China’s exports have surpassed market expectations, not only with positive growth, but also with rapid growth.

The latest data from the General Administration of Customs shows that in August, China’s total exports increased by 11.6%year-on-year, a positive increase for five consecutive months since April.

Alibaba International Station announced today, the first week of September Purchasing Festival (September 1-7) , The actual transaction volume increased by 160%year-on-year, the number of orders increased by 125%year-on-year, and the number of platform buyers increased by 100%year-on-year.

“The country’s foreign trade market data and international station data both show that China’s exports continue to improve,” AlibabaGeneral Manager Zhang Kuo of International Station said, “Digital new foreign trade makes us always full of confidence in China’s exports.”

Since the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce has been the only major player that continues to maintain positive growth. span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”8302326″>Trade method. Among them, the world’s largest cross-border B2B e-commerce platform Alibaba International Station, the actual transaction volume in the first half of the year increased by 80%year-on-year. The growth rate in June surpassed three digits and continued to climb, and September ushered in a major outbreak at the end of the peak season.

This sustained high growth trend once again confirms that the new digital foreign trade has become a new engine for China’s exports and an irreversible trend in the development of international trade.

The September Purchasing Festival, known as the foreign trade version of”Double 11″, opened less than 2 hours, and the actual transaction volume exceeded the first day of last year’s purchasing festival; the number of selling sellers and paying buyers were also The opening 8 hours fully surpassed the first day of last year.

In this procurement festival, B2B live broadcasts will reach 20,000. Compared with historical exhibitions, the average viewing time per game during the first week of the Purchasing Festival increased by 203%, and the number of product clicks increased by 357%.

The number and frequency of watching live broadcasts, inquiries, and placing orders are increasing rapidly, indicating that overseas buyers are also accelerating their migration online.

“The live broadcast ended on September 2, and the next day we received an order from Australia. The other party ordered 13 mini excavators for the first purchase.” Shandong Kenshi Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Foreign Trade Operations Director Yu Hongxiao said.

getUrls?link=4a5a349d1bb82b05832c840f8691fc87 - The new foreign trade is becoming the new normal, and Ali's turnover in the first week of the September Purchasing Festival soars by 160%

[Picture:On September 2nd, Kenshi Heavy Industry broadcasted the latest mini excavator through Ali International Station. 】

What’s more special is the fast update speed. In early August, Kenshi Heavy Industry began to analyze, design, and produce this small-tonnage, compact and European emission standard mini excavator based on the big data of the International Station Data Manager Industry Edition, and it caught up with the procurement festival.

Live broadcasts in factories and customizing new products with big data are new changes brought about by the new digital foreign trade.

Behind the high growth rate of September’s procurement festival, the”new foreign trade operating system” has recently ushered in several major upgrades:Ali International Station united China CITIC Bank launched the”full-online export foreign exchange collection system”; strategically invested in Xiaoman Technology to help foreign trade merchants increase the order rate; Yiwu Jinlian Central warehouse opened; and World Logistics further improved the global logistics network.

Data from the first week of the Purchasing Festival also showed that compared with the first half of the year, health care and protective products withdrew from the top 10 industries in terms of transaction volume, replaced by auto and motorcycle parts and electrical equipment; the sports and entertainment industry grew by 314%. The hottest seller is still bicycles. Russia and France have returned to the top 10 countries in terms of transaction volume.