China Net Finance September 11 (Reporter Ling Wei) Recently, some media reported that the social e-commerce Miyuan APP entered some colleges and universities to develop college students to”pull heads” to make money. In this regard, some college teachers said, Many students in the school have been obsessed with this and have reached the point of being”distracted” and have begun to absent from class to concentrate on”pull heads”.

According to public information,”Miyuan APP” is a business of Miyuan (Guangzhou) New Media Technology Co., Ltd., which claims to be a comprehensive shopping guide and coupon rebate app, which collects a large number of Taobao commodity coupons. Users can Receive coupons first, then jump to Taobao to place an order, and at the same time spread and sell products through the social relationship chain to get rebates.

The Miyuan APP used the slogan”Be a source of honey with me and look to the money” in the promotion, and its operator declared that as long as the early promotion is done, the money can be collected in the later stage.”Pipeline revenue lie earning mode”, you can”enjoy unlimited team commissions.”

Media reports stated that although Miyuan APP implements a free registration system in its expansion, abandoning the traditional”introduction fee” of social e-commerce, it still has”pull heads” behavior and promotes”unlimited teams” Level commission”, there is still the problem of suspected pyramid schemes.

In response to the above questions, a reporter from China Net Finance called Miyuan (Guangzhou) New Media Technology Co., Ltd. several times. After receiving the call, the relevant staff said”subsequent response”, but as of press time, the reporter has not received any response .

Organized and planned development of school students to”pull heads”

Recently, a college teacher in Zhejiang complained on a third-party complaint platform , I found that many students were promoting an APP called”Miyuan”, which”reached the point of becoming a fanatic”, and even pulled teachers into the promotion group, and the daily news released in the group,”basically all requirements Everyone pulls more people in and gains benefits through this (pull heads).”

The teacher said that many students have been addicted to it, and they have begun to absent from school to think about pulling heads to make money.”There are serious ones, saying that they will go to Guangzhou to study at the headquarters and find an organization. , Go find their boss”.

“I always think that the campus is a pure land, a paradise for students to study, but now it has become a place where MLM organizations are trained to attract people and develop unscrupulously offline. I hope that relevant departments will investigate and punish MLMs as soon as possible. Organization.” The teacher wrote in the complaint.

It is reported that the Miyuan APP has also formulated and carried out organized and planned division of labor and training for some colleges and universities. People often publish”(Do Miyuan APP) in the promotion group for school students for at least one month.”Can earn thousands”,”Easily earn with your fingers”,”Follow me as a source of honey, look for money, and earn a lot of money”. financial reporter retrieved an article titled”How to be a honey source, how to do campus promotion, and an article on campus promotion is all done and super detailed”, the article said,”Campus promotion is aimed at Those are college students, so they only do local promotion activities on college campuses or college towns.”

The article stated that the reason for the ground push for college students is that college students often shop online every day, which is a standard potential fan group; second, the student group is keen to share and spreads quickly; third, students I lack social experience, and I hope to get opportunities for entrepreneurship and social practice. Miyuan can just provide them with such a platform. Fourth, college students are relatively high in quality. Even if they are not accepted by individuals, they generally do not speak bad words. The process will be more relaxed and pleasant.

In addition, this article also introduces in detail the matters needing attention in campus ground promotion from the three stages of campus ground promotion activities:preparation period, promotion period and end period. Among them, the article emphasizes that the recruitment of personnel finds students from the school to do part-time jobs, so that they can be recruited to download and register with their dormitories and classmates to gain the trust of students. During the promotion period, it is necessary to carry out resource docking, cooperation with clubs, and use activities to attract new people; some students’ contact information should be retained after the local promotion. One is to facilitate the activities later, and the other is to inquire about the latest information of the school through students.

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The so-called”unlimited commission” is suspected of being suspected of MLM

What kind of software is it that fascinates college students? The reporter contacted a person who claimed to be the”operator” of Miyuan. The”operator” first asked the reporter to download and register the”Miyuan” app, and then told reporters that Miyuan does not have an”agent”.”As long as you register, you will become a VIP , You can share and make money.”

According to the above-mentioned”operators”, VIPs can only earn referral commissions by sharing links, and if you become an operation specialist (operator) of Miyuan, you can have more rights and interests.

Subsequently, the”operator” provided a document of”VIP Upgrade Operations Specialist (Operator) Conditions and Rights” to reporters. The upgrade task in the document showed that three items need to be achieved at the same time. Conditions:”Effective direct invitation fans ≥50″,”Effective direct invitation fans + valid inter-invited fans ≥80″,”Estimated commission for personal settlement in the past 30 days ≥300 yuan”, VIPs can upgrade operations specialists. Among them,”effective fans” refers to the completion of a self-purchase, or recommending other people to complete a valid order before they can be counted as”effective fans”.

The”Upgrading the Rights and Interests of Operation Specialists” shared by the operator shows that if you upgrade to Miyuan, you can enjoy benefits such as”platform subsidies”,”exclusive customer service”, and”official materials”. You can enjoy”cultivation rewards (25%of the rewards of directly affiliated teams)”,”self-purchase rewards (self-purchase revenue increased by 47.45%)”,”invite friends (friends order revenue increased by 4 times)”,”team rewards (share the entire Team 20%reward)”, “Indirect income (recommended fans to order up to 33.9%income)”, “Management reward (enjoy 8.47%of indirect team reward)” and many other benefits.

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Conditions (left picture) and rights and benefits (right picture) for upgrading honey source operators (the above honey source operators share reporters)

Some people in the social e-commerce industry said that the honey source VIP upgrade Although the operator no longer needs to pay the”entry fee”, the”direct invitation fans” and”effective indirect fans” in the three conditions are still”pull heads”, and the”cultivation rewards” in the rights and interests of the honey source operator (“Enjoy 25%of the direct team reward)”,”Team reward (20%of the entire team reward)”,”Management reward (8.47%of the indirect team reward)”, etc., refer to the”Team The issue of”paid”.

Tianyan Check shows that Miyuan (Guangzhou) New Media Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 23, 2017 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. Huang Shunqing is the legal representative, executive director and general manager. Guangzhou Zhitu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the majority shareholder holding 51%, and Guangzhou Buyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is the second shareholder holding 49%.

getUrls?link=57b8ded402d11f133e53b06986523e15 - The development of Miyuan APP, undergraduates"pull heads" to make money, so-called"unlimited commissions" were suspected of MLM

Miyuan (Guangzhou) New Media Technology Co., Ltd. Equity Penetration Chart (Source:Tianyancha)

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