In the capital market, it is almost impossible to go smoothly. In the capital market, there are countless rich people who have”disintegrated”. The capital market is full of temptations, so there will always be a lot of wealthy people coming in. However, only thinking about success as soon as possible without considering the results, blindly investing, and finally leading to heavy debts and becoming”old people”.

There are two types of”Laolai”, one is that they really can’t get the money, and there is no way to pay it back, and the other is that they have money but don’t pay it back. Now it’s not someone who has met”Lao Lai”, but our country has met”Lao Lai”.

Today I’m going to talk about the rich Indian Anil Ambani, who owns tens of billions of mansions and spent 800 million to buy airplanes and yachts. But it owes 13 billion to China”It has been delayed and has become a veritable”old man”.

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Inheriting the legacy, once brilliant, but ended dismal

Anil Ambani was born in the famous Indian The Ambani family, whose father Druba Ambani founded and developed India’s largest private company-Reliance Industries Group, whose main project is the state Electricity, petroleum, finance, telecommunications and other products related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, and the coverage of such fields almost influences the entire Indian economy.

And Anil Ambani actually has a brother called Mukesh Ambani, the brothers also joined his father’s company at the beginning and helped his father manage the company’s business. Later, the Reliance Group became bigger and bigger, and even the GDP has reached 3%of India’s annual GDP.%, the total assets are as high as 16.8 billion U.S. dollars. After their father died, the brothers inherited this great industry.

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The Reliance Group’s influence in India is very large. Back then, the two brothers caused a sensation in India because of their family property. The father’s business was divided into two. The older brother continued to run Reliance Group’s old oil industry, while the younger brother extended Reliance’s business scope to the telecommunications industry.

Earlier, the two were in their respective Reliance Power’s initial public offering far exceeded expectations and became the largest listed company in India’s history. As the “big boss” of Reliance Power, Anil Ambani, He is also the new richest man in India.

getUrls?link=ab295defd148f712114406139d06bcd8 - The former richest man in India became an old man, owed 13 billion to the Bank of China, but he was sitting on a tens of billions of mansions

However The business sea is always turbulent, and there may be reefs hidden in the silent place. Sure enough, the 2008 US economic crisis swept the entire capitalist market, and India’s economic development also experienced a cliff-like decline. Anil Ambani’s company was not spared. .

With the gradual downturn of the telecommunications industry, Anil Ambani’s industry began to decline at the top of its glory. The industry once shrank, resulting in huge economic losses.

At the same time, his brother Mukesh Ambani was no longer satisfied with the traditional oil industry, so he entered the field of telecommunications. Under the double blow, in order to repay the original debt, Anil Ambani had to take the name Deducting assets to brother Mu Keshi Ambani. Since then, his elder brother Mukesh Ambani’s business has also been developing smoothly, rising in value and even surpassing his younger brother to become the richest man in Asia.

On the contrary, Anil Ambani’s wealth has shrunk. In order to deal with various difficulties, he started his own old life.

Anil owes 13 billion loans to China’s three major banks, but uses Lao Lai as a continuation of his luxury life

The economic sluggish Anil has to borrow To ease the financial pressure. But in India, there is no credit guarantee for large loans, and many banks have rejected his loan request.

In desperation, Anil Ambani came to China. At the time he talked about a business involving electrical equipment worth more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, but he did not have enough funds himself, so he asked China to The bank provided him with a corresponding loan.

The bank at the time knew that Anil was a member of the richest family in India, so three Chinese banks provided a green channel for Anil Ambani and helped him successfully get tens of billions of loans. .

In 2010, China Development Bank provided Anil Ambani with a loan of US$1.9 billion. In 2012, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Export-Import Bank jointly provided him with a loan of US$1.3 billion. However, they did not know that Anil Ambani had a debt of 50 billion yuan.

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However, due to the large funding gap, even if you get this After a few funds, Anil Ambani still could not fill the funding gap. In the end, it owed 13 billion loans to China’s three major banks.

The irony is that Anil Ambani, who has a huge debt, has no trouble living in the slightest. He lives in a 27-story bungalow worth 18 billion to take care of him and his For the family’s daily life, they even hired more than 600 babysitters. There are still 168 luxury cars in the garage, making life extremely extravagant. But he has no idea of ​​repaying the debt.

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Until now, Anil Ambani still has no With the consciousness of paying off debts, enjoying the extravagant life and sitting in a luxurious mansion, he has always claimed that he has no money to pay, but he bought a yacht worth 300 million yuan and a small plane worth 500 million yuan, a total of 800 million yuan. In the end, the three Chinese banks couldn’t bear it and took him to court.

Under the black text on the white background of the court, he couldn’t repay the debt. Even so, he still refused to pay the money. Even this old Lai chose to appeal the matter to the High Court of London.

But in the end, Anil Ambani lost the lawsuit. The London court rejected his prosecution and demanded that he repay the money. The repayment period is within 21 days, but At present, he has not returned a sum of money to China.

The dignified Indian tycoon has no lower limit to the behavior of Lao Lai for his luxury life. Even on the fringe of his mansion are slums. Using Lao Lai as a continuation of a luxurious life, compared with the surrounding slums, it is really thought-provoking and embarrassing.


The most important thing for people is to learn to know the good news, but Anil Anba Nepal was not grateful to the Bank of China for giving him a hand when he was the most difficult, but he had a bad attitude and refused to repay the loan.

Since he chose to be the”Lao Lai”, he would directly use legal means to protect his interests. If he chooses to settle the matter in a peaceful manner, he can still cooperate. Otherwise, the law will certainly remain fair, and he will be blacklisted in the eyes of the Chinese.

In short, I hope Anil Ambani will wake up as soon as possible and take the initiative to take up his due responsibilities, and not let his name as an Indian tycoon turn into a laughing stock.