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March 8th Line Outpost

At 0:00 on August 9, 1945, thousands of signal flares flew into the sky along the Sino-Soviet border, 26,000 artillery roared in unison , The Soviet Red Army is composed of eleven synthetic groups, one tank group, three air force groups, and one battle group. The three front armies are arrogant to the Japanese Imperial Army, which has been entrenched in northeastern China for 40 years-“Kwantung Army” launched a fierce attack. The Soviet Union declared war on Japan!

On that day, more than 1.5 million Soviet soldiers who had withstood the test of the German War, accompanied by 5,500 tanks and 3,800 fighter jets, crossed the mountains and jungles of the Greater Khingan Mountains and the deserts along the border between China and Mongolia to launch an extremely fierce offensive against the Japanese. . Regardless of strategy and tactics or weapons and equipment, the Soviet army surpassed the Japanese army by a whole generation. The morale of the Red Army, which had planted the red flag on the German Reichstag, far surpassed the panicked Japanese officers and soldiers. The Japanese Kwantung Army collapsed in an instant, and the Bushido spirit was crushed into powder by the overwhelmingly dominant mechanized cluster of Soviet tanks.

At the same time, the Soviet Pacific Fleet began to bomb the northern port of North Korea and mine a lot of mines. On the same day, another mushroom cloud full of death rose in Nagasaki, Japan. On August 10, the completely desperate Japanese government began to beg to surrender. The Japanese army and government collapsed so quickly that the Americans did not expect it.

The Soviet offensive was like a wave, and the Americans were shocked when they saw it. At this time, American cars have not yet entered the Japanese mainland, and North Korean troops are still thousands of kilometers away on Okinawa. Seeing that the results of the last four years of bloody battles in the Pacific must be taken by the Soviets, the Truman is anxious from a low-born but high-ranking character. I have to curse:”Stupid Roosevelt, MacArthur is right. The Soviet Union should not be allowed to participate in the war against Japan at all!” Later, an American historian wrote painfully:”In the war against Japan.”

In fact, the Russians who did nothing in China became the main beneficiaries of Japan’s defeat. The United States provided 95%of its manpower, material and intelligence in the war against Japan, but lost most of the fruits of victory. It also opened the way for the expansion of communism.”

The Americans have since become extremely hostile to the Soviet Union, and have developed pathological suspiciousness, fear and perverse measures toward the imaginary expansion of communism.

getUrls?link=8b086e46b2babc9961a2b476c10aa417 - The famous"38 Line" on the Korean battlefield was actually decided by him with a red pencil on the map within 30 minutes.

The U.S. Army crossed the 38th Parallel to advance northward

In order to prevent the Soviets from monopolizing North Korea, the US State Department and the Army had The Ministry and the Navy’s Coordination Committee held an emergency meeting to discuss how to prevent the Soviet Union from taking advantage of the results of the Far East war and how to ensure the interests of the United States.

At this time, the leaders of the United States realized the importance of North Korea. Previously, the United States’ understanding of North Korea had been vague and vacillating. Truman admitted in his memoirs that the United States had wanted to occupy all of North Korea alone, but unfortunately the deployment of troops could not keep up with it, and that it would not be able to land all of Japan in time for landing in North Korea.

In fact, this is an excuse. The real reason Truman was reluctant to say was that the Japanese troops fought extremely fiercely in the defensive battles of the Pacific islands.

U.S. offensive forces killed 20,000 casualties on Saipan, another 20,000 casualties on Iwo Jima, and Okinawa was even worse, with 40,000 casualties. Even the commander of the offensive forces, Lieutenant General Buchanal, was killed by the Japanese. The remaining lone artillery bombed to pieces.

The U.S. soldier wanted to avenge the commander. The Japanese soldier who fired the gun was even more straightforward. After the gun, he committed suicide!

The stubbornness of the Japanese soldiers caused the Americans to have a headache. The Americans really don’t know how many people will die if they continue to fight like this, and how many people can still die. The”Olympic Operation Plan” launched by General Marshall alone to land in Kyushu, Japan is expected to have 1 million casualties! And North Korea and Northeast China are strong barriers that the Japanese have operated for decades. In North Korea alone, the Japanese army deployed a 200,000 regular front army, which does not include the hundreds of thousands of Japanese reserve personnel in North Korea. The Japanese even planned to abandon their homeland and move to Manchuria and North Korea to fight to the end. Let the American soldiers fight this bloody but unthankful battle, and the American people will rebel! That’s why Roosevelt thought of pulling the Soviet Union to take part in the war against Japan to bear the casualties and reap the profits by himself. Only then did the Yalta Conference and the looting be divided.

Only less than half a month ago at the Potsdam Conference, the Americans had not seriously considered the issue of North Korean military occupation at all. At that time, the Americans were only preparing to propose a military demarcation line. Lieutenant General John C. Hull, Director of the US Army Combat Training Service, and his staff, looked on the map and put forward a principled suggestion that the US military should have at least two ports in North Korea.

The two ports that the less-spoken Hull wants are Busan, the southernmost part of North Korea, and Incheon, the port city of Seoul, the capital of central part of the country. These two ports will play a decisive role in the Korean War in five years. Port.

The quality and vision of American officers can be seen.

It’s just that the Americans are countless, but they didn’t count the sudden collapse of the Japanese government and the Japanese army. They even expected that even if the Japanese army and its government lost their homeland, they would move their capital to North Korea or Northeast China to continue their resistance, but at this time the facts are quite different. The Japanese government hurriedly begged to surrender. The most elite Kwantung Army collapsed thousands of miles on the first day of the Soviet offensive, while the Soviet casualties were extremely minor. It was like entering a man’s land and rarely encountered real resistance. The Americans were aware of this. To myself was greatly miscalculated. At the emergency meeting that night, senior U.S. military generals clearly realized that it was impossible to seize North Korea before the Soviet army, and ordered two colonels of staff to go to the lounge next to the conference hall to establish a meeting within half an hour that would satisfy American politics. A compromise plan that is consistent with the military status quo.

One of the two staff officers is named Laan Rusk. Colonel Rusk stared at the map of North Korea in front of him in a daze. He has never been to North Korea, but he has to decide the fate of an ancient country within 30 minutes. Rusk looked around, but could not find a basis for demarcation. When the time was up, he had to explain to his boss, Rusk, sweating profusely, had to use a red pencil to draw a straight line on the 38-degree north latitude that traverses North Korea and the center.

In this way, the 38th line, the most famous line of latitude in the history of world wars, was born.

getUrls?link=47cbca76ee5a2c669a6a7990961026f4 - The famous"38 Line" on the Korean battlefield was actually decided by him with a red pencil on the map within 30 minutes.

In 30 minutes, a staff officer of a US military colonel decided the fate of North Korea, which has a history of 3,000 years of civilization and a population of tens of millions.

For the North Korean people, this is a line of tears and division. A unified country and countless blood relatives are cut off by this freak line, which is destined to be a blood line!

The Americans immediately submitted the North Korean division plan to Stalin. The Soviet army immediately stepped up its offensive and began to seize the northern part of North Korea. The ground troops of several divisions crossed northeast China, across the Yalu River, and rushed into the high mountains of northern North Korea. The poor Soviet infantrymen almost broke their legs and complained one by one, but if they knew what happened to the navy brothers, they would think they were so happy.

Two old frigates and eight small torpedo boats bumped hard in the turbulent Sea of ​​Japan. The 900 Soviet marines on board vomited into the dark, and they wanted to jump into the sea in pain. Their mission is to land in Xionggi Port, North Korea.

The use of torpedo boats as landing craft is the only case in the world naval history. Is Stalin crazy?

No, Stalin was sober, but he was indeed sick. He has pink eye. When is it better not to grab the sphere of influence at this time?

Don’t talk about torpedo boats. If possible, Stalin will not hesitate to order his subordinates to row to the North Korean coast even if they are in a bath, if necessary.

The Soviet army occupied Pyongyang on the 24th. In the Soviet offensive sequence, the Korean people’s armed forces led by Kim Il Sung played an extremely important role.

The Soviet army continued to attack after occupying Pyongyang. It moved south and occupied Incheon and Seoul south of the 38th parallel, and joined forces with the US military. On the day the Soviets occupied Pyongyang, the US 7th Infantry Division began to land in Incheon and move northward. At the beginning of September, all Soviet troops retreated to the north of the 38th parallel. The North Korean people who were advancing southward had insufficient armed strength and were subject to the great power politics of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, so they had to withdraw with the Soviet army in tears. North Korea is divided!

The Americans were delighted and surprised that Stalin actually agreed to this unreasonable drawing line. Why did Stalin deal so well this time?

They don’t understand history. That line happened to be the dividing line between Japan and Russia in 1905 to divide the sphere of influence of North Korea. The 38th line is almost the middle line on the map of North Korea, it is too eye-catching! And there are too many remnants of the old tsar in Stalin’s head!

Stalin, who never stopped doing two things, took advantage of the fact that the powerful U.S. Navy had not yet arrived, seized the time to attack islands and land in the North Pacific, successively seized the South Sakhalin and the North Kuril Islands, and finally just dumped them. The US and the Soviet Union’s false claims about the US’s monopoly of Japan have brought over the four northern islands of Japan, which are strategically important, and the Japanese government is still worrying about this.

Shortly afterwards, Lieutenant General Djerevyanko, the Soviet liaison officer in Japan, told the US Commander in Japan MacArthur five stars When the admiral offered to allow the Soviets to occupy Hokkaido, the arrogant MacArthur immediately refused. The arrogant Soviet admiral scolded:”Regardless of MacArthur’s approval or disapproval, the Soviets will move in!”

The boss MacArthur stared fiercely at the Soviet lieutenant admiral:”If there is a Soviet The soldiers drove into Japan without my consent, and I will throw the entire Soviet delegation including you into prison!”

Derevi Yanko looked at MacArthur’s fierce eyes and exclaimed:”God, I believe you will do this!”

The matter will not be over. If the Soviet army succeeds in this move, Japan will certainly be divided like East and West Germany and North and South Korea.

The Soviet army finally stopped, not because it did not want to enter Hokkaido, but because the navy did not allow it. The U.S. military spit out North Korea, not because it does not want to monopolize all of North Korea, but because the army does not allow it. In the process of dividing the sphere of influence between the politics of big powers and powerful forces, strength determines everything, and those weak and small nations and countries will inevitably become their victims. Because of this, we feel even more difficult and great for the founding fathers of New China to achieve national victory in such a harsh international environment.

getUrls?link=2d26673d0f31f922c063b2c55da88da9 - The famous"38 Line" on the Korean battlefield was actually decided by him with a red pencil on the map within 30 minutes.

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