Affected by the two parties ’discussion of the US $ 2 trillion stimulus policy, the European stock market went crazy yesterday. It closed at 30 in the morning.

FTSE in Britain rose 9.05%, DAX in Germany rose 10.98%, and CAC in France It rose 8.39%, and even the most severely affected Italian MIB rose 8.93%.

The U.S. stocks that closed at the end of the day were even performing against the sky. The Dow rose 11.37%, its biggest single-day gain in 87 years, the Nasdaq rose 8.12%, and the S & P 500 rose 9.38%.

European stock markets are crazy, US stock markets are crazy, why haven't the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets gone crazy today? World’s major stock markets

A stocks have performed much worse today.

After opening high, it only maintained a strong position for 15 minutes, and then fell into a high level of shock. The trading volume also decreased rapidly after 9.45. It is obvious that the willingness to chase the market is not strong. Afternoon also maintained a shock and the center of gravity moved upwards, but the number of families was significantly lower than that in the morning and it was clear that the broader market would be repeated.

Why is this happening?

Because the external market has generally risen, A shares have to say something. So I opened high and did n’t give the retail investors who scared the courage a few days ago a chance to lower their income, but the main fund was actually contradictory at this time. If the market was hit, it would give the retailer a chance (we assume retail investors have the courage to buy) Hitting the plate, the source traced the day before yesterday very clearly, the chips in the hands of the main funds are obviously not enough.

Under this entanglement, the only way to do nothing is to do nothing. Both sides are exhausted, depending on who is more patient. So the traceability judges that the market will form a new box center at 2700 in the near future. At this time, the test is the mentality and position management capabilities.

However, consumption is not the way to go. The main thing now is that the main funds are now considered to be a deceived, retail chip.

How to cheat?

The best way to deceive chips is to give hope to retail investors who are desperate. What about retail investors desperate on those stocks? Quite simply, what stock was the hottest some time ago and retail participation was wide?

It is obviously the so-called concept of technological innovation. What are semiconductor concepts, chip concepts, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, 5G concepts, etc., then the situation seen by investors appears on the disk.

In the morning, wireless headsets, consumer electronics, Apple concepts, Tesla, etc. have become the highlights of the market, and retail investors were pleasantly surprised.

European stock markets are crazy, US stock markets are crazy, why aren't the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets crazy today?

Hot Sectors

Let’s take a look at the inflow and outflow of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect funds:

Total net inflow of funds from Northbound yesterday was 3.987 billion This morning’s net inflow was 2.735 billion, and the total net inflow throughout the day was 3.677 billion, of which. The net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 1.798 billion, and the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 1.879 billion. There is a detail to note, the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect accelerated in the afternoon.

European stock markets are crazy, US stock markets are crazy, why are n’t the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets crazy today?

Northbound funds

From the valuation of the two cities , the A-share market is also in the bottom area, and the valuation of the CSI 300 is at the lowest level in history. Within 10%. Buying stocks in this position is extremely likely to make money. If the market drops below 2600 points, the valuation of the A-share market will be within the historical lowest 5%.

Looking at the latest news , The two sessions will be held on April 18 . It is believed that there will be a policy to guarantee growth at that time, supporting the economy in 2020. Moreover, whether it is monetary or fiscal policy, we have a lot of tools to choose from.

Comprehensive analysis:This is a big stage at the bottom, but it will take time to get out of the bottom. The main funds will not liberate everyone so quickly. The current market level starting at 2646 is likely not to be able to stop at 3600 .

I want to correct everyone’s point here. The so-called bottom is an interval.

In the short term, the market may continue to fall or fluctuate, but from a rational point of view, it is impossible to buy at the lowest point in the market. The lowest point of the market is an instant. If you pay too much attention to short-term games, you will not see the whole picture.

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Overview of the market :The three major stock indexes opened higher across the board, maintaining high and sideways fluctuations throughout the day. The Shanghai index rose more than 2% to the 10-day line, and the GEM index rose more than 3 %, Individual stocks showed a general upward trend, with less than 300 stocks falling in the two cities.

Oversold stocks rebounded across the board in the previous period, led by the large consumer sector, agriculture, automotive, medical equipment and other sectors. Overall, the market is not clear In the main line, the sector rotates faster, the amount of energy is not significantly enlarged, and the mood of funds is still more cautious.

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.17% to 2781 points, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 3.22% to 10241 points, and the GEM Index rose 3.25% to 1937 points.

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