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In recent years, online loans The industry has gradually developed from chaos to a comprehensive reshuffling and rectification stage. Currently, online loan platforms have from 5,000 or 6,000 at their peak to 29.

As soon as the news came out, everyone had heated discussions. Many borrowers are asking:The online loan platform that I borrowed has been refunded, do I have to pay back the money?

Some netizens reported that because the online loan platform was refunded, the online loan app could not be opened when repaying, let alone opening the repayment channel.

The online loan platform exploded and the APP was not maintained, which is normal. But it doesn’t mean that if you can’t find the repayment entrance, you don’t need to repay the money. In the case that the borrower and the lender have signed a real, effective and legal loan contract, the borrower must repay the debt.

Then why pay the debt? What are the consequences of not paying it back? I believe this is what everyone is curious about!

Online lending platform lends a lot of money that is not yours

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Most of the money used by the online lending platform for lending comes from the investor’s investment in a certain loan target on its platform . Since many people have spare money in their hands, but do not look at the interest of banks, they put the money into the online loan platform to invest in financial management, so that the spare money can produce more money.

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But as long as it is an investment, it represents a risk. P2P platform Once the thunderstorm runs off, and the borrower does not pay back the money, thousands of investors will bear the loss, or even lose their money.

Not long ago, the P2P platform love money exploded, investors collectively defended their rights, and previous spokespersons also came out Apology statement. At present, Aiqianjin has been filed for investigation, and it is believed that the police will inform the follow-up specific progress.

The platform explodes. What happens if the borrower does not pay back the money?

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The credit report on the bad record. Now many online lending platforms have been connected to the credit investigation system. Credit investigations will be conducted before the loan, and credit investigations will also be made if there is an overdue behavior. As long as the loan is overdue, even if the online lending platform explodes, the lender will report the overdue record to the central bank. Therefore, if the borrower does not repay the money, the credit report may have a bad record.

In addition, the police will intervene in the investigation after a mine explodes on many platforms and urge borrowers to fulfill their repayment obligations. Earlier, there was a case in which the Shenzhen police notified the progress of the case after the P2P online lending platform”Money Pot” exploded.

getUrls?link=74b34e161ad8ede9cd2960a6fc6a77da - The P2P platform is down, do you want to repay the borrowed money? The police report

Through this report, we can see that the police announced Repayment accounts, and by freezing accounts and funds, will increase the investigation and punishment of platform borrowers. In addition, platform employees’ bonuses, commissions and other illegal gains must also be refunded .

It can be seen that the online loan platform has been refunded, and it is unrealistic to think that the money owed is not.

Some people may have questions, the online loan platform is gone, who should return the money? If the online lending platform transfers the creditor’s rights after the settlement, the money should be returned to the new creditor owner. Of course, if you are not sure whether the platform is thunderous, but you cannot find the repayment channel, remember to keep relevant evidence, such as screenshots of pages that cannot be opened by the APP or recordings of unable to get through the customer service call.

Warm tips

1. You must choose a formal loan platform for loans. Don’t be easily attracted by some low-interest and high-volume loan advertisements, and avoid encountering non-compliant loans such as usury and routine loans.

2. Be sure to read the loan contract carefully. Many people tend to ignore the specific terms of the contract and sign the contract directly.

Friends who need to borrow money must remember to choose a formal platform, remember to look at the contract, and then sign after confirming that they are correct to ensure their rights and interests!