In the history of Lingui District, Guilin, Guangxi, talents have emerged in large numbers. Since the Tang Dynasty, there have been 5 champions, 2 second-place winners, and 291 Jinshi. Li Zongren was born on this precious land.

The former residence of Li Zongren is located in Liangjiang Town, Lingui District, under the majestic Ma’an Mountain. It is about 4 kilometers west from Liangjiang Town. There is a village where Li’s family lives in clusters. The village name is very special. The word”” is composed of”wood + field + wood”, and the pronunciation is the same as”lang” which means”langtou village”. The fortress-style house at the entrance of the village is the former residence of Li Zongren.

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Li Zongren

From”An Ledi” to”Three Into the Living Room”

Li Zongrenzu went to farm and studied heirloom and lived a wealthy life. However, due to the Taiping army attacking Guilin, thieves from the countryside swarmed, the Li family’s old house was burned down, and Li Zongren’s great-grandfather was kidnapped for ransom, and the Li family fell.

In 1907, Li Zongren’s grandfather Li Ruxi devoted all his efforts to rebuild a small house called”a two-bedroom house” on the ruins. The reason why there is no relocation and reconstruction is that the site of the old house of Li’s family is quite particular. The back of the house is leaning on two steep peaks, one high and one low. It looks like a heavenly horse from a distance. The locals call it”Tianma Mountain”. . Li Ruxi named the house”An Le Di”, meaning that he hopes that future generations will”live and work in peace and contentment” without being disturbed by the troubled times.

In 1921, Li Zongren broke with the old Gui system and renamed his army as the”Second Army of Guangxi Autonomous Army” and appointed himself commander. When the news came back to his hometown, Li’s family was excited and started to build the”General Cap” next to”An Le Di”. After that, the”General” became the living room of the members of the Li family, and the”An Ledi” no longer lived, allowing the servants to make”comfortable nests”.

As current events change, the Li family set out to build the”study hall.” The”School Hall” has a total of 10 large rooms, covering an area equivalent to the sum of”An Le Di” and”General Di”. This construction fully reflects the importance of this farming family to education.

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Exterior view of Li Zongren’s former residence

With Li Zongren became the”chief of the new Guangxi family”, and the Li family house became more and more lively, with an endless stream of officials visiting and seeing each other. For the convenience of reception, Li’s family began to build the”three-entry living room” in 1926. The”living room” with a construction area of ​​2,120 square meters is in the shape of a traditional living room in northern Guangxi, with three parallel lines and a large frame with five compartments.

Three expansions and renovations, and the residence design is very elegant. This large mansion covering an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters was finally completed.

There are many stories about old houses in the country

Li Zongren had three wives in his life. Among them, his original wife Li Xiuwen and the most famous second wife Guo Dejie were both related to Lingui’s former residence. Over the intersection.

The original wife, Li Xiuwen, is also from Langtou Village. She was in the same year as Li Zongren and was originally named Li Simei. When she was 5 years old, she got a serious illness and asked a nearby doctor specializing in children. This doctor was Li Zongren’s grandfather, Li Ruxi. But after taking the doctor’s medicine, it didn’t work at first. The family thought she was not good enough, and began to prepare for funeral. Unexpectedly, after a day and night, she would be better. Because of this, the two families began to have an indissoluble bond.

Li Simei did not marry until she was 19 years old. The family was anxious, so she decided to choose one from many matchmakers, Li Zongren. Li Simei was illiterate. After marriage, Li Zongren taught her to read and named his wife Li Xiuwen.

Li Zongren was already studying at Guangxi Army Elementary School when he got married. The marriage was done during the vacation and he left home after school started. He would always go home to have a look on every rest day. After several years of loving life in the former residence, Li Zongren’s military career gradually faded.

From 1922 to 1925, Li Zongren moved his Dinggui Army headquarters from Yulin to Guiping County. At that time, Guo Fenggang, director of Xunzhou Floating Police Department, was from Guiping and Li Zongren’s classmate when he was in Guilin Army Primary School. The two had a good relationship while studying at school. So You Xinyi, Guo Fenggang saw that Li Zongren had no intention of taking his wife Li Xiuwen to Guiping, so he got up to help Li Zongren find a woman in Guiping. Under Guo Fenggang’s meticulous planning, Li Zongren had to contact Guo Yuexian, the school flower of the school at the time when he went to Guiping Chengxiang Higher Primary School to give a”chief officer’s lecture”. Seeing Guo Yuexian’s polite and charming appearance, he developed a heart of love.

However, Li Zongren didn’t know that Guo Yuexian had accepted Guo Yuexian as Yang Xiaoshi, a young man from the Yang family in this county, and had accepted the Yang family’s dowry. When Guo Fenggang and Guo Yuexian’s father Guo Liu explained that Li Zongren was interested in Guo Yuexian, Guo Liu and his wife were willing to climb this high branch. To comfort the Yang family, Li Zongren agreed to double the resignation gift to the Yang family. The Yang family was originally a distinguished family, but at that time Li Zongren was the commander-in-chief of the Dinggui Army, and there was nothing he could do about it. In the autumn of 1925, Li Zongren unified Guangxi after several years of bloody battle, and immediately married Guo Yuexian. After marriage, Li Zongren felt that the name”Yuexian” was a bit tacky, and changed the name of Yuexian to Guo Dejie. A hero and a beautiful woman, Guo Dejie and Li Zongren have known each other for 42 years.

Chiang Kai-shek’s visit

After the full-scale outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, in the famous Taierzhuang Battle, Li Zongren commanded the Kuomintang army, which was regarded as”unknown”, to fight against Japan. The”Iron Army”-Itagaki and Isoya divisions have won a major victory since the Anti-Japanese War. The news came out, and the whole country was jubilant. After that, Li Zongren led his army to the southwest of Henan and northwest of Hubei.

On December 4, 1940, Chiang Kai-shek and Song Meiling, who came to Guilin for the deployment of the Anti-Japanese War, made a special trip to Langtou Village to visit Li’s mother Liu Suduan and wish them birthday. That day, the weather was cold. Although Song Meiling had visited Mrs. Liu for the second time, she was still as excited as Chiang Kai-shek who came to the Li family for the first time. Accompanied by Bai Chongxi, director of the Guilin camp, they bumped on the country road for more than an hour before reaching Li Mansion. At this time, Li Zongren was sitting on the front line of the Laohekou in northwestern Hubei, specially arranged for his wife Guo Dejie, eldest brother Li Zongtang, younger brother Li Zongfan, Mrs. Liu Tai and Li Zongren’s uncle Li Chunhua to wait outside the gate. Under Bai Chongxi’s introduction, the Chiang Kai-shek couple shook hands with Mrs. Liu Tai, Li Chunhua, Li Zongtang and others.

Entering Li Mansion, the host and Bai Chongxi first accompanied Chiang Kai-shek and his wife to browse each courtyard, and then went to the backyard of Li Mansion to watch the unique natural sub-pool. After the visit, Chiang Kai-shek and his wife were introduced to the second entrance hall of the”General” in the center of the Li Mansion. This is the courtyard where Mrs. Liu and her family live, and it is also the center of Li’s family activities. At this time, Chiang Kai-shek and his wife greeted Mrs. Liu and congratulated her on her 75th birthday. Song Meiling presented Jingdezhen porcelain and other gifts to the old lady. Mrs. Liu was sitting on the rattan chair in the center of the hall, and everyone was sitting around. After sitting down, Chiang Kai-shek faced Mrs. Liu, and really commended Li Zongren, who was able to command the front line of the Anti-Japanese War. Soong Mei-ling commended the old lady for “no money, no fear of death, no airs,” and she was an example of Chinese women’s anti-Japanese salvation. .

Although Mrs. Liu is very old and a farm housewife, she has learned from the book”Questions and Answers on the War of Resistance,” such as”saving food and clothing, donating money”,”actively serving as a soldier, and working hard to produce”Building Guangxi, rejuvenating China” and other content, calmly respond. Afterwards, the observers whispered:”Mother Li did not shame her son!” It turned out that Li Zongren responded to the CCP’s call for a national united front against Japan on the eve of the Anti-Japanese War, and popularized the Questions and Answers on the War of Resistance in urban and rural areas and schools in Guangxi. Arouse public consciousness. The question asked:”Who is our enemy?” Answer:”Japanese imperialists.” Question:”How can we fight to the end?” Answer:”If you have money, you can contribute your strength.” Question:”How to pay?” Answer:”Frugal food and clothing, donate money.” Question:”How to contribute?” Answer:”Be active in the army, work hard to build Guangxi, and rejuvenate China”…

Before leaving, Chiang Kai-shek and his wife were in the former residence of Li Zongren Group photo with Li family in front of the gate. Although Chiang Kai-shek’s visit to Li’s mother was not reported, he left a few group photos. (Source|The original source of the information in”Reader’s Newspaper”:Author of”Cultural History Expo” | Zhang Di)

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