedly a project with absolute advantages in China.

As early as 2012, China’s military drones were already ahead of foreign countries. In 2014, drones ushered in a full-scale explosion. In 2015, there were two major events about drones. The man and machine fell to the White House; the other was Wang Feng’s proposal to Zhang Ziyi, but was stolen by the drone.

There is no doubt that China’s drones are already in the forefront of the world!

China UAV status quo:Dajiang is the first, there is no second

” In the field of consumer drones, only DJI ranks first, and the second cannot be distinguished. The rest is toy-grade.” said Sun Baiyuan, Secretary General of China Unmanned System Industry Alliance. In China and around the world, DJI, founded in 2006, is undoubtedly a giant in the drone industry and has an absolute say in the global drone market.

DJI’s valuation is more than 166 billion yuan, ranking seventh in China’s 2020 unicorn rankings. Since the launch of the world’s first flying camera wizard Phantom 2 Vision in 2013, leading the global aerial photography boom, DJI’s share in the global drone market has rapidly increased.

Currently, DJI products account for more than 80%of the global market share, and more than 70%in China, ranking first among global civil drone companies.

getUrls?link=31bacbd0cf04d4771354b930f4ebc656 - The status of China's drones:DJI first, no second, the rest are toy-level

Source:Prospective Industry Research Institute DJI started as a consumer-grade drone. At present, consumer-grade drones are still DJI’s main source of income, accounting for more than 80%.

In addition, the field of agricultural drones is also a big market. DJI has officially entered the field of agricultural drones since the release of the MG-1 agricultural plant protection machine in 2015. In 2017, the new domestic agricultural plant protection drone sales were about 11,000 units, and DJI sold more than 7,500 units, with a market share of nearly 70%.

In just two years, it has achieved a leading position in the agricultural market.

In addition to DJI, the more famous one in China is Zero Degree. Once”South DJI, North Zero Degree” resounded in the drone market.

Zero Intelligent Control introduces smart chips into drones, highly integrating the extremely compact size and high-quality performance, opening the era of drones for all people, making drones no longer a luxury for a few people Product.

After the drones ushered in a full-scale explosion, it can be said that a large number of drone companies have emerged, such as the Lily drones that took off. However, the first year of drone development began in 2015. Zhang Kuang poured in. By the end of 2016, with the calmness and rationality of the drone industry, drones encountered unprecedented difficulties. Many drone companies have withdrawn from the historical stage. Except for DJI, the others are losers.

More representatively, at the end of 2016, the two drone manufacturers, Yihang and Zero Intelligent Control, had a large number of layoffs. On December 30, 2016, on the last day of the year, there was a sudden layoff of more than a hundred people at zero. Originally, I wanted to seize the consumer drone market through the pocket drone DOBBY.

However, just half a year later, the rapid expansion of Zero due to product sales did not meet the expected cash flow situation, and finally had to lay off 134 employees at one time.

At that time, many people questioned whether the cold winter of drones has come. In this regard, Sun Baiyuan said,”No, it is the spring of drones. Play to the extreme, and industrial-grade drones will usher in the spring. This does not indicate that the drone industry is declining, but it is the process of self-purification in a healthy direction. Staying behind, weed out companies with unsound technical barriers and unable to truly meet the needs of users.”

China Unmanned System Industry Alliance Secretary-General Sun Baiyuan told reporters that for new entrants, it will be consumer-grade The UAV of DJI is no longer dominant, because DJI’s ecological chain is already mature and can no longer be dominant in price.

However, the market prospects for drones are still broad. From the perspective of the members of the Unmanned Systems Industry Alliance, if conservatively estimated, when the alliance members had more than 80 companies, there was a market of about 130 million; 160 When there are more than 430 million.

On the occasion of the 2020 China (Western) Electronic Information Expo, we also visited Zhongke Smart’s hybrid UAV. It is understood that this is a model developed by Zhongke Smart last year. New type of drone products. Zhongke Lingdong Technology Chengdu Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changsha Lingdong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. It is the crystallization of high-tech industrialization by first-class scientific research institutions and enterprises.

The Smart Eagle-15 displayed at this exhibition can realize one-button start, refueling for 2 minutes, flying for 2 hours, and its maximum load is 2Kg, and it can fly normally in 7-level gusts. Currently in the fields of public security law enforcement, forest fire prevention, traffic law enforcement, environmental monitoring, water conservancy and electricity.

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The future development direction of the smart Eagle-15 UAV UAV Sun Baiyuan also pointed out that the general direction of the future UAV development is higher integration, more professional and cheaper.

Specifically, for military-grade UAVs:to carry forward the Olympic spirit,”higher, faster and stronger”. Only when flying higher can it not be detected by the radar, and the function is also moving in a stronger direction. In the past, detection and strike were separated. Now it is integrated with investigation and control, and the function is becoming more and more powerful;

Consumer drones:”Lower, slower and smaller”. For the consumer level, in fact, there are very few that are really used for aerial photography like DJI. Now more are selfie cameras. Taking pictures in the house, drones have also evolved from backpacks to pocket drones, and even more. Smaller and lighter;

Industrial drones:”more specialized, stupid and cheaper”. Industrial-grade drones have high requirements for professionalism. Don’t say they can do anything, they just die in one field. The more they smash, the more data they accumulate and the more professional they can be. In addition, they need to be easier to learn and pursue. One-button operation. Complementing each other, because they are more specialized, they can be recognized by the market, and then increase the volume. After the volume, the drone will be cheaper.

Let domestic drones fly better

In order to enable the domestic drone industry to take off better, the China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation, Gaobote Military Industry and major unmanned system companies in the industry jointly initiated the establishment of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems of China (AUVSC).

The alliance is to promote the implementation of the”General Aviation and Unmanned Systems Public Welfare Development Plan”. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, universities, and scientific research institutions of the unmanned system industry, and relevant governments and users Non-profit social groups formed voluntarily with the participation of other institutions.

When asked about the alliance’s requirements for members, Sun Baiyuan told reporters that there are only two words”integrity”! In the drone market, integrity is too important. He bluntly said that many drone startups are for financing, and there are also many ppt companies, labeling brands, and false labels.

Therefore, integrity is the only and most important factor for becoming a member of China Unmanned System Industry Alliance. The purpose of the alliance is to build a high-end platform for unmanned aerial systems, inspire innovative applications of unmanned systems, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in unmanned systems, promote the development of unmanned systems industry, enhance industry cohesion and influence, and achieve win-win cooperation among alliance members.

The alliance will be guided by national industrial policies, market-oriented, credit-based, contract-based, and enterprises as the main body, integrating resources from all parties to build management, production, learning, research, and Establish a cooperative operation and benefit-sharing mechanism to enhance the technical level of alliance members’ research and development, manufacturing, integrated application and maintenance services, and consolidate the appeal and influence of alliance members in all aspects of technology and society, and enhance the The level of application of human systems in various fields of society will improve China’s unmanned system industry chain, promote the healthy development of China’s UAV system industry, and continuously enhance the industrial competitiveness of China’s UAV system.

Since its establishment at the end of August 2014, the China UAV System Industry Alliance has 140 member units and more than 60 expert committee members.